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The Mirror That Can Tell What Cup Size She Is!

There is no more lying about her cup size, this mirror can tell her what size she really is!




Picture from Mashable

All she has to do is stand up straight and turn around, the scanning device in the mirror will take one hundred an forty  measurements. It is said to be more accurate than taking the measurements by hand.

When the scanning is complete the lingerie stylist at Rigby & Peller in Hong Kong, will tell her what is the best colours and style for her.

It makes it much more pleasant for woman to buy lingerie and feel sexy in it!


Hello readers! My name is Piper and I model exclusively for The Art of Blowjob, The Art of Cunnilingus and Slowmotion Blowjob.
I started five months ago by exploring my passion for oral sex, performing and receiving too! I felt like an explorer, pushing the boundaries of blowjobs and getting to try new and unconventional things, like using fabric, hot tea and pushing edging to the limit to make the experience as slow and passionate as possible. For my 6th month though, I felt like trying something new beyond just different technique. And so I did – I tried out my first oral-only menage a trois, a double blowjob as it’s called, for the first time. It was a really new and intense experience, and I loved it.
This brings me to today! I decided to model outside – in a public place, sort of. I started with a few pictures on the balcony, to see how I felt and if it could maybe lead to an outside BJ. The location wasn’t in plain sight, but there was a road beneath me, and construction workers behind the trees – there was always the chance of someone seeing me. The next-door apartments were very close. Well too close for my taste, and while I sometimes had fun changing in front of a window, this was different,
I felt shy, nervous and very excited. I didn’t want people to see me. Mainly because, I was obviously posing. Stepping outside was the hardest part. Once there, I felt more and more at ease. It became a huge thrill. I started playing with my clothes, taking my bra… I wanted to do more… 

I might just be ready for Friday!

A Topless Tease

Selina wearing only lace panties and a smile


Tuesday is tease day and we wanted to share this lovely shot of Selina wearing only her panties and a coy little smile. As much as people love breasts (and trust me, they do) there is so much to enjoy about the times when the breasts are slightly obscured, being withheld to tease you mercilessly and leave a little to the imagination. Her white lace panties serve as quite a lovely distraction from the aching desire to see her beautiful nipples, the curve of her cleavage and the full weight of her breasts… Still, you keep coming back to that desire, wanting to see her full body as her arm hangs precariously from around her chest. Of course, you can see all of Selina on both The Art of Blowjob and The Art of Cunnilingus, so what are you waiting for? Otherwise you’ll just have to enjoy this tease in and of itself… But trust me, it’s worth it to see what’s underneath.


New Developments on

Sexy motorbike riding babe Camille Crimson

Even though it’s only been out for a few weeks, my new website already has 60 updates!  It’s amazing that we’ve been able to have this lovely steady output of videos and photo sets ranging from teasing to candids to a huge variety of kinds of sex and play.  This weekend alone, we had a few new updates including one where I ride my motorbike.  So many people have asked to see me in action, so here it is.  We hit a bit of a snag, though, which I think is just as charming as a blowjob blooper.  After all, it’s real life!

I’ve also got a sexy nylon blowjob and footjob clip showing exactly how much fun it can be to have a cumshot all over my feet, legs and the accompanying lingerie…  It’s very sexy and varied with lots of different sensations and acts.  Then there is also yet another edition of my sexy dirty French lessons, where I build upon the existing vocabulary to ensure that you’ll be able to ask for erotic attention all over your body!

It’s exciting to have this reflection of myself in the form of the new website!  I hope you’re keeping tabs and enjoying all these new updates while it develops!

Queen Crimson

Camille Crimson giving a blowjob in sexy leopard print

Do you like my new leopard print lingerie?  As soon as I slipped into it for the first time, I had a definite feeling of wildness.  I mean, just look at it.  Leopard print framed with beautiful black lace to give me perfect cleavage and support…  It’s hard not to feel very sexy in it, especially when paired with my untamed red locks.  It’s understandable that I felt quite regal…  Like Queen Crimson.

This blowjob is particularly intense in a really gorgeous way.  I have to say, I’m exceptionally proud of this video…  It feels like when it first starts to really warm up and you just want to feel sexy exactly as you are.  Not too hot to make you feel listless, but warm enough that I can parade around in my lingerie all day with a nice little breeze coming through the window.  It’s effortless comfort and that fosters a feeling of getting back to nature…  Which, for me, means a lot of blowjobs.

Do you know what I mean?  It’s just this perfect time of year where everyone wants to draw each other with their bodies.  It’s animal magnetism.  Maybe the leopard print helps a tad…  All I can say is that, when I’m in this mood, I feel like the Queen I am.  And Mike treats me like it, too.  See for yourself in the trailer, and get the complete royal treatment with the full video.  So…  Do you like the leopard print?

Clara and Camille: A Blowjob in Black

Clara Lawson and Camille Crimson give a sensual blowjob

I know, I know.  We said we’d be featuring Clara monthly…  But who cares?  We’re having so much fun together, we decided to share another video sooner. Lucky us, and lucky you!  This time, we coordinated ensembles and showed off our beautiful black lace lingerie.  It’s a simple, sexy look that never fails to get Mike very, very hard.  Something about dressing up together only increased the anticipation for this week’s update: Clara and Camille: A Blowjob in Black.

When we’re with Clara, the feeling is always very playful, kind of flirty.  I love watching how her skills grow and how she plays around with the way blowjobs work.  She has such a beautiful mouth and such gorgeous eyes, sometimes I get very transfixed watching her.  When I show her, it’s the same thing…  I’m very deeply concentrated on the blowjob, but I also feel her eyes on me and it’s a really erotic feeling.

There are so many moments in this video where we break away from the blowjob to kiss…  It’s really sensual.  Sometimes you just feel that undeniable attraction to someone and you can’t keep your lips and hands off them.  It’s so nice to feel that while giving a blowjob to the man I love.  It’s almost too much, but never actually.  It’s amazing.  We’re really lucky.  I hope you’ll feel this too, which you can sense in the trailer, but get a full understanding of it in the full video.  Let me know…  Can you imagine how we feel?  Do you feel it too?