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How About A Blowjob?


When most of your work area is covered in surveillance cameras, the rare room that isn’t watched can have a lot of things happen in it, some of them better than others… Let’s say you have an insatiable craving for one of your co-workers. You would have to find a spot where no one can see you. It can only be in the washrooms or maybe the stock room.

Piper meets you in the stock room for a little afternoon satisfaction. The chances of getting caught are not too high, so she decides to take it up a notch throwing away your pants and underwear far from reach. She strips down for you.

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She is excited. You can sense it, and it makes you hard. She pushes her face on you. Her chin between you balls as she deep throats your length. Piper can’t help but smile and moan each time she feels you twitch in her mouth. You feel your toes clenching. Since she is fully naked, she can make a mess. Her hand holds and twists your shaft as her tongue licks your crown. Your ejaculation is powerful and lands all over her lips. She swallows most of it to show you her appreciation.


The Wednesday Tip – Orgasm Deal-Breaker!


The Orgasm Deal-Breaker

The vaginal orgasm does exist, but it’s tricky for a lot of women. Only 30% of women reach orgasm through penetration. That means 70 percent of women reach orgasm thru direct clitoral stimulation. Rubbing, licking, sucking will all do the trick, don’t forget that each clitoris has its own preferences.

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Halloween Special, Scarier Than You Think?

Keep both eyes open, because this Halloween’s Special on TheArtofBlowjob will be something you can never unsee. Piper is going to be your guide in one of the most occult towns of the USA.

Can you guess where?

Here is a hint, it is renown for its witchcraft!

On the 31st of October, Piper is taking you to Salem, will you be ready for what she is about to show you?

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“The Witch, No. 1,” lithograph by Joseph E. Baker, published by George H. Walker & Co, circa 1892

“The Witch, No. 1,” lithograph by Joseph E. Baker, published by George H. Walker & Co, circa 1892

New Fall Fellatio Video On TheArtofBlowjob!

Piper wants to share her love for the four seasons of Quebec with you. As fall started to settle in, the color of the leaves are changing. She wants you to experience autumn.

Piper takes you away for a long walk. The forest crackles as you step on dead leaves and wood sticks. You can feel the cold autumn air enter your lungs. She looks around, grabbing branches as she walks further into the trail.

You stop, no-one seems to have followed you so deep into the woods. Piper pushes you against a tree, her eyes full of intent. She kneels in front of you, you can feel her cold nose on the skin of your lower stomach. She buries her face on you, taking every inch while looking around not to get caught. You manage to give her just what she wants…

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Exclusive Teaser From TheArtofBlowjob!

This Friday on, Piper shares her love for the Quebecois Fall Season.

You hear the sounds of dead leaves and wood sticks breaking under your feet. You inhale the cool air while the woman of your dreams satisfies your deepest cravings.

Piper wants you to Experience autumn her way…See Her Soon!