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Piper lies on her back this week, her legs wrapped around your face. She loves getting oral during the day, as the sunlight makes for the best of views. Her body moves to every stroke of your tongue, every stroke of your fingers. Her grip is firm as she pulls the sheets from the tight embrace of the mattress. Unable to think straight, only moans get out of her throat, with a few little gasps at the same time. Her appetite is boundless, she wants more, more, more…



For this week’s update on The Art of Blowjob, Piper decided to stay in bed just a little while longer, just enough time to give a passionate sensual blowjob before the day started.

What makes quickies so fun is not so much the actual physical aspect of it, but the thrill itself, the time pressure, the need to release all that pressure before it gets too late. It’s in a sense the opposite of a session of passionate sex where the goal is to make it as long as possible, so it can be quite exciting to remove that pressure and just focus on immediate release.

The other difference is that unlike a wild, intense hour of sex in the evening that leaves you tired, sweaty and just wanting to sleep, a quickie in the morning boosts your energy while still relaxing you enough to be able to take the day in stride.
One is not better than the other of course, it’s about balance. So have a quickie a week and long sessions of wild sex all the other days.

Phallic Foods

Is your mind as dirty as mine? Whenever you are in the fruit and vegetable aisle do you stare at woman feeling up grapefruits, and cucumbers… You just hope she’s going to turn to you, smile and put it deep in her throat.

Popsicle, hot dogs and bananas can be really hard to eat in public. Phallic shaped foods do send out a kinky vibe, even if it’s unintentional.  But when you’re with a partner, they can become a great tease. You eat three times a day, a lot of opportunities there! Choose wisely what you put in your plate. Finger foods always involve a lot of finger licking.  Lunch breaks are usually taken with many people, giving a greater challenge for those who feel like practicing their non-verbal sexual tease without getting too much attention.

Some women think that the way you eat reflects how you have sex. So, to be more of a tease, savor your food. Eat with passion and desire. Take your time, slowly suck up that soup with your spoon. If you are eating ice cream, a little spoon licking is sexy. Keep in mind that women check you out too! For more tips check out our All About Attitude Series!

Piper talks about this week’s update on TheArtofBJ.


I never knew I had an exibitionist side. I discovered it a recently, when I did an outdoor photo session  for The Art of Blowjob. My experience for this site, which I much more perceived as a journey, makes me push through my limits and learn more about myself everyday. Yesterday, the weather was finally perfect for an outdoor adventure. When I arrived to the location, I was so pumped. We took a lot of pictures – I kept my dress on to feel more comfortable, but secretly I wasn’t wearing anything under it….

I walked around, exploring every part, trying to see how comfortable I felt. At first, I was mostly looking behind my shoulder to see if someone was following me. I was anxious of getting caught and yet at the same time I wanted to. I imagined what I would do if I saw someone looking, would I get up and stop, or continue as if I didn’t see them?

It was time to find a spot, I was so wet my thighs where sliding together as I walked. You can watch the rest of my outdoor adventure here.

All about attitude


This week, we’re launching a new theme on The Art of Blowjob’s Educational Series: all about attitude! Even with the best technique in the world won’t matter if it doesn’t look like you’re enjoying what you’re doing. But it doesn’t go both ways; with an awesome attitude, you won’t need to worry as much about getting every little detail perfectly. Practice is the best way to gain skills and confidence. Your attitude towards his cock will depend on how confident you are towards it.

The Education Series will cover what he wants to see, how he wants to see it, how to act towards his manhood, and much more. The texts are based on the average man’s view of the best blowjob. The videos are easy to digest, short and VERY explicit, for everyone’s enjoyment.

Our special educational videos are dedicated to women who have the desire to become the best a man has ever had. Or even for men who are looking for hints they can give to their partners. Don’t worry they have many other purposes!  This Wednesday, you can start your training!