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Filming The Perfect 69 Position!

So you don’t miss a thing, we covered all the angles. You get to observe all she does, beginning with her front side and then moving to the rear if you know what I mean!

You place yourself under her warm pussy adopting the perfect 69 position. As her mouth covers the entity of your cock, your tongue spreads her open and teases her clit. She tastes of desire and sugar. She drools of hunger all over your now erect shaft. She wants to be filled.

Piper’s legs on each side of your face, start shaking uncontrollably. You can taste she is close to climax, and so are you. You let her ride your mouth harder throughout her orgasm. She does not stop, even for a second, stroking your length. You fill your balls tighten as your semen reaches the tip of your cock. You burst out on her. She is rapid enough to swallow the rest.  It only reminds you that 69 is most definitely the best oral sex has to offer.

Geeky 69!


Geeky 69!

What happens in this week’s update on

“Piper feels you coming behind her. Your hand slides down her flat stomach. Your warm body embraces hers. You feel a chill course thru her as you reach the black fabric of her panties. She swirls her hips seductively to pull her underwear to her knees, only to unveil her pink bud to your fingers. A moan escapes her throat as your index slides down her slit. She loves it.”

Geeky 69!

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The Wednesday Tip: Long Licks!

Long licks that start from the bottom of your shaft to your tip, with intense eye contact all the way thru will certainly make you hard :)

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Do You Know Your Erotic Thrillers?

Can you guess these gifs are from which movies?

Just a little hint, there are all erotic thrillers!

It’s a secret party!

She may be a bad girl!


She also likes girls!


She has a boyfriend!

Do you think you got some of them right?

Answers: Eyes Wide Shut, Basic Instinct, Wild Things and Killing Me Softly.

Those are some of Piper’s favourites! What are you favourite erotic thrillers?


A Gift Of Cunnilingus!

Piper has wrapped herself in her dressing gown. Patiently waiting for you to open your Christmas present, she sits on the higher edge of the sofa, her legs resting on each side, her toes barely touch the floor. Her eyes are taunting you.


A beautiful red satin bow covers her crotch. She spreads her legs wider. You can not resist, you touch her. Her breath accelerates. You reach for the bow and gradually pull it towards you. It unveils her soft nakedness. Piper quickly moves closer to you. Excitement takes over her!

You move the light fabric aside with your fingers. You uncover her flat stomach and reach lower, and penetrate her with your finger. She keeps her eyes on you. Every time she moans and exhales in ecstasy, her fingers dig deeper into the chair, her hair falls back in a wild, sexy mess. You stroke her clit with your thumb. The combination is exquisite. She falls in the blissfulness of her climax. She smiles, content, grateful that you enjoyed her gift!

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Avant-Goût of A Blowjob in Purple!

Her blue eyes hint that you should come and sit next to her. It is not long before your pants are down to your ankles and she has you between her soft fingers. The seductress places your cock tip in the deepest part of her throat. She swallows slowly. It makes her feel full and satiated. Moans come from afar and vibrate on your shaft. Her hand caresses your wet erection. The precum escapes her touch first and then comes your thick ejaculation. She licks it off with joy until she has cleaned everything up.

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