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The First Snow

Some of you might have already seen this, but I wanted to share it with you anyways.  I made another movie!  This time it has nothing to do with the kitchen…  It’s about Montreal’s first real snowfall.  There were some slushy flakes on Halloween weekend and there were a few intermittent flakes here and there throughout November, but this past weekend, it snowed and it stuck.

So here I am in my neighbourhood, looking out on the city and enjoying the beautiful way snow coats the world.  Snow feels so distinctively Canadian to me and it’s such an intrinsic part of Montreal life.  Of course, I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune in February when I’m still dragging through slush, slipping on ice and freezing every time I leave the house, but for now, the snow is really beautiful.  And besides, you can make snowballs!  (Which I did with my bare hand…  Maybe not the best idea I’ve ever had.)

Do you guys live in areas where you get to see a lot of snow?  If you do, do you enjoy it?  If you don’t, do you wish you had a little snow?  It certainly makes winter feel very real for me.


I made another film and I wanted to blog about it just before I go to sleep, so I got up just to write it!  You all remember my omelette video, so now here’s a delicious ode to happy hour.  I’m a woman who loves red wine, Guinness and whisky, but I can certainly also enjoy a lovely martini.  In this video, I captured Mike making a dry martini.  I love making movies, not just in front of the camera but also behind, so this is a wonderful chance for me to hone my skills.  And then I get to share it all with you.  So what do you think?  Do you like the video?  And how do you like your martini…  Shaken or stirred?

Twitter Interaction and Suggestions

Hi everyone!

Here’s a little video, which is the result of my deliberations on what to do for my shoot for The Art of Blowjob today:

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

I was having a little trouble figuring it out, so I called on my Twitter followers.  Here are some of the ideas you came up with:

@monsieurarrieta said
@CamilleCrimson dans la cuisine ou sur le bureau d’ordinateur!!

@SophieDelancey said
@CamilleCrimson Massage, giving or receiving. A lot of people want it.

@shonrichards said
@CamilleCrimson Oral sex while also reading a book or magazine. A slight disinterested vibe or dedicated nerd.

@veloeuboy said
@CamilleCrimson Tantra chair for me! TY.

@youJerk said
@CamilleCrimson I am a fan of the wet hair look. Minimum amount of makeup. And a towel that keeps falling off

@mordinateur said
@CamilleCrimson in the kitchen or on the desk d’ macheme!!

@alenocente said
@CamilleCrimson tantra chair under the shower;)

@EuroMediGuy said
@CamilleCrimson breakfast nook or table

@Seska said
@CamilleCrimson have you ever shoot faux voyeur stuff outdoors? Not neccesarily bj but perhaps peeks of lingerie?

@Clrd2Land said
@CamilleCrimson – Why not combine the 2 ? A nice soapy & cleansing shower followed by one of your sensual/erotic blow jobs on the chair.

Everybody had great ideas, and I certainly want to try them all out.  In the end, as you can see, I decided to go for a good mix of what people said:  I was reading on the Tantra Chair in a towel with wet hair and very minimal makeup.  It’s something I actually enjoy doing after taking a shower, so it was a lovely experience.  I hope you guys are enjoying my little experiment, because I certainly am!

And I hope you guys think it’s funny. Of course I wouldn’t ignore Mike for long… My book could wait.

Twitter Experiment With iPod Touch and New Cooking Video

Hi Everyone!

The Art of Blowjob's Camille Crimson with an iPod Touch

Me with my old iPod Touch.

Guess what?  I got a new iPod Touch and I’m so excited.  It’s so sleek and beautiful.  More importantly, since I have my new iPod Touch (with front and rear camera!) and my new Canon S95, I’ve opened up a whole new world of connection.  I’m a huge tech nerd and I’m like a kid with a new toy, so I want to use them as much as possible.  The retina display on the iPod Touch is beautiful.  Last night, I read Shakespeare on it in ebook form.

One thing I’ve decided to do is to take my tweeting to a whole new level by taking many more photos and uploading some video responses as well as just regular text-based tweets.  So, for the next month, I’m taking the all iPod Touch challenge to only use Twitter from my iPod Touch.  This way, it’ll be less of a 9 to 5 activity and more of an ongoing chronicle of what I’m up to.  This means my approach to Twitter is going to be different…  More like a comic book and less like a novel, so to speak.

Other than that, I’ve also been using my Canon S95 to make videos, which I’ll be cutting and uploading on Youtube.  They’re sort of a vlog in a way, just following what I’m up to and sharing my little passions, like cooking for example.  Here’s a quick video of me making an omelette that I put together at home:

So, I hope this is going to make me even more connected and accessible, because I know it’s not all about giving blowjobs and that’s it.  It’s about being available and approachable for the people who enjoy what I do.  Plus, I’m a multi-faceted woman and I like to share more than just my sexual side.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy what you see!

