Nude Selfies: What’s the Big Deal?

Without lauding what this particular lawyer dude from Delaware is up to (because he seems kind of skeevy) I do think that he has a point… Why do we care so much about people seeing our nude and/or sexual selves? This is an idea which is near and dear to my heart because, well, I get freaked out about it a lot. You see, my work is what I’d call porn-adjacent. I’m in the thick (PUN!) of it in terms of my day to day operations, but I am not the subject nor am I sexually available in any meaningful way because of my job. Sometimes I dabble in blogging, reviews or interviews which include a glimpse into my sexual life (these days, it’s absolutely nothing to write home about anyways) but it’s always done in an arm’s length kind of way. I’m lucky that I don’t feel any pressure to go any further than I feel comfortable. Camille and Mike are very respectful of me and would never ask anything beyond my desires…. But I am undeniably curious at times.

I mean, I have a very outgoing personality, I’m a decidedly sexual person and, even though as a bigger girl I’m not everyone’s favourite flavour, I know the niches that would work for me. Every year, along with representing our sites, making valuable contacts and soaking in the inspirational environment, the Feminist Porn Awards always brings at least a few tempting offers to shoot with some of my idols. So far, I’ve shrugged them all off with sheepish statements about just being a behind the scenes type of gal, but it does make me question why I’m so reticent to share my sexuality and my body online.

This reluctance doesn’t just mean that I wouldn’t likely shoot professional porn, but also that I’m almost overly judicious about any way that my body could appear online. The only sexy videos and photos I’ve shot with former partners were mutually deleted in what is almost a half-ceremonial/half-legal exchange — last time over delicious Vietnamese takeout. On the increasingly rare occasion I’ve had any reason to get sexy over webcam with an object of my affection, I’m actually very cautious to only have my face OR my body in the shot, and to have a sufficiently ambiguous backdrop. With the propagation of ex-girlfriend/revenge porn sites devoted to ogling non-consensual sexts and screengrabs, you can never be too careful even though I trust those with whom I’m e-intimate.

I certainly have absolutely zero sexual shame, I’m confident about my body, I’m quite up-front about sex with the people in my life… There shouldn’t be any reason for such concern, but there are still external societal pressures to keep the theoretical sex separate from the physical embodiment (or digital reproduction there-of) in order to feel safe from the more intense ramifications of sex-negative culture. I’m happy and secure with my job and feel an increasing comfort in my path in the sex-positive sector, so I’m not particularly concerned about my image in that respect and I’m relatively confident that I could explain a foray into porn to absolutely any friend or family member… I guess it’s largely that, though I don’t view sex itself as private, I struggle with the vulnerability required to share it. Once it’s out there, it’s out there, and you can’t entirely control the way people interpret it, even as a person with a background in porn PR.

Maybe I’m just too uptight. After all, I’m also not the type to get a tattoo for fear of regrets over that which cannot be undone, but I so deeply admire those who can let go and do what they want. I’m a little too in my head to divorce my desires from the potential impact of doing something which is stigmatized in many ways, though less overtly so. Perhaps if it became more normalized, it’d be easier. It’d definitely be healthier for everyone societally to share and bare our sexual and physical selves to reduce shame, promote our differences and find kinship in our baser natural states.

I’m not saying we should make like that University of Iowa TA and accidentally attach a sexy video instead of the solutions to her math homework, as I think that there’s a time and a place for everything and that a delineation between overt public/professional persona and the sexual self is still important, but I think that we should be able to shrug off such situations as a moment of exposed humanity and move on. That takes some doing, which only comes through normalizing such sexual expression. It’s kind of a catch 22. I know that more people need to be willing to be open to cause the shift, and that starts with the individual… In this case, with me. Will I do it? I guess we’ll see.

- Sophie

The Waiting Game

They say that waiting is the hardest part. I don’t think that song was about post-surgery rehabilitation, but it’s certainly fitting. That’s right, it’s still your old pal Sophie here… In case my flippant tone wasn’t evidence enough that it’s still me. As we know, Camille had her second surgery on Sunday night, which was relatively early all things considered. Now that it’s been a success, the waiting begins. They can’t just slap a cast right on there, so we’re not exactly sure what the timeline will be, but it seems that she may well be fine with just the metal going on in her body in terms of stabilization. She needs to heal up a bit and they have to observe her to make sure that everything is going as planned.

She still doesn’t have much in the way of mobility and it definitely wouldn’t be safe for her to strike out into the world until she’s feeling a bit more secure on her leg and until they know for sure what they’re doing with it stabilization-wise, so she’s STILL in the hospital. Even though she’s putting up a very brave face, this would be frustrating for anyone. Just the thought of being cooped up in a hospital room for two and a half weeks makes me shudder. Yet, our favourite redhead hasn’t succumbed to madness from cabin fever just yet. She has lots of wonderful friends, both online and in the flesh, so she’s still in good spirits. But it will be VERY nice when she’s able to get out and about.

