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Super sexy blowjob in jeans and 60 fps!!!


Nothing is sexier than a woman wearing tight jeans. Yes, you read right the first time. Naked is not as titillating as having to guess what those outrageous curves look like in the nude! But is it more life-like in 60fps? A good pair of denim leaves you with this urge to unbutton, unzip and pull down as fast lightning. Now combine those old fashion hi-rise blues with a crochet micro-bikini, and you have the most jaw-dropping combo!

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I slip on my newly both crochet micro-bikini. You watch as I tie the knots. I get shy when you look at me that way, but I can’t help myself, it turns me on. You lay on your back while I place my hands on each side of you. On all fours, I have much better control. As I put my mouth on you, I feel the urge to taste you. I feel your cock harden under the pressure of lips. I go deeper with every new stroke, leaving you so wet that you slide further into my throat. Your fingers push aside the see-thru wool. Knowing your eyes are all over my body, it makes me tremble. Your balls cuddle up closer to your shaft as your legs clench under me. I guess that it is coming. I kiss your tip turning my hand on your length. Your juices flow out as you climax. I appreciate every drop of you!

Erotic and Explicit Description of the 60FPS Blowjob Video!

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 2.36.57 PM

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Read the erotic and explicit description of our 614th video!

“Piper’s thick saliva drips from her chin to her beautiful cleavage. It melts down her flat stomach, running to her pussy. She covers your shaft with her two hands massaging the wetness all over. You bring her natural lubricant to her erect nipple. You rub it over her firm breast. You cock throbs as Piper squeezes the cum out of your tip. The long burst of semen falls on her blushed cheek. She continues to rub and lick your cum until you can not bear it anymore.”

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Dripping Wet Fellatio Exclusive 60FPS!



The passionate brunette is already naked on her knees next to the bed. She patiently waits for you to approach. As you give her what she wants, you sense her craving. To be on the receiving end of Piper’s desires is not an experience for the faint of heart. She pushes her limits, swallowing you deeper and deeper to maintain you on the edge of that sweet ecstasy. She is insatiable.

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60 FPS of Pure Pleasure!


Unique video shot in 60fps. It gives the viewer, you, a much more realistic experience rendering the image more lifelike. It enhances every detail while smoothing them out adding more fluidity to her every movement.

So no need to waste precious time with foreplay. Just the act of oral sex is enough to make Piper’s juices flow. From the first lick, her thighs clench as her inner muscles tighten. You can hear her moans change in intensity as she gets more aroused.

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