Slow and Sweet with Selina

Selina gives a sweet blowjob in slow motion

Selina is one of my favourite women we’ve had on the site because she’s just so sweet and easygoing. It’s nice to have someone who loves giving blowjobs and really has that show on her face. Her smile is so radiant and she’s just honestly luminous. Seeing her really take her time is amazing, not only because she’s quite good at what she does, but also because it’s clearly done with love. Parker is her partner and they’re absolutely adorable together, so it’s always lovely to see them take turns giving one another pleasure because it’s so selfless and effortlessly connected. This is exactly the kind of blowjob we want to showcase. It’s not hard to see why they’d want to share their sex lives with us.

See more of Selina’s slow sensuality on Slow Motion Blowjob.


Sexy smile from beautiful Laura

We’re working on a few new educational series videos and we wanted to know: do you like teeth as a part of your blowjob? I don’t mean pointless scraping… I mean a little light nibble along the side of your shaft, some gentle placement on your cockhead before the sucking begins or even a little teasing like they might be used, but then they aren’t actually… You know, just to keep you on your toes.

Or, even as simple as a smile… Do you find a grin with teeth to be sexy, or a laugh that shows off the teeth? So many people say that smiling in porn is such an aphrodisiac, but is the toothy element of a smile a part of the appeal, at least when it’s genuine? I mean, I know I find a nice smile irresistible, and good teeth is certainly part of that. There’s even charm in the imperfections a lot of the time.

It’s funny. For all the thinking we do about mouths, it seems we do very little about the teeth, which are certainly a big element of what goes on behind the lips. We’ve got some thinking to do, and I hope you’ll chime in and let us know how you feel about seeing teeth on The Art of Blowjob.

Learn About Slippery Blowjobs with Lots of Spit

Educational blowjob video with lots of saliva

Since the official launch of our educational series, we’ve been working on all kinds of amazing ideas for ways to teach people about giving and receiving incredible blowjobs. It’s fun to show off how beautiful blowjobs can be, but there’s a tremendous benefit from actually explaining how our beautiful performers do what they do. In this week’s educational series blowjob video, Parker shows off her love for giving wet, slippery fellatio. Learn all kinds of techniques and tricks for incorporating saliva into a beautiful, sensual blowjob experience and immerse yourself in the erotic words and images, working together to inform and arouse. Check this and other educational videos out on The Art of Blowjob.

Loving Cunnilingus with Real Couple Selina and Parker

Orgasmic bliss from cunnilingus with nude babe Selina

Selina and Parker are a real couple in love and it shows in how doting he is about giving her passionate oral sex. His approach to cunnilingus is much more about her unique and specific desires as they are about giving her skilled techniques. It’s not an issue of ego… It’s all about her and utterly loving her pussy. When we move beyond the mechanical elements of sexuality to the more personal side, then it is truly earth shattering. Get to know your partner and what they like. You’ll be glad you did. See more of this amazingly passionate connection on The Art of Cunnilingus.

More About Our Educational Series

Sexy educational blowjob video with hot blonde

After nearly a decade of creating beautiful porn, has moved into the sex ed arena with the addition of their new educational blowjob video series. The site has long been known for its uniquely sensual approach to oral sex, but had thus far opted to show rather than tell. As this type of aspirational erotic content creates a real feeling of connection for the viewer, many of their members and fans wanted to learn about and experience these blowjobs for themselves, so they decided to create a new weekly feature on the site to showcase tips, tricks and techniques for facilitating the ideal blowjob.

The videos featured in this ongoing educational feature are short, easy to digest clips of blowjob porn, each focused on a specific element of the blowjob experience, from creating specific physical sensations to navigating the discussion of sexual wants and needs. While a variety of our many talented performers shows off their particular area of expertise, our resident sex educator, Vice President Sophie Delancey provides a clear, sensuous description and explanation of the technique in question. The result is a growing collection of videos which are both erotic and educational, balancing practical concerns and providing entertainment in and of itself, but also giving the viewer the option to understand more about their sexuality, their desires and their sexual skill set.

Delancey, the voice of’s educational series, sees this as an important next step in their work: “We wanted to reach out to our community in a clear way, drawing on the requests we’ve had on social media and our blog posts. We also hope to make it inclusive, so we’re working towards updates featuring useful information for both blowjob givers and recipients, for partners and for single people, as well as for their sexual dynamic as a whole.”

While there is a reasonable amount of educational porn available on the market, it has rarely if ever been formatted in this way. The videos are labeled as educational, but they are included into the regular flow of updates. While there is tremendous value in more traditional DVD-formatted educational content, the viewer has to intentionally seek out that type of porn. In this case, is offering it up as an additional value to the site and as an integral part of its structure.’s educational series is designed to transcend the traditional model of ‘hot new sex tips’, as Delancey explains: “It’s not just about sword swallowing and doing really cool things with your tongue, it’s also about fostering sexual creativity and empathy in all sexual acts. Besides, there’s no one true way to give a perfect blowjob… We want to give people the options, tools and ideas to find out what works for them. Giving a great blowjob is important, but being a multi-faceted sexual being who understands the value of both giving and receiving pleasure is quite another. We’re figuring out how to best tackle all of these issues as the series develops.”’s educational blowjob video series will continue to update every week with new videos, focused on their mission of fostering better blowjobs for everyone.

Sucking on Balls – An Educational Series

Our educational series is an ongoing new element featured on The Art of Blowjob. This week’s update focuses on the testicles once again, but this time it’s devoted to sucking on them to derive unbelievable pleasure as part of a blowjob. The beautiful Piper is an expert in the area, focusing on sucking the balls individually, together and sucking on both balls while also sucking on the penis. Her skills are remarkable, and our gentle tips will help you to work your way up to these various techniques.

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