The Wednesday Tip: Circle Around!

The Wednesday Tip: Circle Around!

Circle around her clit, some women will orgasm without you even touching at their clitoris. Others will enjoy the edging it creates, but will not climax from it.

Once she is really on the edge you can make smaller circles on her bare clit, that will push her over!

Titty Tuesday and TheArtofBlowjob’s Educational Series!

Piper Blush For

Piper Blush For

Enjoy TheArtofBlowjob’s Educational Series, it’s FREE!

You can learn a great deal form our 25 educational videos form skills to attitude. Don’t be shy and enjoy them with a partner!


Glory Hazel- They Recycle Porn!

Are you a fan of vintage porn? But are tired of seeing the same old scenes. Sabine Fischer and Sandra Lichtenstern have just what you need! They’ve decided to make old and realistic porn look young again.

I have to say our TheArtofBlowjob, does have lots in common with their ‘Creative Pornography Philosophy’, except maybe for recycling part!

They feel that: Con-temporary productions are for the most part uninspiring, stereotypical, boring – a fleshy mass of bare skin, lustless moaning and dull artificiality. They aim to approach the aesthetically neglected visual field with sensual creativity and innovation and to playfully discover unknown potential of porn. Their ambition is to create an aesthetically appealing, humane representation of sexual fantasies.


Fischer and Lichtenstern

Fischer and Lichtenstern

Since 2009, they have dedicated themselves to the promising field of work that emerges when pornography meets creativity. Their motivation sprouts from the shocking lack of pornographic productions that satisfy their aesthetic demands and arouse their sensual expectations.

We’ve both been involved in the field of design for several years. As GLORY HAZEL we want to apply our experience to pornography. Our approach to this topic is the same as with other visual projects – we apply motivation, care and creativity.

With GLORY HAZEL we hope to animate a positive discourse and encourage a creative engagement with pornography. GLORY HAZEL would also like to be understood as an appeal to other creative minds to take on the neglected field of pornography.

Messy Sex Is The Best Sex!

Dripping Wet

We do not know why, but we do love our women a little messy. Is it because a messy woman is a good woman? If she licks her fingers and does not mind tasting the food in your plate, does it mean she is great in the sack? Usually, it does! A woman that does not mind getting dirty will not mind it in bed, either. You can bury your member in whipped cream, chocolate, champagne, she will eat it all an even ask for more, because right now is funtime!

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The Wednesday Tip: Steps To The Perfect Facial Cumshot!

Facial Steps!

Some men naturally spurt further than others and all in different directions. Know your body well, but do not be too hard on yourself your aim might be a little off. To be sure she gets the most of it, you can place her in a position where she is under you.

Let gravity do most of the work! Her head should be tilted enough so that it can stop your burst and have it all end up on her. It will maybe need a couple of practice rounds, but you will get there!

Piper Blush for

Piper Blush for

#TittyTuesday and Piper’s The Real Thing!

The Real Thing

What you see is what you get! All the things you see on TheArtofBJ and PiperBlush are things I also do without cameras. I am the same person with or without them…well maybe a little dirtier without!

That is the thing I like most about what I do, is that I decide. I exploit all the ideas I have and the ones that you guys send me that I love!

You can send me your ideas on Twitter!