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A teaser reveals Piper’s favorite position!

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Here is a sample of the kind of content you can see every Monday and Friday, on TheArtofBlowjob.

Piper reveals why she loves this position.

I love to kneel in front of a man. Doing so, I am at the perfect height to see his whole package. I can focus better on him until he feels like jumping in. I guess he enjoys it more too, because he can see my every move. In this particular position, I feel like both the woman and man get more excited.

To have eye contact with your partner is essential. It tells you so much about his pleasure and when he is about to climax. You learn to pick-up the signs and use them to your advantage, only to make him go crazy.

Don’t miss a thing…

Bright and Beautiful Blowjob

Camille gives a gorgeous and bright blowjob

I love vibrant colours…  I think it comes from being a redhead.  It’s a really effervescent part of life, and yet we take colour for granted so often.  In my turquoise top and Mike’s red shirt, we looked like quite a bright and beautiful pair, so why not enjoy a blowjob that fits the bill?  This update, with my flaming red hair, our rich hardwood floors and some beautiful pale lilac flowers in the foreground is a celebration of summer in many ways.

It’s not the most obvious summer video, but it encapsulates so much beauty in the lens flares, the bright lights and the way that is all mimicked with the blowjob.  I love feeling light, breezy and free when I give a truly beautiful blowjob.  It’s sensual to be removed from any heavy, intense feelings and to focus on the little flicking of my tongue or the fluttering of his cockhead in the moments before he comes.

I get so swept up in the beauty of it all, and I hope you will too.  The trailer offers a light tease of a summer breeze, but the full blowjob video is like an afternoon out in the sun.  Maybe we’ll all get a few freckles!  I know I will.  😉

Simply Camille

Sensual blowjob in a pearl necklace

Let’s get back to basics…  I’m Camille.  It’s nice to meet you.  And that’s really all there is.  I am who I am, who I show here to all of you on my blog and certainly the person I show in my videos.  I’m a passionate woman who loves, among many other things, blowjobs.  That’s it.  I’m Simply Camille.

This video is a great essence of the blowjobs I give.  I’m topless and showing a sense of pride in my body, the blowjob is intense and giving and enthusiastic, my hair is wild and vibrant and the pearl necklace adds a touch of class.  This is the kind of blowjob video that really sums up who I am and why I love doing what I do.  It’s simple, effective and really sexy.

I have so much happiness about what I do, and this is just another example of that.  I hope you feel all the joy I feel when I give a blowjob and that this video resonates with you in a deep way…  Or at least that it turns you on.  I’d love to hear your feedback about the style and this take on simplicity.  It’s something I come back to a lot, because so many people see sexuality as this complex thing…  But sometimes it’s just natural, easy and beautiful.  So, take a look at the trailer, or study the full video, and let me know what you think!

Red Thoughts

Redhead Camille Crimson gives an erotic blowjob

As you know from reading this blog, I do think a lot.  I love having this space to share my thoughts, whether they’re just little musings about every day life or in depth ideas about porn or sexuality.  One thing that I think I can never get enough of is sharing my personal experiences and accounts of giving blowjobs, almost in real time.  Red Thoughts is an attempt at just that, in video form.

Somehow this feels like somewhat of a lens to view my sexuality from the inside.  I can’t describe exactly how or why…  I just know that I feel like something about this video understood the way Mike and I play together, and that ends up displaying a lot of what is going on behind the scenes and in my brain, so to speak.  Our interplay is always at the core of what’s going on with my mind.  It’s the best way to anticipate his needs and get really aroused by what’s going on.  It’s not that I’m over-thinking anything, just being aware of my thoughts and how they impact just how amazing it all can be.  It’s just another way to be sensual and almost overwhelmed by the passion and connection.

Hopefully you get the same sense I do from this video.  Not that it isn’t very important that it’s all about Mike too, but something about this video just feels like an elegant capture of what’s going on in my fascinating little world while I’m giving a blowjob.  The trailer should give you an idea of what I’m talking about, but the full video will hopefully immerse you into my blowjob psyche.  Then you can finally fully comprehend what’s going on under all of this hair!

So Hard

Sexy and sensual blowjob

Penises are pretty marvellous things.  I mean, so is the human body in general, but I have my biases.  But they have such variance in their degree of erection/hardness from day to day.  My blowjobs keep Mike very happy and always quite erect, but there are specific moments sometimes where he is just so hard that it defies all logic.  I love that.

This video is a classic example of one of those moments.  In fact, this may be the hardest I have ever felt him in the nearly two decades we’ve been together.  (It feels wild to even type that.  Time flies when you’re having fun!)  He just felt like a rock.  No, harder.  What’s harder than a rock?  But really, it was especially sexy and sensual to know that he was so undeniably turned on.  We were groping and grasping for each other like a couple of teenagers in the back of a movie theatre.  It was a definite moment of passion and connection…  And it ended up with a gorgeous cumshot all over my breasts.  What on earth could possibly be better?

Have you experienced this vascular miracle?  It’s quite a sight to behold and a pleasure to hold.  The trailer shows a little bit of the excitement and enthusiasm channeled through this extra hardness, but the full video shows the fruition of this turgid time.  I hope you have as much fun with it as we did and that you wind up as hard (or wet) as he was!

Give and Take

Camille Crimson gives a blowjob in turquoise lingerie

Everything is a little give and take, and this certainly includes blowjobs.  I love the way the dynamics constantly shift and evolve between Mike and I.  It’s not really a control issue…  It’s more that we take turns being passive and active.  You can give a blowjob, you can get a blowjob, but you can also be receptive to a penis or giving with a penis.  It’s so interesting how there are so many options.

Sometimes we work together, both active, meeting in the centre over and over.  It’s a quick connection, established and returned to continuously as we get closer and closer to that beautiful moment of orgasm.  Sometimes I take the lead, kneeling upwards to bring him to the edge.  Other times, he thrusts into my mouth, holding my head gently and keeping perfect balance.  What could be better than this beautiful exchange and back and forth?  The best sex is always the kind where everyone is involved, we take turns and then we work together.

I hope this rings true to you, and I hope that you all have this kind of experience with someone who is as invested and interested as you are in the experience as well as the end result.  You can get a sense of it in the trailer, but the action fully unfurls in the full video.  Let me know what you think of this idea of give and take.  I’d love to get a big talk going about it.