Between the Breasts!


Ariane is nearly spilling our of her top, her bountiful breasts being held in and pushed up by her gorgeous black lingerie. Her brown braid cascades down her shoulder as she begins to suck, focusing her attention on your balls. This always gets you going, doesn’t it?

You can’t help but enjoy the way she is so attentive to getting you hard. She lightly smacks your cock against her cheek, smiling playfully at the way you react. You’ve discussed this… A little jolt works for you and makes you feel so good. She tests this theory as she taps your cockhead against her breasts, and you watch the way her nipples harden from the sensation. There’s a kind of diligence about the way she approaches blowjobs, and it’s fascinating to watch the intensity with which she bobs up and down… It’s intense and intensely beautiful.

It’s sweet to watch the way she smiles about your reactions. As she pulls you between her breasts, she teases you with them. It’s not just about your thrusts, it’s about the way she moves her soft, luscious breasts until you just can’t take it anymore. It’s a skill… an art… and the end result is a gorgeous splatter of cum all over her perfect breasts.

Heating Pussy Is Good For You!

A woman’s vagina is filled with the same probiotic bacterias as your yogurt and lets not forget your Kombucha. So why not eat her out instead?

The vaginal microbiome, also known as the female’s genital ecosystem, is home of billions of bacterias. The Lactobacillus(main bacteria residing in the vagina) produces lactic acid, keeping her pH level at 4.5. Therefore, killing all the bad bacterias.



Everyone has probiotics in their gut. To help and maintain your natural flora, you can add more probiotics to your regiment, such as Bio-K!

The problem with the probiotics in our food, is that it’s not necessarily the same species as residing in our body. So you better just get it from the source :)


See Broadly. for more details!


The Wednesday Tip – From Top to Bottom!

She can lick it from top to bottom or bottom to top! It doesn’t really matter, but make sure you give some well deserved attention to his balls. Integrate them in the BJ! They can have their own moment or if you are really skillful lick them while deep throating.

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Redhead 69!


In the car, there may be limited space, but sometimes it’s just fun to get outside and play around somewhere different. 69 feels somehow appropriate for this little outdoor exploration. Why not maximize space and pleasure. Lena climbs right on top of Tom’s face and beckons him to eat her pussy with a little wiggle. What an absolute site to behold, lick, finger and rim.

He gets right in there with absolutely no hesitation, licking at her clit and delving his tongue deep within. She loves this kind of deep penetration in little moments but lives for the teasing touch of his fingertips. Tom’s fingers find her labia as she begins to suck his cock, teasing the inner folds and exploring her wetness before beginning to rub her clit.

He can feel her moaning lightly on his cock while he plays with her beautiful pussy. He sucks on her labia, knowing that she loves this, pulling away and going back to teasing her a bit more with his fingers. This is exactly what will push Lena over the edge in time to her own beautiful orgasm, writhing around in bliss as her wetness drips down all over him.

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Where’s the Bone in Boning?

All male mammals have penises. Did you know that humans are one of the two primate species lacking a “baculum” or penis bone!  Whales, rabbits, elephants, horses also lack a bone in their manhood.



Where’s the bone?

Some species have a bone to help the male maintain his erection long enough to penetrate the female and deliver the sperm. This bone, baculum, is in the male’s abdomen until he needs it. When he does his abdomen muscles contract pushing into into the penis, making an hard erection.

Speed is of the essence in nature, having to wait for the penis to fill with blood is too long for many species. The male lion, thanks to his baculum, can copulate 250 times in four days.

Where’s our bone?

As stated in IFLScience:

“Well, the reason is not entirely clear, but it’s believed to be down to our mating systems and strategies. In the 30th anniversary edition of his book, The Selfish Gene, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins suggested the lack of a human baculum is the result of “sexual selection” by female humans looking for healthy males.

That is, having a penis that relies on “hydraulics” to become erect (rather than a bone) means there will be some males with poor erectile function. If Dawkins is right, an innate female desire to guage a male’s suitability as a mate was responsible for “selecting” a penis that shows such suitability (or lack thereof).

Interestingly, our closest living relatives, including the chimpanzee, possess penis bones, but those bones are very small. It is possible that our primate relatives may too eventually lose their bacula.

Indeed, perhaps it’s more a question of why the other great apes still have bacula, rather than why we humans lack them. Complete loss of a baculum in humans seems to just continue a trend towards baculum size reduction which is found among the great apes.”



The Wednesday Tip: Explore all the positions!

The Wednesday Tip: Explore all the positions!

There is no limits to the positions you can explore with your partner…except those of your body!

So try it all: top, bottom, side ways, reverse, what ever makes it a little different!