Working Her Mouth Hard Under The Desk!

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She looks back at you with a coy look. She’s already aroused enough, and kneels down to take off your jeans. You can feel her craving for every inch of your cock as she outlines it with her fingers, then takes it out of your underpants, waiting for it to grow bigger and bigger with every lick of her tongue. You get hard inside of her mouth, and she swallows it whole, moaning as she feels you touching the back of her throat.

See Piper’s skills, right here!

What To Do During Fall?

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Here are some things about fall that Piper loves that will cheer you up! The best one, is that the sun goes down earlier, that means you can go to bed early and have the energy for various night-time activities. As it gets cooler, you do not need an excuse to rub yourself on her, just blame it on the temperature.

Mosquitoes are gone, outdoor savageness is back. Go on a long walk and only come back when you are satisfied. Get it on wherever you want, if it gets too hot in the car you can open the windows without worries!

Get The Ultimate Experience With Piper Blush!

#Throwback Thursday: Piper Blush’s Lips Wrapped Around Your Shaft!

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It’s almost like an offering of something to add sensuality to her masturbation experience, allowing her to feel that overwhelming eroticism.┬áThis is the ultimate in pleasure and you just need to stay in the moment, taking in the sight of her beautiful body and the feeling of her lips wrapped around your shaft.

There’s something about this position and this idea of offerings that makes you want to come for her, right on her face, proof positive of your incredible pleasure and orgasm.

Hear Piper’s moans of pleasure!

The Wednesday Tips: Use Both Hands, Dirty Talk!

Have a great Wednesday!

The cold temperatures are settling in, it’s time to warm you up for…


For Him!

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She can use both hands and her mouth while giving you a blowjob. That is a lot of sensations, everywhere! One hand on the balls, massaging them or just holding, tell her what you prefer. The other hand follows her mouth so your shaft does not get cold and that way she keeps your tip inside of her at all times. Great for her swallow at the end!

For Her!

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Naughty, naughty, naughty… Dirty talk can be a huge turn on. It isn’t for everybody, so ask her before using those BIG words. It can be before to tease her, by telling her what you will do to her. During to tell her how much you like it. At the end to tell her what she is doing to you is working!