Tip: Fingering Tease!

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Place your finger on top of her clitoris and slowly make little circles. Take your time and put a little pressure, just enough to tease. Once you have her moaning and wanting more, place your mouth on her bud and suck!


Kinky Blowjob In A Tight Corset!



Piper wants to impress you with her womanly charms this Valentine’s Day because there is no better day than today to try something new! She seduces you by showing off her best asset in a black corset that is knotted tightly around her small waist. Her hair stands in a bun letting you see the leather collar that surrounds her neck and the soft skin of her shoulders. Her large breasts fall on top of the fabric giving her all the curves you like so much to admire.

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Cheap Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

You tried to make a last minute reservation at her favourite restaurant, gut it’s full! Here are a few last-minute date ideas and she won’t even notice they were not planned in advance!

Is there snow where you live? Buy two crazy carpets and take her to the steepest hill you can find. Afterwards, make her a homemade hot chocolate!


You woman is more of a ‘stay in’ type of gall, no worries! Make her an awesome scavenger hunt where each card leads her to ultimate pleasures.



Or a Netflix and Chill session. Go buy some savoury flavoured popcorn, chocolate and everything else that she loves. Get naked and start chilling…



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Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

You haven’t got her a Valentine’s Day gift yet! Flowers and chocolate might just not do it again this year, so here are a few original gifts ideas for your special Valentine. Think of her as you choose her gift to ensure you another year of great sex 😛

Ask Men thinks it’s a good idea for you to buy your girl an Aukey Natural Oil Diffuser. Which is kind of cool because it also serves as an alarm clock, humidifier and air purifier. Everything she needs to make her environment cosy and fresh and all forget about winter!

Aukey Oil Diffuser

Aukey Oil Diffuser

If you really want to solidify your relationship and go for the plant and the pet at the same time, here’s what you need from Ask Men: Back To The Roots Garden!

Back To The Roots Garden

Back To The Roots Garden