New Vlog, Interview on The Writing Buddha and Featured Article on She Love Sex

Hey everyone!  Once again, a super busy week.  I’m taking a break from packing up boxes of my stuff to post a quick blog featuring some of the amazing things I’ve been up to in my life this week.

First, I have a new vlog with my funny moving clothes, my excitement about the new blog look, my fun shopping plans with Sophie to decorate the new office and questions from Tumblr members Light11 and Velvethammer!  Check it out:

I really love giving advice, so please keep asking me questions.  And I hope that Ed and Dave get a little minute of butterflies in the stomach over this.

Sophie and I sat down together and wrote a really amazing how-to guide on blow jobs and it’s being featured on She Loves Sex!  Here’s a little excerpt:

Before we even get into anatomy, it’s important to talk about what turns YOU on about giving a blow job. There are so many different motivations for giving a blow job, whether it’s because you get off on pleasing your partner, you love the sensuality of oral sex, you want to create a consensual degradation scene… All of these are perfectly wonderful reasons to give a blow job, but it’s important to know which of these reasons drive you and then to figure out which ones drive your partner.  For example, if you want to be treated like a dirty little slut and he wants to have you gently kiss and caress him with rose petals on the bed, scented candles and smooth jazz playing in the background, there’s going to be some confusion.

Sophie definitely has a particular way of talking and so do I, so it’s really interesting to mix them together along with my technical skills and her knowledge of queer sexuality.  I really hope this article helps you give and/or receive better blow jobs, because that’s what we all want, isn’t it?

I’m really excited to share my interview at The Writing Buddha!  Take a look:

Q: What’s your take on the porn industry?  Have you seen anything that’s impressed you?
The industry is a very mixed bag.  There is some pretty awful stuff that is just so formulaic and void of any redeeming aesthetic value, but there are some really amazing people these days who are reclaiming porn and injecting some much needed wit and beauty. People coming to mind are mostly in the queer genre: Madison Young, Courtney Trouble, Shine Louise Houston, Travis Matthews. I’m also a huge fan of John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus.

Q: Why blowjobs?  Have you thought of doing more?  Scratch that… blowjobs rock!
Blowjobs are very sensual.  They’ve always been something I’ve really enjoyed and that I’m really good at. Also, they are very dynamic looking on camera because the action is so clear and if you’re good at them and shooting them well, they can be unbelievably erotic.  Besides, in terms of making porn, it’s important to do something that other people want, too. Blowjobs are pretty much a universal favorite, but not many sites show them in a loving and beautiful light.  We’re very special in that respect.

Q: Not to sound like a Cosmo article, but what are your turn-on’s and turn-off’s?
My boyfriend, of course!  I like dark hair and dark eyes and people who are smart and respect me.  And people who can relax about their sexuality and just have a good time!

He also included a Camille Crimson page on his site with a few video trailers, a video on The Infinite Ache and a little post about my favourite song used in one of my videos on his music page.  What a sweet and amazing guy, right?

I should really get back to work but I will be back soon with more posts.

My First Vlog!

I’m so excited to share my first vlog (video blog) with you!

I was kind of nervous and shy at first, but I started to really love talking about everything.  As I said in the video, I am so happy about my Fleshbot feature and my JanesGuide review!  Hopefully you can check them both out and see the amazing sites.  Also, as I’ve said before, don’t forget to participate in the video contest for Our Porn, Ourselves for a chance to win one of ten amazing prize packs including:

* A Babeland gift pack (Moregasm Book, Babeland Buzz Vibe, and BabeLicious Lube in Dulce De Leche, stickers), a silicone Tantus Pixie dildo, a Carnal Nation t-shirt, a one month membership to Camille Crimson’s Art of Blowjob, a one-month membership to NoFauXXX, a copy of The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn (Cleis Press), two free digital or audio books of the winner’s choosing (Digita Publications), a copy of  I.G. Frederick’s BDSM romance Dommemoir, and from Hot Movies for Her an “I heart girl porn” t-shirt plus 30 free minutes, a sticker and button.

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus a one year membership to

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus a one year membership to Femina Potens which includes VIP invites and a complimentary artwork by a local artist.

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus a one-month membership to For the Girls.

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus an Indie Porn Pioneer Package that includes five of Madison Young’s most recent DVD’s, all autographed.

* One winner gets a Dream Package, plus a Love Swing from Bliss Connection.

So, as I mentioned at the end of the vlog, I’m going to be doing one a week and I want to answer a question from you guys each week.  Please post your questions here, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Plurk, on Flickr, on Fetlife or on Tumblr!  You’ll get a special shout out from me and you’ll get your question answered!  I really want to connect with you even more and I think this is a really good way.

Finally, my PR/Marketing consultant Sophie has a blog of her own now and she’ll be doing reviews, talking about her sexuality/sex life and sharing with stories of working in the porn industry.  It’ll be really entertaining and you can check her out at!