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Motel Fetish

Dita Von Teese on Motel Fetish


We’ve shot in a few motels over the years, which I always find kind of kitschy and fun.  They feel like getting away to go do something sneaky and erotic.  Clearly I’m not the only one who feels that way.  Chas Ray Krider is a photographer who has created a series of photoshoots all taking place in motels called Motel Fetish.  As you can see from the above picture, he has even collaborated with Dita Von Teese!


Motel Fetish lingerie erotica


I love the concept for his photos, which all have a beautiful vintage quality.  The settings are perfect for stockings, sexy dark lingerie and retro pinup glamour makeup and hair.  Even though I’ve been going for a more relaxed look lately, I still love this look a lot…  I am a Dita fan after all!


Erotic motel glamour shot


Do you like this aesthetic?  I’m very enraptured by it.  There’s such a lovely idea of the kinds of trysts that must have happened in those times…  It makes me feel inspired…

Interviewing X-Art

Caprice of X-Art having beautiful sex


For a while, I’ve had my sights set on talking to the people behind X-Art, which many of you know as a pioneering porn site focusing on beautiful people having sex in lovely locations.  I was able to get some questions out to Colette, half of the couple behind the successful site, to find out what makes them different.  Here is what she had to say:


How did you get started working in the adult industry?

Originally Brigham (her husband) had a website which showcased his gorgeous fashion-nude style photos. We really wanted to work together so we came up with the idea to make a new website that showed sex in the same style as his nudes ~ beautiful, erotic and artistic.


What was your biggest influence when you started?

We looked to mainstream fashion photography for guidance on lighting and quality of models.


Your fanbase has expanded significantly. How many members do you have today?

I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you (LOL). We have a lot of members 😉 


Do you consider your work porn?  How do you engage with that word?

Pornography or porn is the explicit portrayal of sexual subject matter, so technically you could say so. But I believe we are actually offering Erotica… Here’s the definition of Erotica from Wikipedia: Erotica (from the Greek ἔρως, eros “desire”) are works of art, including literature, photography, film, sculpture and painting, that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing descriptions. The term is a modern word that describes the portrayal of the human anatomy and sexuality with high-art aspirations, differentiating such work from commercial pornography.


What types of people make up your audience? Do you skew towards women and couples?

Our audience is still mostly men, but the number of woman and couples joining X-Art increases every day. I know many women and couples who appreciate the site and that makes me REALLY happy! 


What is the most poignant feedback you’ve received about X-Art from a fan?

Wow, that is impossible to   narrow down. You will have to join the site and read the comments, we have so many!


What types of models do you work with?

Beautiful, nice, smart and sexually adventurous women and men. Also our models have a very clean and natural look, a fashion-style girl is perfect for us.


How many shoots a year do you do in your stunning locations?

We are shooting constantly.


How do you select the locations for your shoots?

We choose the most beautiful places we can find. We look for great architecture, views and light.


You often have an element of fantasy in the writing of your site…  Are the romantic/couple-based contexts ever reality, or are your performers strictly performing.

A lot of the context is based on reality, especially when the models are a real couple. 


12. What is your thought on the concept of free porn, specifically tube sites, and how has that effected X-Art?

Tube sites have brought us some traffic and I am ok with them as long as they remove our videos when we ask (which most of them usually do). I believe people who want real quality will still pay for it, regardless of the tube sites. 


What’s the most popular video on your site?

This changes often. See for yourself here:


Almost all of your models are tattoo-free. Is that an aesthetic or business choice?

It’s a business choice, most of our members do not like tattoos. I personally think the right tattoos can look very hot on a man or a woman, but aesthetically I believe our site looks better with as few tattoos as possible.


Most of your shoots feature a lot of white. Is that related to symbolic purity?

Not at all.


What influence do you think X-Art has had on the industry?

I think X-Art has changed the way that people feel about watching erotica online. I think that we have made it ok for women, men and couples to enjoy beautiful sex scenes, get turned on, get off and have that be OK – I mean it is becoming acceptable in our society. We still have a long way to go, but I like to believe that we are saving marriages and making people happy. 😉  I think ‘the industry’ sees any ‘niche’ that is doing well and will just try to copy that.


What is next for X-Art?

We have so much cool stuff planned, but you’ll just have to wait and see! 


I’m so glad I got to get a little glimpse into what they do and how they do it.  Obviously, there are many differences in the way we present our sites, but the undercurrent of wanting to make something beautiful and new that everyone can enjoy.  If we can reduce the stigma around porn, we can open up a lot of people to pleasure.  So, thank you to Colette from X-Art for sharing this wonderful insight with us.

Pornstar Punishment and the Rise of Glam

Working in porn and socializing in the pornographic milieu is always kind of weird.  Especially with social media, you get to know the people who represent themselves or companies pretty well.  Sometimes, that’s harder to reconcile when you don’t 100% agree with everything they do.  There are all sorts of lines drawn based on respect and taste but, even as someone who considers herself to be pretty solidly “on one side”, things get blurry!


I got a little blast in my e-mail from XBIZ that Brazzers has ceased operation of a site called Pornstar Punishment…  I must admit, I was relieved for several reasons.  First because it’s an example of the kind of porn I just don’t get.  It’s violent and has a lot of really scary overtones, which isn’t necessarily the worst part.  There are lots of people who are able to take violence and even extreme fantasy and make it very clear that it’s just that – fantasy.  Somehow, this site didn’t seem to achieve that, and a notable male performer (James Deen) even expressed his discomfort at how the shoots unfolded, and that’s saying a lot considering he performs for companies like Kink regularly.  It has less to do with subject and more to do with tone, I suppose.