I have an interesting blog idea for tomorrow, potentially a couple actually, so I’ll take off my medical information relay hat and put on my chapeau de sexpert… If that’s a thing. Until tomorrow, porn pals!

Surgery Success

Camille Crimson's motorcycle trophy

Mike made Camille this delightful trophy commemorating her motorcycling excellence.

Hey blogfriends! It’s Sophie, yet again. This time I have very good news for all of you. Camille had her second surgery last night and it was a complete success. I spoke with Mike this morning and, although he still doesn’t know the specifics of the second surgery, we do know that it went very well. We’ll find out more about the status of her leg regarding screws and stabilization once she’s up and talking to doctors. For now, she’s relaxing post-surgery and will be sleeping after her long day and night. Once she’s well-rested and ready to debrief with the doctors, we’ll know exactly what her recovery time will be, both in and out of the hospital. For now, let’s all be very happy that her surgery’s outcome was so favourable. It’s been a long two weeks and it’s not over yet, but she has already made leaps and bounds, so let’s celebrate!

16 Beautiful Cumshots

16 cumshots on beautiful redhead Camille Crimson

16 cumshots. That’s like a valu-pack of cumshots.

How to best celebrate the news that Camille may very well be getting her second surgery this weekend and exiting the hospital not long after? A 21-gun salute? A thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters? 76 trombones? (Did I just make a musical theatre reference on a porn blog? Seemingly.) But no. 16 beautiful cumshots, which is the full cumshot count of the latest update on The Art of Blowjob. This is ingenuity at work here. Even though Camille is still cooped up in her hospital bed, they managed to put together something that won’t just tide people over until she’s back home, but they put out something that people actively ask for all the time.

This video is made to be enjoyed and celebrated, just as Camille approaches every single blowjob and resulting cumshot. She’ll continue to rest up and heal so that she can be back here in full working order, and in the meantime, you have 16 cumshots in which to revel… At least in the full video. After all, what better way to support Camille while she (literally) gets back on her feet than by enjoying a membership to one of her sites. Or all of her sites… You do get a lot more sexy photos and videos that way! And, really, what’s better than that?

I hope you all have a very happy weekend, and hopefully I’ll be back here with more good news soon.

Good News

Gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson in the hospital

How does her hair look professionally coiffed here?

Hey there everyone! We have some (potentially) good news… Camille may be getting her surgery this weekend. Considering that we had no real idea when this would take place, this is a very good outcome. Originally, they had hoped to get the surgery mid-week (just a few days ago) and this is really only a few days later. Considering how much longer she could have had to wait… What’s a few days?

There are still some things to work out and, considering the nature of hospitals, it’s still good to be open to the fact that it MIGHT not in fact be as soon as they say, but it’s a very good sign. It’s great that she’s balancing being pragmatic with her natural optimism… And this certainly is a cause for optimism! They’ll make sure her leg is looking good and, if all the situations align, she’ll be recovering by the end of the weekend and going home early next week. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for her! We want our favourite redhead onto the next phase in her recovery ASAP.

Oh Joy Sex Toy

Oh Joy Sex Toy cartoon sex reviews

Courtesy of – Drawn by Erika Moen

To break up all of the medical updates, I wanted to share some sexy media that I really enjoy. I like sex toys and the occasional webcomic and I love inclusive, fun and smart approaches to sexual education, so Oh Joy Sex Toy is exactly my jam. It is, in many ways, a review site, but everything is clear, direct and including detailed instructions for how to use it with realistic physical depictions. It’s made by comic artist Erika Moen, sometimes including input from her wonderful partner Matthew. It’s great that they share toys for men, women, other genders, single people, couples, groups and more. Two of my favourites are even included: the Hitachi Magic Wand and the nJoy Plug. These are equal-opportunity toys. If you’re curious, you should consider investing. They come with the Sophie Seal of Approval.

Instead of drawing themselves in action, they have a group of people called the masturbators who show different ways to enjoy various products and kinds of sex. This also makes it a lot easier to show diversity of bodies, races, ages, genders, sexualities… It was a really smart way to make the comic inclusive without being self-congratulatory. It’s just fun to draw lots of different people with different looks.

They also don’t just review toys. They explain non-sexual body-positive products, safer sex/contraceptive methods and even sex acts themselves. Maybe we could get them to review one of our sites some day… I want to see a pretty cartoonified Camille. That said, they don’t pull any punches and aren’t afraid to point out the weirdness of certain things out there. (Check out their review of Little Rooster. It sounds like an awful idea for someone like me. I’d come to associate sexual pleasure with being woken up, and I know it wouldn’t work the other way around when you hate mornings as much as I do. WORST.)

This is what sex ed should look like. Everyone should be reading this.