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Come Swim With Me

We just got back from Miami, and it’s fair to say that we had a lot of fun.  Well, you saw what Clara and I got up to on Friday over on The Art of Blowjob and Slow Motion Blowjob, of course…  There was a lot of that.  But there was also shopping, dinners, drinks, walking around to explore, spending time out on the beach and even swimming!

Mike picked up a waterproof Nikon Coolpix to take beautiful photos and videos of us swimming in the condo pool…  Please note my amazing Batman bathing suit.  Clara got a Superman one too…  We’re super heroes in our own right, I think!  It’s nice to just relax and frolic around, enjoying the lovely sun before coming back to the slightly chillier climates of Montreal.

I hope you like this little video.  It’s sweet and playful, and it even shows off some more of Mike than you’d typically see.  This trip was so much fun and really fulfilling…  You’ll see what I mean soon enough.  😉  It was just the little pick-me-up we needed to get through the rest of the month before Montreal turns into its beautiful springtime/summertime self.

Sex and Music

Sexy Camille Crimson nude

Here’s another Q+A Question that has been wandering around my mind lately:

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the relationship between music and sex (and sexuality in general) and how you go about finding music for the video soundtracks – you seem to have a very diverse and eclectic set of artists to choose from.

For one, I’m always so happy when people like the kinds of music we use in our videos.  They’re definitely not just slapped on there and we take the time to peruse to find what would really work for each film.  We use Jamendo, which is an amazing place to find creative commons music.

We tend to stick mostly to the soft, hypnotic side of things, but sometimes we play a bit more with trip hop/hip hop, experimental jazz and even metal for one often-requested title.  There are often lyrics that kind of fit the feeling, but instrumentals work quite nicely too when we can’t find anything that both sounds like and is textually relevant to the action.

From time to time, I’ve recorded and shared my own music, including all throughout our DVD.  Sometimes that’s the best way of all to have exactly the right music to accentuate the mood, but it’s a lot more labour-intensive.  😉

It’s funny…  We don’t listen to music when we shoot, and we don’t often when we have sex either, because I think our intimacy is all the sensuality we need in the moment.  But, I think that music fills in that gap of intimacy perfectly when making videos.  It adds that swelling feeling, that seduction, that intensity that can never quite perfectly translate from the physical to the purely visual.  It adds an extra element of warmth somehow.  I think that’s why we see it so important to our filmmaking process.

Hopefully this link will make you giggle, all about the music people have sex to.  So, I was wondering…  What music would you/do you listen to during sex, and maybe even…  What would be on the soundtrack of our videos if you could choose?


This is exactly the kind of weird video I like.  Sure, the concept has been around for a while, but it’s soothingly hypnotic, especially for someone like me who is so into music.  I saw Nina Hartley of all people post it the other day and it felt like a little trip down CGI memory lane.

While I do really love posting about sexuality and porn (and don’t worry, I have a whole lot of things to discuss coming down the barrel) I wanted to share something nice and relaxing today.  The music is interesting but not overwhelming, there seems to be a real rooting in the understanding of how music is made and the imagery is inventive without being jarring…  It’s peculiar, but in a lovely way.

I hope you like this little video.  I think I’ll be sticking to my guitar, flute, ukulele and piano for now, but you never know…  Maybe some day I’ll get my hands on a weird video like that.  Probably not, but you never know.  And I’d love to know if any of you recognize this kind of video and if it feels like a little memory jolt for you too!

Snow Projection


This is one of the loveliest ways I can think of interacting with winter.  When the snowstorm Nemo hit, one filmmaker named Brian Maffitt decided that he would play around with it in his own way by  projecting a film out his window onto the huge snowflakes falling from the sky.  He chose The Lorax, though I think Finding Nemo might have been a more appropriate and equally colourful choice.  😉


As someone who has grown up around lots of snow, this is definitely one of the prettiest ways I’ve ever seen someone use it.  It’s absolutely gorgeous to see all the light reflecting and the mild sense of the shapes created from the film.  It makes me wonder what one of our more colourful blowjobs would look like against a lovely, soothing snowfall.


What do you think of this?  This type of video always makes me smile…  It’s innovative and it’s a way of shooting beautiful video that makes something so simple into something completely new.  I hope you enjoy this still winter moment and that you get inspired to see something in a new way, too.

Update Snag

Seductively slow blowjob


We hit a little snag with today’s update on The Art of Blowjob.  Because we’ve been moved from our home for the past little while due to our neighbours getting their floors varnished.  It turns out toxic fumes are bad for you!  So, having to relocate was an issue that made it difficult to get this week’s update out on time.  It’ll be up this weekend, and I know you’re going to love it, so don’t fret!


In the meantime, you can check out the latest update on Slow Motion Blowjob, which takes a different look at the awesome (and burny!) cumshot from our Miami vacation.  Nice and slow, just the way I like it…  Although, if our reality had been shot in slow motion, I might have had time to dodge and catch it in my mouth instead of in my eye.  😉


So, thank you for your patience while we work to get it all set up, and I hope that you’ll agree that the update is worth the wait.  Once in a while, doing the tech and shooting all yourself gets the better of us…  But at least you know that we’re real people really doing what we do!  It’s like a cookie baked with love!

Porn for Women

XKCD Comic on porn for women


The above comic is from XKCD, and I couldn’t agree more.


Recently there has been a whole lot of talk about porn for women.  But what does that actually mean?  People imagine things about the way the porn is shot, the idea of having a storyline, softer imagery, more romance…  There’s nothing wrong with that kind of porn, except that it’s not something for ALL women, and there are a lot of men who like that kind of porn.  So, that’s not really porn for WOMEN, is it?


A lot of people include the stipulation that porn for women has to show lots of woman-centric pleasure.  Does that mean that The Art of Blowjob or Slow Motion Blowjob could never be porn for women because it focuses (on the surface, anyways) on man-oriented pleasure?  I certainly don’t think so.


Women like all kinds of different things.  Some like the soft, romantic kind of porn that mainstream porn companies expect them to, but a lot also like much harder stuff or specific niches that may not seem woman-friendly at all.  To assume that all women like one thing is just as damaging as assuming that all men like one thing, which is what has created the need for “porn for women” (if there is such a need) in the first place!  If we hadn’t created a porn industry that thinks that all men only want hardcore porn without any nuance, emotion or artistry, we wouldn’t have to ascribe those qualities to women by default.


So, what’s the alternative?  I think there’s lots of value in “romance porn” which is a legitimate genre that can appeal to both men and women.  Same with glam, beautiful porn, story-driven porn, softcore porn…  All of those things are valid without attaching them solely to women.  It makes it seem like porn with training wheels for us delicate women.  Treating your growing audience that way is not the best way to endear them to porn, especially if many of them gravitate towards other kinds of porn.


Instead, I think that porn performers, directors, companies and blogs should reach out to women and making it clear that women are part of the audience and the conversation.  Using respectful language about women (or at least explaining that it’s fantasy when they don’t) and not making assumptions that everyone watching porn is a guy will be a great step towards making women feel included in porn viewership.  I’m sure there are lots of other things to do, but I have this conversation a lot with a lot of people and it seems like making women feel included from the ground up is important to get to actually understanding what, if anything, unifies women in the way they approach porn.


What do you think?  Do we need “porn for women” or is that just all porn?