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The Wednesday Tip – Enthusiasm Make It Good!

Keep your enthusiasms! Your attitude reflect on the amount of fun you are going to have in the bedroom. Do it for yourself, because you want to! It will bring you as much pleasure to your partner.

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#Titty Tuesday Before a BJ!

Time for a BJ?

For the conventional act of lovemaking, the average duration is about 7 minutes – so how long should a BJ last? The great thing about it is that the receptive partner is fully in control, and with enough experience and communication, she’ll have full control over the duration of the session – by deep-throating or more rapid thrusts she create more intense sensations if you’re short on time, or if you’re comfortable she can go slow, and even do a bit of edging by stopping when you tell her you’re just about to finish.

Wanting You in Control of the Blowjob!

Piper Blush For TheArtofBlowjob

Piper Blush for TheArtofBlowjob

Piper’s hand slowly rubs her pussy, and through her moans, you can faintly her your name. She opens her eyes, and brings you closer with her finger. She drops your pants with one hand, the other still on her clit. She holds your cock close to her face, so close it hurts not to be inside of her. Her eyes are focused on you. Her mouth is slightly open, teasing you with the warmth that escapes from it.

She touches her naked body, watching your reaction to her sensual moans. You can’t decide between taking her right now, or letting this sweet torture last a little bit longer. You know the end will be more than satisfying if you let her do what she does. Her mouth controls your hard manhood, taking it deeper. She places her hand on your length to take vary the sensations.

You can not let her be in charge anymore, it is too much to bare. You need release. You thrust in her bottomless throat. She fingers herself hard, she is close to climax. You feel your cum burst out of your hard cock, it falls on her breasts. It melts and slides down to her clitoris, still throbbing from her orgasm.

Most Intimate POV with Piper Blush!

Most men tell us they would rather have Piper all to themselves, but they’ll settle for the next best thing- a very intimate POV video.

Here it is, the most intimate blowjob Piper has ever done, you can almost feel her warmth on your cock.

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Piper Blush is Eager to Pleasure Your Shaft!

On our Blog, Saturday’s are dedicated to women who love to please the most manly of attributes- the COCK!

I’m pretty sure we can all agree, Piper Blush loves to handle men :)

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Free Teaser From TheArtofBlowjob!

We had many requests asking us to show off more often Piper’s biggest asset- Her Ass!

I hope that all of you, numerous ass lovers, will be pleased to know that this update is specially dedicated to YOU!

We put way more ASS than usual and a lot of grabbing too so you can really sense her curves.

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