Teasing the Head

Sensual blowjob with head work

The head of the cock is super sensitive, and that’s really exciting when giving oral sex. It’s also the focal point for a whole lot of blowjobs, but with good reason. People often get stumped on what to do with it, though, so they keep going back to the same techniques over and over again. Piper is here to show a bunch of different options, with her tongue, her lips, her hands and her entire mouth. Hopefully this will expand your blowjob horizons and also your pants tent. So go ahead, learn a little bit about the cockhead and enjoy yourself!

Learn from us on The Art of Blowjob.

Watch Sophie’s Demo

Here I am. I was on 13 Spicy Nights here in Canada, which is a live streaming sex education/discussion show leading up to Valentine’s Day. I got to represent porn and also give a demo on giving beautiful blowjobs — with a dildo, not a real penis. If you have 4 hours to kill (or just a few minutes) you can watch it, and hey, people certainly commented on my sizeable breasts, too. You’ll learn a thing or two and maybe you’ll laugh at all of our delightful banter. Catch me again on Valentine’s Day from 6pm to 8pm EST!

Watch Piper Come

Sexy Pipers cunnilingus debut

Watching a woman come is a real privilege. After watching Piper give lots of beautiful blowjobs, it’s very rewarding to watch her getting pleasure. Her moans are so beautiful, soft and just a little big high. It’s lovely to hear her feelings verbalized and uttered in such passionate ways. Cunnilingus is an art, and her body is a lovely canvas. Her pussy is beautiful, and so is the way her legs shake when she comes. A woman’s orgasm is incredible, and watching Piper feel that kind of pleasure is really intense and amazing. So thank you for sharing this side of yourself, Piper.

Watch her come on The Art of Cunnilingus.

A Luxurious Blowjob

Sexy blowjob with lots of cum

Piper gives the most amazingly sensual blowjobs, in that they’re really luxurious. She has a sense of decadence when it comes oral sex, and it really shows. When she finally makes you cum, she lavishes attention on your twitching cock and laps up every last drop of cum, sucking it out and licking her fingers clean. She has a classy attitude about everything she does, and that absolutely includes blowjobs. Seeing this elegant, beautiful woman completely involved with her senses and sensuality is absolutely incredible. It’s the kind of blowjob experience that makes you feel completely satisfied.

Watch Piper’s erotically elegant and luxurious blowjob on The Art of Blowjob.

Learn About the Fundiform Ligament

Sensual teasing with Piper

What the hell is a fundiform ligament and why should you care? Why should I be writing about this on a beautiful porn blog? Well, it’s a ligament connecting along the area just above the penis. It’s on the inside, but you can stimulate it lightly by kissing, licking, caressing or applying light pressure to the little groove just above the base of the shaft. It feels really good for a lot of people, and it’s a nice light way to stimulate compared to some of the more direct blowjob techniques. Piper shows it off in our latest educational series blowjob video, sharing her skills and exploring how to best incorporate it as part of a larger blowjob experience.

Learn something new and have better sex.

Listen to Our Beautiful Cunnilingus Compilation

A sensual video compilation of moans and cunnilingus

Moans, moans, all kinds of moans. As much as the visual aspect of cunnilingus is very compelling, I’m all about the sounds. In fact, when it comes to sex in general, sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to my partner and my own sound and the sounds of our bodies together. Sometimes it’s exciting to focus in on one sense in particular. Of course, this video is a video, so there is a visual element, but you can try closing your eyes and listening to it as well. It’s so unbelievably sexy to hear these different women and the way their moans can be so varied. Even from woman to woman, there’s such a diverse soundscape from soft, gentle, almost whispered reactions to intense, loud, visceral sounds of extreme pleasure. Then, when you finally can’t take it any more, open your eyes and witness the amazing spectacle of women’s orgasms with the added bonus of the auditory experience. You’ll be glad that you took the time to layer those senses after enjoying just the sound all on its own.


Listen to the moans and watch the orgasms on The Art of Cunniligus.