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Woman’s Climax Not All On Your Shoulders!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 11.26.09 AM

It might feel like making her climax is all on her shoulders; she seems like she expects you to do all the work, yet she doesn’t even tell you how. The problem is they are too shy to tell you that you are not doing it like they do. Every woman has a different way of bringing herself pleasure, and the best way to learn how she does is to watch .

Just to be on the safe side and give the most pleasure to your woman, ask her to show you how she does it. Make her feel comfortable and learn as much as you can. You can tell her you gain as much satisfaction as she does from it. Even if she shows you a couple of tricks, in the end it is you giving her all of it.

Once you get down there you will be doing right and probably better than anyone before you!



#Throwback Thursday: Overarching Care For Your Pleasure!

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 6.15.29 PM

From the moment things shift towards the sexual, she’s there with a kind of overarching care for  your pleasure. There is so much more sensuality to explore, from gentle nibbling to subtle tongue flicking. Amy’s mouth is phenomenally talented and intricate, challenging the senses to experience their multitudes and potential in this beautiful blowjob.

Watch this erotic interplay!

The Wednesday Tips: A Quick Peek, Touch Her Everywhere!


Two gifs for your eyes only…and maybe your hands!

For Him!

2015-09-02 17_29_47


She has to give you a quick peek to see how you are reacting to her touch. She pays attention to your moans, your muscles clenching and of course your cock. She can also use direct eye contact to observe you. It just depends on how much teasing she wants to do!

For Her!

2015-09-23 09_30_05

Make her feel like you are everywhere on her body, like you own every part of her. You can touch, squeeze, rub, grab and even maybe pinch a little. Just keep your hands moving!

Titty Tuesday and Piper’s Sloppy Blowjob!


Piper Likes A Wet And Messy Blowjob!

I like it, even when it gets super messy. You have to follow the heat of the moment, wherever it leads you. You can always clean yourself up afterwards. The dirtier the better, it is a big turn on for me. I feel like, if I show to my partner that I do not care about getting messy with him, it is as I am telling him that I love his body and he doesn’t gross me out. It creates more intimacy to be able to be very dirty together!

See her at!




Working Her Mouth Hard Under The Desk!

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She looks back at you with a coy look. She’s already aroused enough, and kneels down to take off your jeans. You can feel her craving for every inch of your cock as she outlines it with her fingers, then takes it out of your underpants, waiting for it to grow bigger and bigger with every lick of her tongue. You get hard inside of her mouth, and she swallows it whole, moaning as she feels you touching the back of her throat.

See Piper’s skills, right here!