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Sunday’s Sermon – Anal Sex in Accordance with God’s Will

My sweet heart and I love to make fun of Christians or Jehovah’s Witness when we meet them on the street, in the metro station or any public place while they are telling people about Jesus Christ or the Watch Tour. I have no remorse as to this conduct, remember, I wasn’t raised with religious faith nor do I believe in any religions as of today.

Yesterday, I’ve tried to help you not get confusion when it comes to the definition of sodomy and while I was doing my researches, I stumbled upon a great article titled Anal Sex in Accordance with God’s Will. The site is gold mine for Christian predators as it makes it too easy to make a na├»ve Christian bond into your sexual will.

My sweet heart has learned a lot on the subject of blow job with Oral Sex in Accordance with God’s Will and is very good at luring cute Christian girls into giving him a fantastic blowjob. I suggest you do the same for which ever fits your kick.

Sodomy, Sodomie or Sodomi

I don’t remember what draw me to search for the word sodomy… ah yes in fact I do :) I was reading what is not OK in bed for Christians and saw sodomy. In english it means many things – all unnatural sexual activity like oral sex, homosexuality and bestiality. (Please view Aaron’s comment below for the right information )

Now it got me confused because in french, sodomie just means a penetration of the anus with the penis or an object resembling the phallus.

And according to wikipedia, in german (sodomie) and norwegian (sodomi) mean zoophile.

Definitions aside, how about some little anal play?

Camille Crimson have some anal fun