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The Love Of Oral Sex For Women!

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Anal Sex: What You Should Know!

Anal sex has been happening for centuries. Ancient Greeks were doing it! There is nothing wrong with wanting to try anal sex.

Did you know that your rear part is filled with nerve endings? When they are carefully stimulated, it can feel amazing. No need to go too deep, because most of the nerves are situated at the opening of the butthole.

For Men!

Men have prostates which make anal sex feel great or any anal play. The prostate is a gland that produces the main element of semen, fluid. To the touch, it feels like a small but solid bump. Some men even have orgasms by stimulating their prostates.

For Women!

The experience for women is indeed different. The anus is tighter than the vagina. But to have both holes filled is said to give quite an earth shattering orgasm.

How To!

It is imperative to start slowly and use lots of lube. You can always start with a finger and work up. Make sure your partner is relaxed and willing. Communicate as it is happening.

Silicon lube is the best for this practice, make sure you don’t use any silicone toys or condoms though, they are toxic together. You should always use a condom if you are not in a monogamous relationship and are not sure you are both SDI free. The tissues of the anus are very easy to break and make STI’s more easy to catch. In this case, use an oil-based lube.


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Laura for

Laura for

She’s a stunning, sophisticated beauty with a real fire within her. Laura is passion in corporeal form, exuding an intensity tempered by the friendly, kind and caring relationship she has to sex. Every articulation of her mouth is synced with her hand, working in tandem to keep the incredible sensations of this blowjob at their peak. She’s a woman who knows what she wants, and she wanted that cum. Give it to her at!

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In this week’s update, you capture her so very well. The wetness of her lips, the way her eyes sparkle at the sight of you, passing on every inch of her soft skin. She stays calm, always looking into the camera while she climbs onto of you. Watch the full-length video!

2017-08-17 08_23_25

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Amateur Vintage Looking Porn Vid!

Take a leap back in time with an artistically vintage looking erotic film. You press the record button of the camera. The hand held camera gives you the sense you are the one behind the camera making yourself a homemade video. Piper moves erotically for the bulge in your pants to grow. You know want she’s thinking…

2017-08-17 08_14_24

Piper: “I want you in my mouth. I want to feel you girth grow between my lips. I lean close to you. I want to taste your scent. It is not only my hand that strokes your ego. The blowjob becomes more and more intense.” You feel the real eruption begin. Cum cascades down your cock. She savours it. Click here to watch!

Science Says Find a Younger Woman, you’ll live longer!

Heterosexual couples the are so typical these days we don’t even talk about them. Then you have the ten percent of LGBT couples. We are more open and sensitive to their causes, which was about time if you ask me! But what about the ones in the middle. The couples with an age gap!

We don’t talk about them too much, but we can’t help but stare when 20 something women walk around with a half a century old men. I know the feeling I love older men! But what is the best age cap?

You should know that men should ejaculate about 20 times per month. Yes, that’s only about 10 days in the month without sex! That maybe explains why men tend to always look at younger women; they need the release.

That said men who do go for younger women, and I mean more than ten years younger, tend to live longer. That must be it the real fountain of youth. Don’t fight it, just take a younger woman for a wife!