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Teasing Is What’s Missing In Our Lives!

We live in an instant-gratification era! Quick fixes of adrenaline, cheap thrills, everything is fast and leaves you hungry for more. When did the fast french kiss became less erotic than a lingering kisses on the cheek in the old Hollywood Movies? Where has gone the art of teasing?

Okay, I know things have changed, women work nowadays! They don’t have hours to do get ready to go do the groceries. But still, as a woman I miss that time that I never knew, where people were all dressed up for no reason.


I think that Zara Barrie agrees with me, on some points. Read her out:

The t-e-a-s-e. Oh, being in the wonderful throes of the painfully awesome sexual tease is such a rare occurrence these days. Doesn’t it get you hot to just think about it? The “let’s take it oh-so slowly, indulgently draw it out until you’re pulling the hair out of your head, biting your lower lip until it HURTS, begging, swearing, cursing and trembling because you want it so bad” tease.

Isn’t it the palpable heat of pent-up desire that finds us lost in the fantasy of lust and sexual wonder?

If we want to get really down and dirty, let’s dare to get real: Isn’t sex more of a psychological game than a physical game?

Isn’t it all about desiring something so badly but not being able to get it right away?

Isn’t it the mental back and forth, the unattainability that leaves us hopelessly daydreaming about twisted sheets and hot bodies when we’re supposed to be sitting at our desks, working between the hours of nine and five?

As internet rendered us sexually unsatisfied, with it’s too explicit menu of fast satisfactions?

Sexual and Mental Stimulation!

As you know sex never only starts by sex! You need to talk a little before you get down to it. It’s words that give you the best stimuli.  To debate, to reveal your secrets, a deep conversation- that’s what creates the spark. Most of us need to connect with a person to have mind blowing sex!

Build up the tension to create a better release! 

I’m not talking about abstinence, I’m talking about teasing. Push the limits as long as you can, create a huge sexual tension between the both of you. Make it become an obsession. When the release finally comes, you’ll see yourself much more satisfied :) Anywhere there is tease, there is tension. And when there is tension, there is release.

Seduction and Satisfaction!

We want to be seduced and tortured a little, we are all humans after all. We can’t be satisfied by something that is too easily given to us. As Zara said: “It’s akin to slowly unwrapping a present. Taking your time to untangle the satin ribbons and delicately unwrap the shiny paper — makes getting your hands on the glorious gift so much better.”

Sex is the ultimate human interaction, it bring us closer and makes us create new life. All humans should be sexually satisfied!!!

Take a look, TheArtofBlowjob wants to show you the art of tease!


Inspired by Zara Barrie from Elite Daily.

#TBT with Piper’s Wet Feet!

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TheArtofBlowjob is a Beautiful Porn website.

Beautiful Porn is a two-fold concept. It is the idea that porn can be beautiful, both aesthetically and ethically.

From an aesthetic perspective, it’s about using tremendous focus and work to get the coveted cinematic and artistic qualities in our videos and photography. We put a great deal of care into lighting, editing, direction and overall finesse of our work.

From an ethical perspective, this means using our aesthetic means to accentuate feelings of intimacy and connection, encouraging performers to enjoy themselves and, more importantly, to be themselves. We give room for people to explore their sexuality and create porn that feels real to them.

We find it hard to enjoy porn unless we know that everyone is having a good time and feeling cared for, so the treatment of our performers from an introduction to marketing our content is all done with the utmost respect.



The Wednesday Tip- The Tip of The Iceberg!

It’s Bigger Than You Think!

Did you know that only 1/4 of the clitoris is visible. The rest of it is inside the body. The clitoris is made up of many different parts. There is the clitoral head, the hood the clitoral shaft, the urethral sponge, erectile tissue, glands, vestibular bulbs and the crura. On all those parts you can only see the clitoral head and the hood.

The Smell of Her!

The Smell of Her!

Some people like to make it last longer and they do so by not washing their hands after some heavy fingering or a handjob. They leave the taste or smell of their partner in their mouths or on their fingers. Of course, you will have to wash it away one day. It is worn as a perfume of satisfaction and it’s alright, as long as the smell of your partner is not too noticeable. By smelling your love on you, you feel they are a part of you and you can clearly remember what as just happened.

The Wednesday Tip – Make Her Crave It!




Get her under you. She can be on her knees, laying on the bed… as long as she has the best view of your manhood. Take her saliva and drench your shaft in it. Massage yourself in front of her, make her want it in her mouth. And only give it to her want you want it :)

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Selina loves to take her time and explore your cock with her mouth no matter when, no matter where. She’s very thorough and devoted to the sensuality of the act. Her curvaceous body is phenomenal, but her pouty lips are what draw you in… You can’t help but imagine the way her warm, wet, velvety mouth will feel wrapped around your cock. This is the kind of blowjob that is slow in its seduction… From the moment you lay eyes on her and see her mind swirling around the idea of a blowjob right there in the shop, the eroticism begins. It’s pure sex in all its forms, and it’s the type of blowjob that will make you come like you’ve never come before so she can lick it all up.