Quickie BJ in the car!

I, Piper, decided to share with you something more personal and original for this update. I thought it would be fun to take you with me on an exciting little road adventure. The YouTube Vloggers inspired me to make this video. To stay faithful to the Vlog style the video was made with only an iPhone clipped on a handheld stabilizer. Watch the full NSFW video here!

Piper Blush

I won’t say too much here because I am quite talkative in the video. So let’s go! But first, we should stop by Starbucks to get something for the road. Then it’s more driving until I arrive at the secret location… got to make sure no one is watching and there goes your belt!

I take your cock out. Place it between my lips. It feels so great to swallow you whole. I move up and down on your hard shaft. As I come up for air, I look around to be sure we are still alone. You throb on my tongue. I this moment when you are about to explode. I stroke the cum out of you into my mouth. It’s so thick and warm. It’s time to clean up and go!

Multiple orgasms… oops, updates!

This week you get multiple updates on TheArtofBJ!

Start off with this Friday’s Facial! Piper hourglass figure combined with her small waistline makes her stick out of the crowd when she walks out of the ocean still dripping. She had so many compliments on her turquoise micro-bikini that she decided to slip it on again just for you. Today, it doesn’t get wet because of the ocean if you know what I mean 😉

Piper Blush Bikini Blowjob

Piper Blush Bikini Blowjob

Don’t go away too fast! Throughout the week, Piper will put up all of the pics she took during her time in South Beach. Go to the Photos section of TheArtofBJ to view the content of her camera. Careful, torrid content ahead!

What do you want to see first? Click Here for the Facial and Here for the pictures!

Daily Orgasms Challenge!


Have you heard of the Pleasure Pledge? Kit Murray Maloney is the founder of O’actually, a site that focuses on what turns women on, has started a three-week-long program called the Pleasure Pledge.

The site asks women to commit to a daily orgasm. The Pleasure Pledge was very intentionally named. It’s about pleasure first— orgasmic and otherwise. So not only about orgasms. Women take part in this because they want to celebrate the female orgasm!  

It’s a pledge, NOT a challenge.

The real spirit of the Pleasure Pledge is to deepen your connection to pleasure and awareness of your true desire whether that is a walk in the woods, live music in the park, an appointment at the spa, or time with your favorite toy.

Suzannah Weiss from Glamour tried the pledge. And here’s what she had to say about it: “I couldn’t just rely on him to initiate sex, because then if he didn’t, I might not fulfill my quota. That’s when I noticed a different type of guilt: around making the first move. I was scared of rejection. I’d assumed for some reason that I had to wait for him to want sex before I could suggest it. I guess we have sexism to blame for that. To my relief, it turned out that expressing my interest usually made him interested too—and when it didn’t, he didn’t respond in a hurtful way—which has made me less shy about it since.”


Fake It, Until You Make: Orgasms!

Boost It!

Fake it until you make it! If there is something you really want to achieve but you feel too shy to do it, just fake your confidence. Once you have experienced it, you will gain more confidence and one day you will not be faking it anymore. It applies as much for her as for him. For example, when one is you is going down on the other, when she’s taking her clothes off in front of you, etc. You will gain confidence when you trust your partner. Feel like you can experience everything with them.