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Ariel Rebel Took a Stroll with Piper Blush!


Take a look inside Ariel’s perception of Piper Blush.

Free spirit, well traveled…  I consider Piper a close friend of mine even if we dont see each other often. – Ariel Rebel

Have I spiked your curiosity?

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Heavy On The Cream!




Now that it’s hot enough outside to show a little bit of skin, Piper’s finally able to go out and enjoy her coffee in the park – with extra cream, of course. Preferably whipped. For the same price she pays her coffee, you can click here and get access to our 500+ videos, all for less than $1.10 a day.

Just like so many of you requested, this week’s update is another delectable POV, shot in 60 frames per second – you won’t feel like you’re just watching a video, you’ll feel like Piper was there in front of you. You’ll see and feel every little lick, every little movement, and she’ll look right into your eyes and smile, before taking you in her mouth. And of course, you’ll see every detail as you finish all over her face, with her catching all the little droplets and sucking them from her fingers.

Piper’s Friday Update on TheArtofBlowjob!

Here is the video description of this week’s update, just to get you in the mood!

Piper knows how to captivate you with her gorgeous blue eyes. The longer you stare the deeper you get lost. Her technique is certainly to blame for the hardness you feel erecting below your stomach. Her mouth envelops your tip with warmth and passion. You look down at her and your surroundings disappear.

What really makes her different from all the other girls, is the way she communicates her love for the blowjob. She never thinks of your pleasure, only hers is important. As she swallows your cock, she waits for you to fill her. She graves for your fresh seed to sliding down her throat. The action of swallowing will not be fulfilled until you give her something she can take away with her. So she goes on rubbing you between her wet fingers and pushing you in her.

The thin lace covering her breasts lets you glimpse at the change of white to pink. Her lips kiss your tight balls. She moans as she releases you from he grips, her thick saliva still connects you to her. You are so close, she knows it. You look into her smiling eyes, your semen bursts on your belly, she seals your cock between her lips. Your taste has her blushing, as she opens up, more fluid falls down on your length. You look at her closely, she licks and swallows.

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The Mirror That Can Tell What Cup Size She Is!

There is no more lying about her cup size, this mirror can tell her what size she really is!




Picture from Mashable

All she has to do is stand up straight and turn around, the scanning device in the mirror will take one hundred an forty  measurements. It is said to be more accurate than taking the measurements by hand.

When the scanning is complete the lingerie stylist at Rigby & Peller in Hong Kong, will tell her what is the best colours and style for her.

It makes it much more pleasant for woman to buy lingerie and feel sexy in it!