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Piper Blush’s Erotic Thoughts!

Piper Blush:

I place my surf next to the window. I feel your eyes undressing me as I turn to face you. You create this need in me. I want to taste you. It’s so enticing to see you grow thru your boxers as I show you my erect nipples. My hands cup my breasts. It arouses me to seduce you. Slowly, I take off my pants and then my panties to show you my most intimate parts. I spread myself wide while I push you down my throat. I love being filled by you.

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I push one of my fingers in my tight slit. It makes me moan harder on your length. Saliva pours out of my lips onto your balls. I suck the way you like it. They clench under my tongue, and I feel the first burst of cum escaping your shaft. It makes me orgasm. I place you in my mouth to catch the rest of your sweet juice.

Blowjob Tips by Erica Lust!

Do you know Erika Lust? Here’s a little about one of the women who decided to participate in making porn beautiful!

Erika Lust was tired of chauvinistic and tacky mainstream porn, she burst into the adult industry in 2004, with the indie short film The Good Girl – a humorous statement of principles. The immediate success of this first attempt encouraged her to pursue a film career. Erika has since then directed three multi-awarded erotic films: Five Hot Stories for HerLife Love Lust and Cabaret Desire. She also directed the experimental documentary Barcelona Sex Project and wrote several books.

XConfessions film “Circus Aerius Perversus”

XConfessions film “Circus Aerius Perversus”

Here are a few hints on how to give the best blowjob!




Ask What They Want

Great Blowjob Tips by a woman who knows what she’s talking about! Read all you need to know about blowjobs on Erika Lust!!!

Why Do Men Have Blue Balls?



When you say ‘Blue Balls’, it often means that you are sexually frustrated. There is some veracity in the term Blue Balls. Your balls do tend to get darker if an erection is no followed by an ejaculation.

The flow of blood builds up to your penis and scrotum when you are aroused. If it isn’t released it can cause you some minor pain in the testicules. Only the ejaculation can relieve you.

A prolonged erection causes the oxygen from your blood to be absorbed by the tissue of your genitals, giving it that blue-ish color.

Be aware that it does not usually appear naturally. It is more likely to appear when you take erectile dysfunction drugs or blood flow-constricting devices like a cock ring.



How Can You Pop A Testicle!


The Testicles

Every man as had the non-pleasure of experiencing  the excruciating pain that follows a good tap on the sack!

The most common way to hurt your family jewels is: the strike. In medical terms: a blunt trauma.  Don’t worry, you can not die from hurting your balls, but you could end up loosing one of them or even both.

Anatomy 101!

As you all know the testicles hang outside the man’s body in a pouch of skin called scrotum. There location on the body being what it is, man are more likely to be the victim of many types of accidents.

The testicles reside in the scrotum. Each testicle is like a rubbery Jell-O called the parenchyma(what mainly consists of the testicle). A thin membrane called the capsule, holds that goo together.


When you get hit on the balls really hard, you may not be suffering from a ruptured testicle. The main sign to look for is a huge swelling that becomes blue and even black. That means the blood is not flowing and that is not good.

When you go to the hospital, they will conduct an ultrasound to see what is really going on.

If you only have a bobo, the nurse will send you back home telling you to keep your sack well supported and on ice. You will also get a bottle of anti-inflammatory


If you are lucky enough to get one of your balls to pop, here is what will happen. Because the Jell-O(parenchyma) needs to hold in the bag(capsule), when you pop a testicle the bag ruptures and the Jell-O leeks out, into the scrotum.

To keep your ball, the doctor needs sufficient amounts of the capsule’s tissu to put the goo back in it and sew it shut. If too much of the capsule is missing, he will have to replace your organ with a prosthetic.

After Effects!

You can have sex about a week after the surgery. The main problem is   you will be too scared too initiate intercourse, fearing the same amount of pain. Do not go too crazy on your balls, go with more settle sex, until you feel comfortable.

There are no long-term effects. Your hormones will stay the same, you will not loose any amount of testosterone. Your fertility will be as good as it was, even if you loose an entire ball, the other will composite for the lost. Expect, if you loose both balls.


Just keep your balls close to your body and hope this does not happen to you!




Double Your Pleasure!

Clara and Laura give a sensual blowjob together


What’s better than a blowjob? A blowjob with two talented and enthusiastic people giving it! Clara and Laura are in full control in our latest educational blowjob video on The Art of Blowjob, showing us how to share nicely and make a double blowjob go smoothly.

This is the first in several videos that will be rolling out over time, and this one focuses on a few things: taking turns to arouse and inspire, shifting back and forth between the cock and the balls as individuals and then sharing the tip as a prelude to a sensual kiss.

They have a beautiful natural rhythm together, and we’re excited to show other ways of giving and receiving an amazing double blowjob in future educational updates. After all, two heads are better than one, at least when they’re working in tandem to make something really hot happen.