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An Explanation

Camille Crimson having hot sex

Hi everybody!

I know that a lot of you have been asking questions about what’s going on, so I’m here to set the record straight. I’m sorry that I couldn’t post here sooner, but this domain name was a contentious issue for a while and I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers by posting here, even though I wanted to clear things up. I did explain what happened over on the new blog at The Art of Blowjob, but the news didn’t necessarily reach all the way out here. For now, I’m not writing up any press releases or making any grand statements, just trying to explain what’s going on.

Before I get down to the explanation, I did want to say one thing that’s not always really thought of with regards porn: there’s a whole lot that goes on outside of the end result of a production, and that’s even more true with beautiful porn. The reality is that beautiful porn was conceived of to show the beauty of sex through filmmaking and through expertly captured photography. It’s about glorifying the passionate and celebrating the sensual, but fundamentally it is about the artistic process. Mike has always been a visionary in this regard and, though he’s always stuck behind the scenes because he’s not so much into the glory of recognition, he has always been a huge part of this company and he’s not going anywhere.

Once Camille was out of the woods and stable after her second surgery, she had a lot of time to think and she realized that she was in love with someone else, so she left Mike. It’s sad, but it happens. It was clear right off the bat that The Art of Blowjob would have to change because it would no longer feel right for them to make porn together. As for, that was more unclear. In the end, she decided to do her own thing with her new partner. We respect her decision and wish her the best.

Mike and I thought about whether or not we were going to continue making porn, but ultimately the desire to continue changing the industry and making something beautiful outweighed the potential challenges of the transition. The Art of Blowjob is completely back on track with new weekly updates featuring the same gorgeous cinematic style that’s always been synonymous with what we do. We’re currently working with new models who are passionate about giving sensual blowjobs, and Mike is shooting at an even higher artistic calibre. While we’re not looking to “replace” anyone or planning on having just one “star” of the site, we’re still committed to showcasing the personalities of the fascinating women involved over on the blog and they’re taking care of their own social media. Although a lot of you have become accustomed to following one person, we really hope you’ll give these other women a chance… They’re smart, funny, artistic, interesting and kind people, so I genuinely think that a lot of you will find commonalities and intrigue with them.

As for, that’s a bit more challenging. Obviously we can’t put new content on it without using a new face. For now, we’ve unearthed a never before seen video featuring lots and lots of sex, plenty of close-ups and a beautiful blowjob, too. We have a few options, which we’ll be weighing over the next week or so, and we’ll come to a decision on what to do about it in the new year. We know that you’ve been going a while without updates, so you can contact me at if you’re upset and would like to discuss that and I’ll find a way to make it right. This was unfortunately a completely unforeseen circumstance, but we don’t want anyone to feel wronged as a by-product of this turn of events.

The most important thing to take away from this is the fact that the artistry and the ethos remain the same. Mike has always been the visionary behind the site and the reason it was so emblematic as beautiful porn. We’re not trying to diminish the role that real love played in the beautiful porn process, but he’s committed to continuing to make something visually stunning and doing so with women who are passionate, interesting and really into the pleasure of giving pleasure. From my perspective, I want to keep on giving advice/tips, writing erotic content, discussing the worlds of porn, sex, sexuality and gender and generally trying to help people find the passion and sensuality of beautiful porn in their own lives. While it may be slightly different now, the beautiful porn spirit lives on and will continue to be shared and propagated throughout the industry.

- Sophie

Surgery Success

Camille Crimson's motorcycle trophy

Mike made Camille this delightful trophy commemorating her motorcycling excellence.

Hey blogfriends! It’s Sophie, yet again. This time I have very good news for all of you. Camille had her second surgery last night and it was a complete success. I spoke with Mike this morning and, although he still doesn’t know the specifics of the second surgery, we do know that it went very well. We’ll find out more about the status of her leg regarding screws and stabilization once she’s up and talking to doctors. For now, she’s relaxing post-surgery and will be sleeping after her long day and night. Once she’s well-rested and ready to debrief with the doctors, we’ll know exactly what her recovery time will be, both in and out of the hospital. For now, let’s all be very happy that her surgery’s outcome was so favourable. It’s been a long two weeks and it’s not over yet, but she has already made leaps and bounds, so let’s celebrate!

16 Beautiful Cumshots

16 cumshots on beautiful redhead Camille Crimson

16 cumshots. That’s like a valu-pack of cumshots.

How to best celebrate the news that Camille may very well be getting her second surgery this weekend and exiting the hospital not long after? A 21-gun salute? A thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters? 76 trombones? (Did I just make a musical theatre reference on a porn blog? Seemingly.) But no. 16 beautiful cumshots, which is the full cumshot count of the latest update on The Art of Blowjob. This is ingenuity at work here. Even though Camille is still cooped up in her hospital bed, they managed to put together something that won’t just tide people over until she’s back home, but they put out something that people actively ask for all the time.

This video is made to be enjoyed and celebrated, just as Camille approaches every single blowjob and resulting cumshot. She’ll continue to rest up and heal so that she can be back here in full working order, and in the meantime, you have 16 cumshots in which to revel… At least in the full video. After all, what better way to support Camille while she (literally) gets back on her feet than by enjoying a membership to one of her sites. Or all of her sites… You do get a lot more sexy photos and videos that way! And, really, what’s better than that?

