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#Titty Tuesday and Piper’s Opinion On Facials!



Piper has small perky breasts, her stomach is flat and her waist so small…


Piper’s Opinion On Facials!
I love facials! The reasons I enjoy them are quite simple.

I can see his pleasure. It is a great turn-on to experience how you make another person feel.

He is in charge of his own pleasure. I follow his lead, I know that I bring him pleasure but so does he. We have to work together, to create a mind blowing finale.

I try to avoid using my hands; it is quite a challenge, but there’s nothing like the satisfaction of bringing him to a climax using only my mouth.

Facial Friday, Let’s Make Women Change Their Minds About Facial Cumshots!

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This week’s Friday update, on TheArtofBlowjob, is all about Facials.

Some women see Facial Cumshots as a disrespectful act. They are messy and the woman is usually in a more submissive position, those are the main reasons why women do not favour them. A respectful man always asks where he can ejaculate, on a woman’s body. If she does not consent to a Facial, don’t do it! It is one of the most disrespectful sexual act to do to a woman, without her consent. You can always settle for another part of her body and upgrade slowly.

On this Facial Friday, let’s make women change their minds about Facials!

From a man’s point of view the ejaculation is part of the orgasm, they are one and the same. Each time you masturbate or have intercourse, you know it is going to be messy. You will need a sock, a towel or something that is not toilet paper(’cause that thing sticks to you) to wipe it off!

Let’s see it from a woman’s perspective. The majority of women do not squirt, so when they have orgasm they only feel pleasure, no ejaculation. They can stay totally clean during and even after orgasm, as if nothing ever happened. It is probably part of the reason why women do not understand the amount of pleasure that men receives from giving a Facial. They will only understand it once they had the pleasure of experiencing a Facial Cumshot.

As for all sexual things, it is all about respect and trust. You have to communicate your desires to your partner.

Feel free to leave your comments or questions!





Sophie on Sex Out Loud


Our very own Sophie Delancey is taking to the airwaves this week. She’ll be Tristan Taormino‘s guest on Sex Out Loud on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. You can tune in live at 5pm EST/8pm EST and you can even call in while she’s on air!

Tristan Taormino is a renowned writer, sex educator and pornographer focused on educational content, so this is quite exciting and relevant to what we do. Together, they’ll be discussing blowjobs, cunnilingus, beautiful and educational porn, sex ed, sexy storytelling, making podcasts and more! Tristan is a pretty amazing interviewer, and it’ll be very exciting to get the message of beautiful oral sex out to a wider audience.

To listen live, check out the show’s site, and then you can hear it in podcast form on iTunes shortly thereafter. If you want to call in, dial 1-866-472-5788 while the show is live on the air. Interview

Camille Crimson gives a loving blowjob dressed as a sexy vintage babe

I haven’t posted an interview in a while because I didn’t want to give you Camille fatigue.  I certainly don’t want this blog to be a forum for me to congratulate myself all of the time…  But, this is a pretty cool interview, which just happens to be for  That’s a pretty big deal and it’s so cool that they’re so nuanced in what they asked me.  It’s not your average interview, to be sure.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite questions, all of which actually made me think:

What’s your opinion on this new(ish) genre, “couples porn”? Do you and Mike take credit for the style? (Because it does seem like “couples porn” is biting your style.)

I feel like “couples porn” is more about making porn for couples and less about being real couples making porn. What we make is definitely appropriate for couples, but also for single people… We have a really diverse audience and we don’t want to limit or target them specifically. We’re just doing what we love and we’re lucky that a lot of people really like it!

Though it’s time consuming, would you still want to run your websites and perform in scenes if it wasn’t such an independent operation?

Probably not. The reason we love what we do is that we have control over it. I don’t want to feel pressured to be aroused on command so I can shoot when I’m not in the mood. I don’t want to be coerced into showing more than I want to show or doing things that I don’t to do just because of what they think sells.

I’m so much happier shooting at home with my boyfriend and then going out for lunch after. It’s a relaxed approach that makes the results much more erotic.

How much input do you have in the editing/filming of the scenes? Is it mostly Mike Flirt or is it a collaborative effort between the two of you? (FYI, Mike Flirt is Camille’s partner.)

We’re always quite collaborative. I tend to edit the photos while he edits the videos, but we certainly talk through things and bounce ideas off each other. We like to do things together.

I hope you liked the questions. is fairly new with the blog (only since mid-2012) but I think it’s coming along nicely, and I’m very honoured to be their second ever interview!

Interviews and Reviews with xoxoAmore and Get Lusty

Sensual blowjob with big breasts


I wanted to share a few features I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of recently, starting with two great pieces that xoxoAmore did about me/my sites/my DVD lately.  I’m lucky that I’ve been writing pieces there (with help from other lovely ladies) about the beauty in porn, so it was really sweet of them to include me in other ways too.  To have a Canadian blog that is really excited about all the potential that porn has…  Well, that’s a wonderful thing to add to our culture!


The review was initially about The Art of Blowjob on DVD, but ended up becoming more about the site as well after they got a membership.  It’s always so wonderful to get positive feedback about doing something new and different, so I really appreciated it.  Then, they followed it up with a great interview, asking me a lot of the standard questions, but in a much more familiar and friendly way, which I love!  It feels nice to feel warmth coming from the questions.


Then, Get Lusty posted a great interview with me today, which I also had a wonderful time doing.  They asked a few really great questions that got out of the standard norms and got me thinking about how to get people even more excited about giving blowjobs, not just receiving them.


It’s always great to find more and more people who are excited about what I do…  It’s not about ego, it’s just about constantly sharing the message that porn can be beautiful in lots of different ways.  I hope it’s always perceived that way.  :)

My Interview with Touch Me Magazine

Hot sexy sucking by beautiful babe Camille Crimson


Making beautiful porn means that I get to spread my message a lot, which is something that makes me feel very in charge of what I do.  There’s nothing better than having the way I view sexuality so constantly validated, and that includes a lot of interviews…  Touch Me Magazine decided to do a great interview with me, so I wanted to share it and hopefully you’ll get that same exciting warm feeling when you read their little introduction:


Camille Crimson focuses on sensual blowjob porn shot in a really artistic way and she shoots exclusively with her long-term partner, so she has a very different perspective on the way porn is made.  The end result is really really sexy and pretty revolutionary for the adult industry…

Doesn’t that just make you feel optimistic about beautiful porn?  It does for me.  I also wanted to share a couple of questions I loved, just to give you a little taste of the tone of the article:

Touch Me Magazine: Nowadays deep throating is very popular… What are your thoughts on it?

Camille Crimson: Deep throating is a great skill to have and a lot of guys definitely like it, but it’s not the only important factor of a blowjob.  You can train your gag reflex over time, but it’s most important to explore different ways of creating sensations and to see what works best for your partner.

Touch Me Magazine: You have your own blowjob websites as well as a blog. How does it feel to be connected with your fans?

Camille Crimson: There’s something so wonderful about connecting with people who really appreciate the fact that porn can be beautiful.  It’s amazing to know that so many people see value in this respectful, loving and beautiful way of sharing sexuality.  When I hear stories of how people have changed their views on porn or have been able to connect with themselves or in their relationship through our sites, it’s really incredible.


The questions largely stay in the more sexual realm, but I think that they were able to sneak in a couple of gems.  What would you have asked?