Another reason I felt relieved was because, as I mentioned before, it’s hard but not impossible to differentiate people from certain aspects of what they align themselves with.  For instance, I’ve appeared on ZZInsider and I talk with a lot of Brazzers people on Twitter regularly, as do a lot of the “beautiful porn mafia” people…  That’s because they’re lovely people, genuinely smart and caring.  Because things are not inherently bad, just not structured correctly, because people associated with these things might not specifically believe in them…  It’s hard to ever malign anything outright, so having the things we wish to malign swept away feels like quite a load off the shoulders.


Finally, and probably most interestingly, one of the main reasons that Manwin (the company owning the site) has decided to pull the plug on the site is because they’re turning their attention more to glamour porn…  Softer, more artfully shot and more respectful representations.  Although it may still have a mainstream sheen, the fact that this is the way that the mainstream is going says so much.  I feel like I’ve always felt this coming, but it feels good to see it actually coming to fruition.

Bonne Belated St-Jean

Camille Crimson in a sexy black bikini


Bonne (belated) St-Jean Baptiste, everyone!  I know not many of you are from Quebec, but it’s our national holiday…  Basically, an excellent excuse to spend time outdoors, eating delicious hearty Quebecois food and drinking a beer or two…  Or more.  Not unlike Canada day or the 4th of July, just more French!


Camille Crimson showing off her cleavage in the pool


These are some also slightly belated pictures of the kind of perfect summer fun that goes so well with celebrating St-Jean Baptiste, also from our trip to Tremblant.  The pool was so nice, so we decided to take a little swim, so the portrait update is aptly called Taking a Dip in the Pool.


Camille Crimson's breasts try to escape her bikini


Also, as you can see, my bikini doesn’t leave much to the imagination…  Mostly it works, but sometimes my breasts try to escape.  They just want to bask in the sunlight like the rest of me.  Despite my alabaster complexion, I like to enjoy the sun, with the requisite sunscreen, of course.  I don’t think I’d look myself if I was too tanned.  We’re coming up on Canada day and the 4th of July soon, so there’ll be lots more summer fun for everyone where this came from…  Maybe more bikini shots too.  😉

The Blue Pill (Guest Post by Mike)


Yes, I have chosen the blue pill, but I didn’t stay in wonderland. First of all, I didn’t take it because I needed to. Don’t worry! Camille can make my penis hard in a second! I decided to try it because I met a guy in my motorcycle class who works for a pharmaceutical company and he offered after hearing what we do… I was curious.


Here’s a little Viagra mythbusting: Ok, it does work, but you have to be aroused. Let’s say that, if you have to sleep with the ugliest person on earth because a friend bet you 1 million dollars, it might not work. Or you would have to pop 3 in a row to get any kind of a result… I don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s also not a good idea to get them without your doctor’s consent like I did, but I don’t have any heart problems… But don’t try this at home!


In the beginning of my Viagra experience, I was in boxers while taking picture of Camille and I started to feel the effect. My penis was not hard right away, but felt like it would not take much work to get hard. It was more like half hard, but I was getting really turned on. I decided to take my boxers off, then Camille saw my penis and asked me right away “Did you take a Viagra?”, probably because I don’t usually get hard when I just take regular pictures. Then the phone rang before anything fun could happen. It was our accountant calling for us about signing some papers. My penis went soft instantly, so you can see that it doesn’t work without stimulus.


Once I got off the phone, it was back to the shoot and it was time to shoot a video. Just thinking about a blowjob from Camille and seeing her naked in front of me… Bang! I was hard as hell. Without even being touched at all, and I have to say that I really did enjoy this moment.


So we did the video and, for some weird reason, I could have lasted hours. It was like I could decide when to cum when, most of the time, Camille is in control. She knows how to make me cum and she can do it in 30 seconds if she wants.


After I came, I felt like I could have stayed hard and continue to have sex of any kind all day. Unfortunately, I had some errands to do, so I jumped into the shower. My penis got soft and stayed like that for the rest of the day.


On the down side, I felt that my heart was beating faster than usual, like if I drank a venti Starbucks coffee and my throat was very dry for the entire day. That side effect was not cool, but it was not that bad. I guess it’s the price to pay to have sex all night and when you have sex, you don’t think much of you throat anyway.


The experience was in one of the last 10 videos… Can you guess which one? The first one who guesses it correctly  here in the blog comment section will have win a free subscription to The Art of Blowjob and Dolorem. My penis pill adventures pay! Maybe next time I will try Cialis and compare the two.


It was an interesting feeling. Not something I’d do all the time, but great as an experiment. Have you tried any type of erection medication? What was your experience like? I’d love to see how it was for you…

Bright Lights, Big Blowjobs

Camille Crimson gives a beautiful bright blowjob


I’m doing a little crowd-sourcing today, and I really wanted to hear what you think of the way we use lighting in our photo-sets and videos.  I know that there have been a lot of different looks that we’ve played around over the years, and I’d love to hear which ones are your favourites, if there are ones that don’t grab you as much…  And really, I’d just love to know what it is about a photo or video that grabs you.


Specifically, I’m talking about the bright, light look that we’ve been playing around with lately vs. something more dark and sultry and mysterious, or maybe even something a bit more in the middle, kind of like a girl next door.  I’m going to keep cycling through all these options, but I’d love to hear the ones that really stand out for you. I want to be able to figure out how to make more of what you love and then will use it to make more photos and videos in that way.


So, I’d really appreciate any feedback you could give me!  You never lead me astray and I will try to do the same!  😉