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High Heels, Legs Shaking And Erotic Facesitting!

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The sound of her heels knocking on the wooden floors gently wakes you up from your nap, not in an unpleasant way. She tries to make less noise but you know she is getting closer to you. You open your eyes, her pussy is right in front of you.

You touch her naked legs, she seems so tall on her high heels. She wears a white bra with nothing else. Your hands run on her stomach. You fingers slide on her ass, pushing her clitoris as deep as you can in her mouth. Her hands rest above your head, you hear her nails dig into the fabric. The bulge in your pants is now fully aroused.

She is so sweet and warm, you take a break to admire her folds. Her clitoris is erect and throbbing. You tease her with your breathing. Her legs shake on each side of you face. Her pussy is so wet. Her body rocks on your head, not being able to carry her own weight on her wobbly legs. She comes to her climax, her moans are clear because of her dry throat.

Watch Piper Blush in TheArtofCunnilingus’ High Heels and Legs Shaking Update!

Piper Uses A Shower Head To Reach Climax!

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If you’ve recently gotten a handheld showerhead and are living with a girl, you might have recently noticed the up in your electricity bill. Women love their shower heads. The stream of water being more or less of constant pressure is great at building up the desire on the clitoris.

It is not too heavy and easily controllable for a woman. It is a great toy without even being one, you do not have to hide it from your guests. She can use it at least once a day. You can use it on her as well, and who knows she might just be in the mood to give it back to you after…

Watch Piper use a handheld showerhead!

Piper Blush’s Laundry Room Licking!

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You are doing the morning chores with Piper. It is time to do the laundry. She lifts her ass on the drying machine. Her eyes stop looking at you, her gaze is now on her sweatpants you can not help but to look down too. She spreads her legs, she breaths on your neck, her right hand moves on your arm. You feel her desire for you. She looks down at her breasts, you do not hesitate and lift her top, revealing her beautiful breasts.

You play with them, your tongue swirls around her erect nipples. Her grip tightens on you, the proof she loves it. You insert your fingers in her pants, you feel the her wetness, it is thick and warm. She raises her ass, you pull her pants down. They fall on the cement floor, her pussy is yours for the taken. You mouth explores her many folds, always tasting her.

She rides your tongue, so the torture you are inflicting her can stop. She looks at you with those eyes of despair. You suck on her clit, her legs instantly clench on your head. She is close, her whole body is telling you. She places her hand on your head, her strident moans must reach the neighbors. You hold her firmly, she shakes and you hear the familiar sounds of her climax moans. She laughs, her legs rest on each side of you exhausted.

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Remembrance Day and The War Veterans!



Beautiful Photographies Of Veterans!

Michael Strokes a Californian fitness photograph decided to show the real face of War Veterans. He launched a Kickstarter to be able to publish is book “Always Loyal”. He raised more than enough money to publish his book, and in only one hour.

The book features 14 U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps veterans of the Iraq War, Gulf War, and War in Afghanistan. The veterans of the U.S. military are in semi nude and nude photos , the majority have lost one or more limbs in Improvised Explosive Device attacks. In the book, you can find a biography page on each one of the models, it also describes there injury.

He donated the 10 000$ profit he made from the book to an organization that provides financial assistance and support to wounded veterans, The Semper Fi Fund.


Those 14 veterans show great courage in revealing themselves to the world and sharing there story with us.






#Titty Tuesday and Piper Has A Huge Craving!



I do not stop when you are done, I stop when you are satisfied!

When a man has just finished, it’s not yet time to go wash up.

I love to keep him inside my mouth and taste him, one more time, with his seed everywhere. It’s all made to go together, my mouth and his cock.

Sometimes it’s too much to bare for him, to feel me on him, just after. I just have to wait a little longer for him to settle down before I can lick it all and swallow it, then I am as satisfied as he is.

#Titty Tuesday and Piper Moves Things!


I think about sex too often!

I put a lot of time into thinking about sexuality: different positions, techniques and locations. I have always thought like that, I just found the right way to express it all- porn.

I use to be a huge consumer of porn, until I myself became part of the industry. I still watch a lot of porn, but I guess it’s for different reasons now.

When I have an idea, I have to act on it. It can be in the futur or in the present, depending on who can help me with it.

I am sure that for a two minutes delay that brings you a different experience, you would be willing to wait. Would you?