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The Wednesday Tip: Panties!

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It can be a hard task to take off her panties. Here are some creative ideas for you to try!

You can ask her to take them off for you. She might just surprise you with some sexy moves. If you prefer doing it yourself, you can slide them off of her with both of your hands.

Another way, only for the experimented, is to use your teeth to pull them down slowly. 

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Jemma Loves Facial Cumshots!

Jemma loves cum and she knows how to get it. She uses her beautiful mouth every way she can to subtly manipulate your cock and balls to their fullest and ultimate expression. Your cum is what she craves and that lust for it fuels every iteration of her sensual output in this moment. It’s not a permanent state, but it’s something that takes over her.


Her stunning blonde hair teases you with its subtle movement while she sucks you deeper. You’re tempted to grab hold and feel her pressed into you, but you just want to enjoy the freedom she has to take you and your cock in any direction she chooses. She’s very much in control of this blowjob and you can see just how much she loves that.

Your orgasm comes in waves, quickly and then explosively. The cumshots are powerful and directed right at her face and her mouth. This blowjob took you by surprise as she called all the shots, and now she has exactly what she wanted.

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Piper empties a basket of clean clothes on your bed. It is a total mess, like every time she does some cleaning. She moves on the bed, folding every piece of clothes quickly and not too carefully. Her dressing gown is open; you see her perky breasts hold high in her red bra. Her flat stomach leads you the right to her black garter belt. With all the clothes obstructing your view you can barely see the garter straps holding her stockings.

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You move across the bedroom and push her; she falls on her back. You keep her legs open and lick on her clitoris. She moans loudly with great surprise. The blue shirt she was folding is crunched in her right hand. Your fingers massage her clitoris, making her so wet. You penetrate her with your index finger, combining with the clitoris stimulation. You catch a glimpse of her watching you, while your tongue embraces her lower lips.

The Wednesday Tip: More To The Blowjob!

A blowjob can be a great foreplay act.

She can make you edge until all you want is your release. It makes for the best of passionate sex.


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The Piper Blush Special Experiment: Breast Augmentation

Due to the graphic nature of The Piper Blush Special Experiment, viewer discretion is advised.

The pejorative stereotype around women with breasts implants is already broadly spread. It is not coincidental, the apparition of the ‘safer’ breast augmentation surgery arrived so close to the women’s liberation movement and the golden age of porn. You can say, it got most of its attention thru the porn industry, just feeding the concept that this surgery is preferred by porn stars, dancers or women who want to make money out of their augmented self…

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