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Piper's 70' look!

Piper’s Throwback Thursday on The Art of Blowjob!

This week’s update on TheArtofBlowjob.com, Piper gives you a Throwback Thursday that comes to staight from the seventies!

Take a trip back in time with Ms. Blush, click here now!

She wears her yellow tainted shades on her freckled nose. The curls of her hair fall upon her figure. She gives you a seductive glance thru her glasses. Desire is building up between the both of you. She skillfully manoeuvres your length to her pleasure letting it touch her pink lips. You hear the graceful melody of her moans. Her tongue escapes once more to caress your frenulum. She licks and sucks. Her so sensual feminine voice asks for you to cover her glasses…

Can you resist the urge… Watch the full-length video here right now!

Pornstar Punishment and the Rise of Glam

Working in porn and socializing in the pornographic milieu is always kind of weird.  Especially with social media, you get to know the people who represent themselves or companies pretty well.  Sometimes, that’s harder to reconcile when you don’t 100% agree with everything they do.  There are all sorts of lines drawn based on respect and taste but, even as someone who considers herself to be pretty solidly “on one side”, things get blurry!


I got a little blast in my e-mail from XBIZ that Brazzers has ceased operation of a site called Pornstar Punishment…  I must admit, I was relieved for several reasons.  First because it’s an example of the kind of porn I just don’t get.  It’s violent and has a lot of really scary overtones, which isn’t necessarily the worst part.  There are lots of people who are able to take violence and even extreme fantasy and make it very clear that it’s just that – fantasy.  Somehow, this site didn’t seem to achieve that, and a notable male performer (James Deen) even expressed his discomfort at how the shoots unfolded, and that’s saying a lot considering he performs for companies like Kink regularly.  It has less to do with subject and more to do with tone, I suppose.


Another reason I felt relieved was because, as I mentioned before, it’s hard but not impossible to differentiate people from certain aspects of what they align themselves with.  For instance, I’ve appeared on ZZInsider and I talk with a lot of Brazzers people on Twitter regularly, as do a lot of the “beautiful porn mafia” people…  That’s because they’re lovely people, genuinely smart and caring.  Because things are not inherently bad, just not structured correctly, because people associated with these things might not specifically believe in them…  It’s hard to ever malign anything outright, so having the things we wish to malign swept away feels like quite a load off the shoulders.


Finally, and probably most interestingly, one of the main reasons that Manwin (the company owning the site) has decided to pull the plug on the site is because they’re turning their attention more to glamour porn…  Softer, more artfully shot and more respectful representations.  Although it may still have a mainstream sheen, the fact that this is the way that the mainstream is going says so much.  I feel like I’ve always felt this coming, but it feels good to see it actually coming to fruition.

Sex as Art

Camille Crimson gives an artful blowjob


As promised, here is the follow-up from Sex Masquerade‘s last post, specifically tackling the idea of sex as art.  Obviously, as the webmaster of a site called The Art of Blowjob, I believe that sex can be an art, but I also believe that it can be artistic whether it’s in the privacy of your own home or whether it’s done in part to make a living.  I’m evidently not alone in this:


This is something I think translates directly into porn. When you look at some performers and sites, it’s perfectly clear it’s not art. The intent is to receive a paycheck. Now I know they all want pay (you can’t pay bills on hope and dreams), but there it’s clear who’s there to get paid, and those that came to participate and get paid. I know my favorite performers are those that do, or at least seem to lose themselves in a scene. Where you can tell they’re definitely not faking the lust, both for their partner, and the viewer. They’re trying to make this an experience for allparties involved. See The Art of the Blowjob, and Pornographic Love for some great examples.

At the end of the day, their generosity pays out to the viewer, and their partners more times than we could measure. A good perfumer gives us the gift of fantasy, lust, and passion. There’s no real price tag you can put on that. We can never really repay them for what they do for us. That’s the real generosity. Giving a gift that behind value because it becomes a part of you.


I completely agree.  There is a way to be completely on auto-pilot and there’s a way to inject passion and intensity into everything you do.  That’s the case whether you’re paid or not.  In fact, that’s true of all jobs, even if you’re not doing double duty running a website.  There are some people definitely having artfully beautiful sex even in mainstream porn where they’re uniquely performers.


When it comes right down to it, it’s just about being in the moment and being giving of yourself.  As he said:


 Those are the times I can remember. I can still touch, taste, and feel every moment. I was trying to give them the gift of me. I was trying to give them an experience of myself that they would affect them. Something unforgettable, at least I hope I did.


So…  Do we accomplish it?