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Jemma’s Lunch Break!

Lunch breaks are important, You get to take a little time away from your desk to eat, take your mind off things and get ready to go back to work feeling relaxed and refreshed. They usually necessitate food, but sometimes it’s way better to eat pussy. Gab has the right idea, focusing on giving Jemma pleasure with some very enthusiastic cunnilingus right there on the kitchen counter.


Things start up sensually, heating up with lots of passionate kissing and teasing while they undress. Once she’s disrobed, Jemma knows exactly what she wants, so she just reclines in a position of power, opening herself to Gab’s talented mouth. He starts by kissing her pussy but quickly progresses to long, slow licks along her inner labia. When she’s thoroughly aroused, he focuses in on her clit, sucking it gently and flicking it with his tongue.

Once he gets his hands in there, it’s only a matter of time before Jemma starts riding the waves of pleasure that come from the phenomenal mix of cunnilingus and fingering. Gab carefully watches her reactions as she begins to moan more intensely. He focuses in on exactly the kind of repeated licking and sucking that drives her over the edge, relishing her wetness and unabashed sensuality as she comes on his face, her pussy spasming wildly. He comes in for a kiss once her orgasm subsides, allowing her to taste herself on her tongue. Well, back to work!

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Facial Friday On TheArtofBlowjob!



You are half ready when she corners you next to the bed. She drops a pillow on the floor and lowers herself to her knees. She raises her head and looks into your eyes. She has that sensual look asking for you to take her. She lets you take the lead. You place your hands around your cock and guide it into her mouth.

Piper’s saliva drips all over her chin. You know she wants to hold you, and so you let her have her turn. She takes you in her hands and turns as she strokes your shaft. She loves to feel the edges of your tip on her cheeks, she rubs you all over her face. She knows just how to push you over the edge.

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You take back your cock firmly and taunt her. Every time you lower your hand she swallows it whole. You are close to climax, her mouth is wide open waiting for you to fill. The first burst flies in the air and drops on her face. She catches the rest with her mouth, swallowing every drop.

The Wednesday Tip – They’re All Different!



They’re All Different

Some are small, some are big, some are hidden and some protrude rather a lot. Some increase in size when aroused, and others hide under the hood. Some require a lot of pressure, others prefer a very gentle touch. Each little love bud is as unique as the woman attached to it. That’s important, too, because getting to know how it works and how to use it to produce pleasure is just a part of getting to know yourself, or your lover.

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On SlowMotionBlowjob, each film showcases every incredibly skilled lick, sharing the way her lips slide down to the base of the shaft to deep throat passionately and drawing special attention to the way she uses her talented hands and beautiful breasts to enhance the pleasure of a truly amazing blowjob.



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The Wednesday Tip – Make more space!




Deep throat! Try to make more space for his girth and length, by opening your mouth wider and relaxing your throat. Go slow at first and feel him fill the back of your throat. Stay calm and try to go a little further each time without having the gag reflex. Some positions are better than others, depending on how your mouth and his penis are shaped.

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A Guest BJ with Amarna Miller!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 8.33.03 AM

Piper loves it when she meets someone who understands and share her love for oral, so imagine how thrilled she was to meet Amarna, who happened to be as big a fan of it as she was. They started to exchange intimate details of their experiences, along with the various skills they’d learned over time. But what excited Amarna the most was when someone would watch her in the act – so she sent a special video to Piper so that she could show it to you.

Amarna explains what happened:

“This is the situation: we’re at a beach in Tenerife with a few friends, and in the distance, we see what appears to be an abandoned house. Of course, we go to investigate. The house turns out to be a gigantic building, 50s style, filled with rubble and inscriptions that said “Everything for the Fatherland”. We split up to explore to explore the house, and I go with one of the guys. And this is where the fun begins: surprise! We’re in the middle of a game of paintball. With people everywhere dressed in military uniforms, sounds of shots, and many many nooks to hide in, the situation turns me on. To think that any stranger could catch us, made me turn back to my partner and suggest a good session of oral enjoyment. And filmed, of course.”