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Learn More About The Master/sub relationship with Piper!

Want to know more about the Master/sub relationship or just looking to expand your knowledge on BDSM, in a not 50 Shades of Grey sense…

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Bondage Is Now In High Fashion!

Zana Bayne is the woman who as made bondage a fashion style. She as created costume harnesses for Beyoncé and Madonna.


Zana Bayne



She makes way more than just harnesses. You can find, in her boutique: cuffs, chokers, belts, bustiers, bracelets, face masks and many more wanders!

You would be surprise on the wide variety of people who by leather. Of course, you have your dominatrix and leather fetishes, but also the discrete librarian and the stylish goths.


Zana Bayne

Zana Bayne was know as a fashion blogger, in 2009. One day, she posted a picture of herself with a harness she had made. She was surprised when people asked her if they could buy it.

To gain extra money, she started creating and selling the same harness she wore. It was a slow, but good success.

In 2011, Nicola Formichetti asked her to make custom body harnesses for Lady Gaga and her dancers. They wear them in the Yoü and I video.  It was her big break.

Most recently, her Sring/Summer 2016 collection, was seen at New York Fasion Week!





Sexy Reading of 50 Shades of Grey


I can’t deny it anymore…  50 Shades of Grey is a big deal.  I haven’t read it beyond little snarky excerpts posted by people on social media, but it certainly seems to have caught on and I can sort of see why.  For whatever reason, it’s given more traditional and buttoned-up women the “permission” to be sexy.  It’s full of kink, so they’re exploring new grounds and seemingly really enjoying it.  Even though this essentially started off as Twilight fan fiction (actually) it’s still ultimately a good thing, I think.


If this is popular, other books in the same vein will become popular, opening the way for other erotica writers from different genres to move forth and make a name for themselves in the more mainstream sector.  Then, who knows?  Maybe we’ll move out of the literary realm and into photography and videos that are more conventionally accepted as a part of sexuality in general.  Maybe we’ll even decide that sex isn’t such a big, scary taboo!


So, it took a cheesy book to make this seem possible…  Never underestimate the right introduction at the right time.  That said, we can still poke fun at it, of course, which is why I posted that highly disturbing video.  Hopefully you’ll laugh.


I have to ask, though, has anyone here read it or do you know someone who read it?  What do you think of it as a concept?