Lead Her!



The location, the ambiance are things a woman pays careful attention to. By changing the location, you can take your woman through a whole new rollercoaster of emotions, removing the focus from pure technique. You can slowly leave the bedroom as your try new things, taking her to the kitchen, the balcony, maybe a shaded area outside… The important thing is to be confident and lead her, and she’ll forget where she is and simply be in that moment with you.

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Position Yourself For a Blowjob!

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We all know the best way to have a man’s full attention is during sex. Even more so while the blowjob is taking place. Blowjobs are a great turn on for men as they make them feel dominant, but don’t forget, you are the one with total control, both over yourself and as well as the situation. You can always make him ask for more!
Men are visual. Make sure he has the best possible view. Place yourself in a flattering position, preferably in which you are more submissive. For example: on your knees, on all fours, lying on the bed. If you run out of ideas use a mirror. Place it to his advantage. He likes to feel dominant, so put yourself lower than he his. Don’t forget to be comfortable, your performance depends on how much you are able to focus on his cock. Everyday positions could be adapted to BJ’s!

Vary Your Intensity!

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Oral stimulation is often an appetizer to the main course. Don’t rush through it; take the time to vary your intensity, and slow down – teasing is as important as ever, and some women may get most of their satisfaction there. It doesn’t matter how much time you pass down there or even how many she has, she can always have more. On the other hand, you can’t. But seeing her will get you ready to go for the main course. And that can last for as long as you are able to hold it!

You can also let her take control. Stick your tongue out and let her do all the work. She can sit on your face, you will get the best of views. You can decide when to make yourself noticed. She will definitely appreciate a little more movement close to end.

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