Piper’s Pleasure

Sexy topless orgasm shot

Look at that face! That’s the face of pure pleasure. Also: the body of pure pleasure. Just seeing her all stretched out in the moment of absolute ecstasy is phenomenal. This video is the latest update on The Art of Cunnilingus and it has a somewhat unconventional buildup. Take that, traditional mainstream porn!

It actually starts with penetrative sex, but then shifts to being all about making Piper come with some very enthusiastic and pointed cunnilingus. All she has to do is just melt into the bed as the waves of pleasure become more and more intense.

Watching her come is unbelievably hot, as you can see in this little teaser shot, but seeing the denouement and relaxation after the fact is also just amazing. Sometimes that’s what makes beautiful porn different from what you might get elsewhere… It’s the little moments of humanity and connection that feel truly sensual.

Blowjobs Can Be Beautiful

A beautiful blowjob with PiperThis title should get a big “well, duh!” from everyone who is reading it. I’d like to think that this is common knowledge by now and that we’re preaching to the choir. In case you’re new here, yes, blowjobs can indeed be beautiful. We make beautiful porn focused on nice editing, beautiful shooting and capturing lovely moments of connection, but even the blowjobs themselves are beautiful.

It can be such a maligned act, either being used as the appetizer before the main course or being a passive, almost aggressive or violent act with no skill or nuance beyond being an open and available mouth. While there’s nothing wrong with that, we like to show just how sensual and amazing a blowjob can be, even just in its basic and simple form.

Take Piper here in the latest update on The Art of Blowjob. She’s in a red satin robe sucking with confidence, elegance and enthusiasm. It’s just a blowjob, but somehow it reads as so much more. We hope to inspire you to go beyond what mainstream porn tells you a blowjob can be. Blowjobs ARE beautiful!


Ballsy New Venture

Ballsy bike lights

Canada is responsible for some pretty great inventions: basket ball, penicillin, anything else I learned on a Canadian Heritage Minute. Now we have one more! You remember truck nuts? Well, Toronto designers have gone a step further and come up with Bike Balls. That’s right!

They’re like truck nuts (in a way) except that they hang out under the seat of your bike and actually serve as a great source of light to let people behind you know that you’re a bike. A bike with BALLS! Now, I don’t actually know how to ride a bike, but I might have to start because these just sound too great for words. But… do they turn blue when you really need to get somewhere but you’re stuck at a light or in a big urban traffic jam? These are the thoughts that show you that I definitely work for The Art of Blowjob!

What do you think? Would you embrace this unconventional invention? The Kickstarter is over and they made 3x what they asked (nearly 40k) but you can still back it if you like!

Masturbation as part of a Blowjob

Piper watches and learns before a blowjob

You can learn a thing or two from masturbation. Stay with me. This week’s educational blow job video series on The Art of Blowjob is all about solo stimulation while someone else watches. There are lots of ways to better understand your partner. You can talk about what you like, you can watch porn or read erotica together and point out your favourite moments, but there is something particular about showing your partner how you masturbate. Not only are you showing them what you like best, but you’re also unveiling another side of yourself.

Even if you’re not very performative during sex, we usually do slightly different things when we’re alone and engaged with ourself. Displaying that additional element creates a heightened desire to learn from you. Show how you do it, then guide their hands with yours, then have them try it on their own. Once they add in the oral element to your favourite techniques, you’ll have that perfect blend of your own style and certain things you can’t do for yourself.

Have you done this before? We hope you’ll take a little inspiration from this video and implement it in your personal life if you haven’t already.

May is Masturbation Month

Selina wearing only lace panties and a smile

Welcome to May! It’s not only the first actually nice month of the year, it’s also Masturbation Month. Doesn’t that just make you want to jerk off into a field of daffodils on a sunny afternoon? No? Just me?

Not that we really need a month to celebrate masturbation because, well, if we aren’t doing it regularly then we’re probably lying to this porn site, you guys. That said, it’s so nice to have some specific consecrated time to remind us that it actually is a special, useful and valuable thing.

So, how do you honour the month? Treat yo’ self! A nice new toy? Some of the really fancy lube? Dare I say… A new subscription to a beautiful porn website? Cough cough! Maybe all three! You can also always treat someone else to something nice. Nothing says you care quite like the gift of solo pleasure… Especially since it can be used together, too!

Self-love is a beautiful thing and we don’t want people to be ashamed. It’s not dirty, it’s healthy to know yourself, know what you like and know how to give it to yourself. So keep on keeping on and just maybe wash your hands after. 😉

Face Sitting Sensuality

Piper sits on his face and enjoys it

Get on my face! And stay there! Week after week, we get such enthusiastic feedback for face sitting. I was wondering if maybe it has to do with the whole Femdom thing, but I don’t think so. In fact, I’ve begun to ruminate that perhaps it’s because face sitting is almost always considered a dominant act. It can be, absolutely, but that’s the predominant way mainstream porn displays it.

To show it in a more neutral and sensually-focused way is really exciting for us. Sometimes it’s all soft and sweet, other times it’s all passionate and intense, and right now in this video, it’s almost still. The truth is, there are times where the best way to get to that orgasm is to hold tight and ride it out until you get it. And get it she does! Good for you Piper.

If you want to see another beautiful facet of face sitting, it’s yours to experience on The Art of Cunnilingus.