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Shower Blowjobs Are Beautiful and Easy!

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While shower sex can be hard to get right, what with the water washing away all the lubricant and making it extremely easy to slip, fall out, bump against the faucet and spray boiling water everywhere, the same doesn’t go for shower blowjobs. With you leaning against the wall and her on her knees covering your cock with her mouth, it’s the perfect way to fool around in the shower.


Description of Piper’s Facial Friday Blowjob!

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She lies on the bed in front of you, wearing nothing but a little black thong. She shows you her whole body, turning so you can see her firm breasts framed by her curly brown hair. She reaches down and softly rubs her clit, fantasizing about you cumming all over her gorgeous face.

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She smiles at the bulge in your jeans. She’s impatient, waiting for you to untie your belt, drop your pants to the floor and pull out your cock from your underwear. Her mouth opens, she takes your tip between her lips, wetting it with her saliva. That warm burst feels so good. She places your entire cock in her mouth, your blood rushing to your shaft, your cock getting harder as the sensations become more intense.

She looks into your eyes, teasing you with her wet tongue and the tips of her fingers. She pushes her head against your stomach, taking you all in. You feel her clenches the back of her throat, the tip of your cock feels like it’s going to explode. You pull her off your length. You take your hand and masturbate while looking at her lick your balls. She suck on then softly. You are getting close. She places her face under you engorged cock, she opens her mouth, sticks her tongue out and gives you that smile. She is ready for you, she wants it. It spurts out of you onto her, and she catches it all on her face.


#Titty Tuesday and Piper’s Opinion On Facials!



Piper has small perky breasts, her stomach is flat and her waist so small…


Piper’s Opinion On Facials!
I love facials! The reasons I enjoy them are quite simple.

I can see his pleasure. It is a great turn-on to experience how you make another person feel.

He is in charge of his own pleasure. I follow his lead, I know that I bring him pleasure but so does he. We have to work together, to create a mind blowing finale.

I try to avoid using my hands; it is quite a challenge, but there’s nothing like the satisfaction of bringing him to a climax using only my mouth.

She Spreads Her Legs For Me. I Pin Her Down, To Control Her Orgasm!

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See the breathtaking Piper, taking a lot of heavy breaths as she enjoys every bit of this week’s update, on TheArtofCunnilingus!

Here follows a little tease…

It is mid-afternoon, Piper takes it easy on the big couch. Her tablet in hand, she is passing time. No, you will not let her be bored one more minute.

As you hold her legs apart, Piper can’t help but to smile and give you a sassy look. You have her pinned down. You look at her gorgeous face, her neck down to her firm breasts, the define lines of her stomach lead you right to soft naked skin of her mount. Lower you can not miss the pink folds of her delicate pussy…

Fridays Are More Fun Now That They Also Mean Facial!

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Piper takes a shower. It is hot and steamy in the washroom. You hear the water faucet turning off. You enter the washroom, open the shower door. You need to get clean before work. She is on her knees in the back of the shower. You take your place beneath the shower head and activate it.

She rushes her mouth on you. The blood slowly engorges your cock. She puts you all in her mouth, until your tip touches the back of her throat. She smiles, the jet of water hits her face from time to time, she gives in to the sensations. She uses the stream of water to make this blowjob a unique one.

Your cock is now at his full length. Her tongue slides on you, the mix of her saliva and warm water his wet and dry at the same time. She barely uses her hands, but you need too. Piper’s saliva is thicker each time she releases your cock from her mouth’s embrasse. You stroke yourself, she opens her mouth wide.

She gives herself to you, waiting to savour your nectar. You feel it is coming, she looks into your eyes, the first drops slide on her chin. The rest of it lodges itself between her lips. She shows you how much she appreciates your cum, playing with it and then swallowing it all.   

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#Titty Tuesday, Piper Relates Her Blowjob Bondage Experience!

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You might remember this one. When Piper got submissive in the basement.


Piper Relates Her Bondage Experience

It was my first time being a submissive. Being tied has always been one of my fantasies. I had never experienced it before this last Monday. Of course, I was excited as I am for everything new I try. This new experience was not about getting caught or trying a new trick. It was deeper than that, it was about giving up all control to your partner. I am used with sharing most of the control during BJs, being able to use my hands at any moment., but this once, they were tied the whole time. When he passed the rope on my wrists and pulled, I felt a gush of anticipation. I felt trapped. I could move my head, that reassured me. Once it started, my fear dissipated and I enjoyed myself like never before, I did not have to think about satisfying him. He had the control, so he mastered his own pleasure. I only thought of mine and without knowing it, I gave him as much pleasure as I gave myself, because I was having a great time.   


Well, if you haven’t see it yet, you are most definitely missing out on too much of the good things in the world. Check it out here!