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Get Your Game On!

Piper runs her fingers freely on your muscular thighs. The red of her fingernails disappear under the fabric of your underwear. She starts lowering your boxes but stops halfway to kisses your shaft. She finally takes them off releasing your throbbing erection. She passionately shapes it into its full length with her tongue. You have the most perfect of views. Her ample breasts overflow on the sides of her tight t-shirt. Her eyes sparkle each time she tastes you.

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Piper’s curly hair falls, covering her face, as she takes you in her mouth. She comes up for air only to let you hear moans of pleasure. She licks your cock head as she strokes your girth. You are about to climax; she gives you her mouth to fill. Cum bursts out of your cock all over her lips. She swallows you one last time. The satisfaction makes her smile, and cum pours out of the corners of her mouth.

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Deep Cleavage Blowjob!

Piper makes every blowjob an unforgettable experience! Today, she surprises you with a mid-afternoon massage. Piper teases you with a gorgeous smile as her hands caress your calves. Her cleavage deepens in front of you when she leans closer to your boxers. She bites her lower lip. It is rapidly turning into a happy ending massage!

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Facial Cumshots Are The Best!

Have you ever dreamt of being with a woman who loves to give more than you like to receive! Did that just sound like unicorns are real? That’s just because you haven’t meet Piper yet! You can say she is quite a dreamgirl. She loves to cook sumptuous meals, to keep the house tidy, to walk around in her birthday suit, and… well you know :)


For an orally fixated woman, it is essential to fill the need when it comes. She is always in tune with her impulses. Piper satisfies hers as spontaneously and frequently as she pleases. The freckled nose brunette is imaginative when it comes to finding a place where she can succumb to her most irrational craving!

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