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Sex as Jamming

I love an astute observation and a good analogy when it comes to sex, and this video is rife with both of them.  Also, as someone musically inclined, it’s right up my alley.  This lovely and charming video by Canadian sex educator Karen B. K. Chang is an excellent way of understanding sex…  as a musical jam.

It’s drawn/mixed media stop motion video created for the SexEd Project.  I think it’s really brilliant.  It preaches knowing yourself and practicing with yourself and others, collaboration, understanding sex as a process, communication, presence, an end to sexual shame, consent…  Every single comparison is perfect and are the types of things I had never thought about concretely before.

Probably the most interesting statement from this is that pleasure is a renewable resource, which is true of both sex and music…  And what a nice thought!  It’s something we can create together or alone that has no limit.  I hope this is an uplifting thought for you, and I’d love to hear if you have any prolongations for this particular analogy…  Let’s jam on the motif and see what comes up!