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Blowjob Followed By Double Penetration!

Piper starts by slowly by massaging her rosebud. She inserts the stainless steel plug deeper until only the flanged end is visible. She places herself in the reverse cowgirl position. You to have the best view.



Piper spreads her cheeks to let you see the jeweled plug. It shines for you! She pushes you hard cock in her now tighter pussy. Bouncing up and down is too much to bare. The walls of her vagina squeeze your cock as the waves of her imminent orgasm start washing over her. Her body shudders as she climaxes with her ass in your face.

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Piper gets up to play with your throbbing cock. Precum escapes your tip. She plays with it, pulling it out of you with her fingers. She drinks it hungrily from the source. As she slides you into her throat, you feel your balls clench. She feels it too. You explode on her tongue in a powerful ejaculation.

Piper Blush’s First Anal Play Video!

Anal Play

Anal Play

EXCLUSIVE video of Piper’s very first anal play on TheArtofBlowjob.com! She entrusts you with the most private part of herself in this 15-minutes long video. Enjoy filling all of her beautiful holes for the first time! The breathtaking slow motions leave no place to the imagination. She gives you all of her, to conquer and satisfy!

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I start by teasing your cock with my mouth, licking every inch, getting you hard. Just as you’re about to burst I slide off and let you enjoy my body. I give you a great view of my ass, licking the buttplug in my hand. I slip in inside me with a little moan, enjoying every sensation, then start teasing you with my pussy. With both my holes filled, I can’t help but cum, over and over again…

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Get Some FaceTime…Between Her Legs!



The sound of her heels knocking on the wooden floors gently wakes you up from your nap, not in an unpleasant way. She tries to make less noise but you know she is getting closer to you. You open your eyes. Her pussy is right in front of you.

You touch her naked legs. She is so tall in her high heels. She wears a white bra with nothing else. Your hands run on her stomach. You fingers slide on her ass, pushing her clitoris as deep as you can into her mouth. Her hands rest on your head. You hear her nails dig into the fabric. The bulge in your pants is now fully aroused.

2015-11-02-high-heels-legs-shaking-lg copie

She is so sweet and warm; you take a break to admire her folds. Her clitoris is erect and throbbing. You tease her with your breathing. Her legs shake on each side of your face. Her pussy is wet. Her body rocks on your head, not being able to carry her weight on her wobbly legs. She comes to her climax; her moans are clear because of her dry throat.

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Face Sitting Ecstasy!

Piper holds on to the frame of the bed, her fingers clawing through the wood. You grab her ass and push her closer to you. She tilts her head down to you, allowing you to look into her eyes and see every expression of pleasure passing on her face. She pushes her long hair away to let you see her naked breasts. She tilts her wide hips from back to front according to the movements of your tongue, as you feel the bump of her clitoris. She tries not to push too hard on your face, pressing her knees and feet on the bed, but you keep on licking until it’s too much to take for her.


Your fingers move on her narrow waist, brushing her stomach until you feel the curve of her breast. She finally gives in with a loud moan. You take a moment to enjoy the view and pinch her nipple. She responds with a passionate, her legs shaking on either side of your face. She starts pushing hard on you, and you tease her, slowing your licks until she can’t bear it anymore, and then start flicking your tongue against her clit. She is about to climax again; this time, you let her. She rides your tongue, you can barely breathe. She is soaking wet all over your face, you can taste her warmth as she screams in ecstasy. She looks down at you, smiling and shaking from the intensity of it all.

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We had many requests asking us to show off more often Piper’s biggest asset- Her Ass!

I hope that all of you, numerous ass lovers, will be pleased to know that this update is specially dedicated to YOU!

We put way more ASS than usual and a lot of grabbing too so you can really sense her curves.

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