I hope you all have a very happy weekend, and hopefully I’ll be back here with more good news soon.

Good News

Gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson in the hospital

How does her hair look professionally coiffed here?

Hey there everyone! We have some (potentially) good news… Camille may be getting her surgery this weekend. Considering that we had no real idea when this would take place, this is a very good outcome. Originally, they had hoped to get the surgery mid-week (just a few days ago) and this is really only a few days later. Considering how much longer she could have had to wait… What’s a few days?

There are still some things to work out and, considering the nature of hospitals, it’s still good to be open to the fact that it MIGHT not in fact be as soon as they say, but it’s a very good sign. It’s great that she’s balancing being pragmatic with her natural optimism… And this certainly is a cause for optimism! They’ll make sure her leg is looking good and, if all the situations align, she’ll be recovering by the end of the weekend and going home early next week. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for her! We want our favourite redhead onto the next phase in her recovery ASAP.

Hopefully She Gets the Penthouse Suite

Oh, my poor Camille. Before you worry, this has virtually nothing to do with her health and everything to do with the way hospitals are administrated. Camille has been moved to the Montreal hospital but, along with proximity and excellent doctors comes an increased wait time to get her second surgery. Unfortunately, her leg isn’t in any condition to be out and about while she waits for the stabilization that comes with the second surgery, so she’s going to be hanging around in the hospital. Fingers are crossed for a private room… Not to say that they’d be shooting anything sexy, but it’d certainly be nice for Camille to have her own space, especially since we’re now going on 10 days that she’s been cooped up. She’s being plenty entertained by loved ones, but it still kind of sucks. On the other hand, the silver lining is the fact that she’s not a higher-priority case. As much as it’s not great to be down the list, it means that they’re not worried about her health or potential for recovery. Everyone knows Camille is tough as nails. Also, everyone calls her an absolute beauty. So, even removed from the internet, she’s getting her healthy daily dose of compliments, which I’m sure helps bone regeneration… Somehow.

We shouldn’t talk too much smack about the Canadian healthcare system, though. There may be a wait time, but at least it’s free. I hear y’all are having some contention about your health system down south, eh? (Snark aside, I empathize tremendously with what’s going on in the US government right now. Every time I read the New York Times, I nearly have a rage stroke — for which I’d be adequately treated here in Toronto, free of cost.) It is a real consideration that, as bad as her break is and as long as her stay is, it’s just a hassle, not something that’ll impact them financially in any serious way. We count ourselves lucky here.

So, you’re stuck with me, but I have some fun links to share and things to rant about and questions to ask, so we’ll have a good time. I promise!

Post-Thanksgiving Updates

Heads cropped to protect the innocent.

Heads cropped to protect the innocent.

Hi again. Yep… Still Sophie. Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, which I guess is like American Thanksgiving only there are an equal number of awkward sorries to go along with all the thanks. Badum-tschhh. But seriously, folks… It’s more or less the same. I made the interesting choice to host TWO Thanksgiving dinners this year because I always am looking for a way to justify the fact that I purchased a 12-seat dining room table. The first was for my incredibly large choir. There were over 40 of us and, although it was potluck-ish, my roommate and I still managed to make something like 10+ dishes because we are addicted to being good hosts. Yesterday was a more intimate dinner with just 15 close friends. My darling sister and I are Thanksgiving orphans this year because our folks are off in Ireland, so she came over to help poor (recovering) vegetarian me roast two rather sizeable chickens. We also managed to also crank out veg/non-veg stuffing, veg/non-veg gravy, some amazing cream cheese mashed potatoes, roasted parsnips, turnips and onions, mashed acorn and butternut squash, maple-glazed carrots, creamed corn, kernel corn, rolls, cranberry sauce, mulled cider and two pumpkin pies with whipped cream because sometimes you just have to do it up, right? Both dinners went off without a hitch and the clean-up was surprisingly painless. Thanks to host gifts, we now have enough wine to last us until kingdom come. Who wants leftovers?

Camille Crimson in a leg cast

Camille in her hospital bed, making that cast work.

Camille’s Thanksgiving was decidedly a little less involved (though I would have shipped her some paleo/primal options if I could) as she actually ended up staying in the original hospital a little longer. She’ll be transferred soon, hopefully get her surgery and be out not soon later, so it seems like we’re still working with roughly the same timeframe. She’s poked in briefly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to say a little hello, including the charming selfies I’ve included here. As you can see, she’s smiling and well enough to write in reasonable bursts, so she’s certainly on the mend. Mike and I had a good talk today and he seems as optimistic as she is, so it’s all good. He was also working out some compilation videos so he can spend the rest of the week just focused on her various transfers and adjustments.

Camille Crimson selfie in the hospital

Only this woman could look like a classic beauty in a hospital bed.

Another week with more to overcome, but she can and will do it. And just think how excited she’ll be to see all of you and your messages here when she comes back. Thanks for your continued patience and sustained support. This year, I was thankful that Camille’s accident wasn’t any worse than it was. I imagine we’re all quite thankful of that, regardless of whether or not you celebrated this fact with pie.