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Better Technology Equals Better Beer!

The four most produced grains around the world are in order corn, rice, wheat, and barley. Barley is the essential ingredient of two of the best drinks know to men: Beer and Whiskey! In 2014, we produced 144 million tons of barley.

In 2012, the grain’s genome was mapped for the first time by the International Barley Genome Sequencing Consortium! See it here. This discovery leads researchers to believe that we could grow a much better-engineered barley grain.

Why do you want better barley?

Adam Rogers  one of Wired‘s articles editor said: “But barley has a quality other grains don’t. It’s possible to induce it to make an enzyme, alpha-amylase, that breaks starch into ready-to-use sugar. The process of coaxing that enzyme out is called malting, and malted barley is what you use to make beer—even if you’re adding in other grains like corn or rice, as major American brewers do. The enzyme in the malt turns those grains’ starches into sugar, too, and that’s what yeast converts to alcohol.”

Better barley equals better beer, and probably even more beer!

Discover Cassie’s Tanned Skin!

Cassie for TheArtofBlowjob.com

Cassie for TheArtofBlowjob.com

Go ahead… Crack a beer and relax. You’re in for something amazing. Cassie is that perfect mix of calm, cool and collected with passion at the core of her being. She has a stunningly expressive face which is just painted with the kind of serenity that immediately puts you at ease. She is in here element here with this blowjob, just free and easy as she explores what that means.

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Drink Only Irish Beers For St Patty’s!



Here’s our selection of all of the Irish Beers you should try on Saint Patty’s Day! Don’t worry, they don’t have to be all green :)

Start your day with a breakfast of champions. A “meal in a bottle”, also known as the Guinness! Rich, creamy and dark. Roasted malt flavor and hints of chocolate all satisfying flavors for a connoisseur. Ask your bartender for a “perfect pint,” an optimal pouring method which, according to the company, should take 119.53 seconds.



The lightest and sweetest between the three previous. Think chocolate milk topped with a double shot of espresso and finished with a one-inch thick head of caramel-infused creamy goodness. Save this Murphy’s for dessert!

Often compared to Guinness, Beamish is dark and chocolaty. Sweet flavors of caramel and hints of coffee balance out the bitter, hoppy finish. Beamish yeast dates back to 1792 to capture the traditional taste of stout from Ireland.


Smithwick’s, Ireland’s oldest brewery, is where it originated. The beer is older than some countries, with a heritage dating back to the fourteenth century, and until recently, Dubliner Pub in Washington. With a base flavor similar to Smithwick’s with less hops, the distinct smooth and white head. The amber brew has the rich aroma and flavor of toasted malt. It’s all at once sweet and creamy.

Harp, a crisp summery lager, which comes from a country better known for its stouts and leprechauns, has a bitter beginning that quickly that turns to clean and refreshing. This classic lager is smooth and solid.



This beer is so old, it dates back to the fourteenth century when monks would brew their own next door to the Smithwick’s brewery. The ruins of the original Franciscan abbey that once stood there can still be seen. Smithwick’s is Ireland’s oldest operating brewery, the major ale producer in Ireland and, along with Guinness, part of Diageo. This is a red ale characterized by caramel maltiness. It captures a unique flavor that combines its hops with sweet aromatic fruits and deep malt, coffee and roasted barley notes.


Summer Holiday Fun

Camille Crimson in a sexy bikini


Happy belated Canada day!  As you know, Friday’s update was very much in the spirit of Canada day with the splendour of or gorgeous wilderness landscape.  We enjoyed more of the same for the Canada day weekend, and that’s basically the plan all summer.  Motorcycling with my love and seeing more of the beauty out there…  There’s nothing better than that.  This country has so much beauty to explore, fresh air to breathe and water to splash around in.


There’s only one day until the 4th of July, so you Americans are still celebrating.  I’m sure there’ll be a lot of the same summer exploration of the beautiful land, but I can imagine there’ll be fireworks and also be a lot of beer and BBQ, which I can’t say I disagree with, especially if there’s a Guinness…  It’s never too hot for a Guinness.


So, what are you going to do, or what did you do, if you did anything?  And if you aren’t from the US or Canada, what do you think about this kind of cultural experience?  It feels very uniquely North American, I guess, so I don’t have a frame of reference for what other people think of our beer, meat and great outdoors experience.

Canada: An Infographic


I tried really hard to find the source for this, but I couldn’t, but it’s been making the rounds in Canada on social media…  I think it’s pretty funny.  Obviously, it’s full of a lot of stereotypes, but they’re all in good fun and none are mean, of course.  I haven’t been able to see much of this great country (yet) but everything I know about the different provinces through my friends and their experiences do kind of back this up.


Looking at Quebec, I can’t say I disagree, most of which sounds pretty great.  I mean, Catholics, sure, but asides from that…  Oh, and the protestors.  There are a LOT of them right now with regards to the students opposing tuition hikes…  But, you know, we’re a passionate people with a strong commitment to fighting to keep our province great, so that’s fair.  Maple syrup!  Poutine!  French!  Who could ask for anything more?  I’m quite proud of my province.


So, how about you?  Where have you been in Canada?  Where do you want to go?  When you see these little snapshots about our different aspects, what rings true to you?  And…  Do any of you know where this delightful infographic came from?  😉

My Beautiful City


You know me, I love beautiful movies and I love my city, so of course I love seeing the two of them together.  Even though this is a bit of a hipster-y take on Montreal and it focuses on a lot of areas that I don’t usually spend too much time around, I think that it’s a great take on one version of the Montreal experience.


I am kind of shocked at the lack of poutine, but such is life.  It’s a great snapshot of Old Montreal, Plateau, Mile End (Sophie’s neighbourhood) and a bit of the downtown.  It has a big music/food focus, which I think is spot on in terms of how Montreal sees itself.  Again, it’s a bit hipster-y, but that’s a big part of Montreal too.  😉


Now that we’re getting close to winter, this video serves as a lovely little reminder that spring and summer will come again for long walks and lovely indulgences.  So, what do you think of my fair city?