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Worshipping Selina’s Pussy!

When someone really loves eating pussy, you can tell. It’s about the passion of the act, but also about a vested interest in seeing and experiencing what their partner enjoys. Cunnilingus isn’t one size fits all, and Parker knows this. His beautiful girlfriend Selina has a particular way she loves to be licked and he does whatever he can to give her the kind of pleasure she deserves.


This blend of desire creativity and understanding makes for more than just oral sex. It’s pussy worship. Selina’s beautiful body brings forth an intense need in him. He needs to taste her from the sweet beginnings of her arousal through to the deep, slippery juices of her orgasm. There’s an unrelenting urge to hear her moaning escalating and cycling from little breathy noises to strong, guttural expressions of pleasure. He wants to be covered in her wetness, completely soaked in her satisfaction, smiling and licking her off his lips and fingers.

At the core of all these wants and needs, it’s not about him at all. It’s about her. It’s Selina’s pleasure that matters. Seeing her experience exactly what she wants on her own terms is bliss. Being able to give a woman that kind of intense satisfaction is what cunnilingus is all about. Worshipping a woman is a wonderful way to see her natural sensuality and understand her just a bit better.

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Harriet SugarCookie Tells Piper Blush About: My First Time Trying Bondage

I’m Harriet Sugarcookie, an adult performer, cam girl, model and lifestyle blogger. Some say I’m the very definition of a 21st-century porn star. I say I’m a self-confessed nerd from London, England with an obsession with tech, porn, film, pop culture, sex and relationships. I write about anything and everything on my website, including erotica. I’ve written a unique piece for Piper on the first time I tried bondage.

I have never tried bondage before this moment. Read about it, sure. Fantasise about it a lot too. However, as a young, naive girl with a very vanilla sex life, it seems like a huge leap into the unknown. My partner Sam is much more experienced than me. I feel very safe in his hands.


I wonder how these things being. 50 Shades of Grey makes me think that there needs to be some contract, labelling out everything I can or can’t do. Sam laughs when I ask him about it. He says “No, that’s more dominance and submissive work. Plus it’s not very accurate. Today we’re just going to tie you up a bit; that’s all.”

He says it so casually that I forget how nervous I was feeling. Instead, I start to feel the tingles of excitement creeping into my stomach. It’s dusk; the room is bathed in a warm glow from the bedside lamps. It feels very romantic. Nothing like a dungeon. Of course, Sam wouldn’t just have a dungeon in his house.

We sit down on the bed. Sam takes one hand and places it on my neck, drawing me in for a kiss. We kiss deeply, out tongues gliding against one another. I love kissing. I could kiss for hours. It sends so many emotions through me that I think one of these days I might climax just from a great kissing session.

We continue to kiss, and at some point, I’ve fallen back onto the pillows and Sam is on top of me. He puts most of his weights on his legs but manages to pin me underneath him. It is my first experience of not being able to move. It doesn’t feel scary. It seems kind like he’s protecting me with his body. I don’t mind that I can’t move my legs or hands.

In this position, he starts to go down my neck. He kisses and licks his way across my collar bone; he nibbles his way across one shoulder.

The mixture of light kisses and little bites is an unusual sensation to experience. I can’t help but wiggle under Sam. I’m firmly kept in my place, however, but his sturdy frame.

Now able to use both hands, he makes light work. It feels strangely erotic.

Sam kisses down my body. Soon he is between my legs. I can’t help but squirm. I’ve never been good at receiving oral. I always get embarrassed. However, with my hands tied, I have no choice.

Oral Sex feels amazing. I can only lie back and enjoy the sensations happening to me. There’s in part a sense of helplessness, but I know my partner won’t do anything I don’t want to do. I feel like he is going to show me some new, amazing things that I’ve never experienced before, and I’m so excited for it.

I feel his breath against my thigh. It sends a shiver up my spine. He kisses the inside of my leg, inching closer and closer each time. Part of me is enjoying the slow build up, but another part of me is on edge. It feels amazing.

The first contact of his tongue, flicking against my clitoris, is electric. My whole body shudders. His tongue is warm and slick. He uses smooth motions. First, small circular motions focused on my clitoris. It’s fast and sends continuous waves after waves of pleasure throughout my body.


Sam lets his tongue lick down, reaching the tip inside me. His strokes are slow and sensual. He takes one finger and pushes that inside as well. He alternates between using his fingers, pumping gradually faster, and using his tongue to massage my clit and down the slit.

My legs wrap around his head. I’m lifting my hips up to meet his head, urging him on. I want to grab onto his hair and urge him on, because I’m so close, but I’m unable to with my hands still pinned above my head. Instead, I wriggle and squirm in pleasure, letting my moans grow louder.

He picks up his speed and soon I feel myself reach the edge. He inserts another finger, now pumping quite fast, as his tongue works furiously on my clitoris. My hips and legs are shaking. The explosion of my climax is so intense that I collapse back down, panting and sweating, Sam’s head still nestled between my legs.

I can feel his smile against my skin before he comes back up. I don’t know if he’s going to untie me or not. I don’t think I mind either way.


Harriet SugarCookie’s website:

Twitter: @HSugarCookie

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Youtube: PornstarsPlayGames

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The Piper Blush Experiment



Watch My Experiments!

I write, scribble and note everything. Creating a book was something I always knew I would do. As I started writing my book, I realized that to make a book I needed more than just to write it- I need to live it! Experiments are part of life, we all have our own Experiments.

My Experiments are ways for me to express myself, they help me see the world from a different perspective, thru them I can find answers to the questions I have and they keep me doing the thing I love most- creating. I decided to document and share my Experiments.

They come in many forms depending on what I find is the best medium of communication: pictures, videos, articles, diary entries, etc. That way, once you have my book in hand you will have participated in the whole creation process and you will understand it better. That is my way of leaving my mark.

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The Wednesday Tip – Change Positions!



Don’t neglect your comfort during sex.

If you feel tired just change positions, but try to stay focused on your partner so you don’t loose the moment. Once you are in a new position you will feel more comfortable and you can concentrate on pleasure again!

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Selina knows how to bring out the sweetness of a blowjob, smiling with radiance while she pauses to tease just for a moment. There’s no rush! It’s not a race. Everything she does is about the sensuality of the act. Her eyes are absolutely enchanting, with a doe-like quality that makes you melt. You’re putty in her hands, and you’re already starting to quiver with anticipation of an incredible orgasm. She takes every drop of your cum with the kind of loving attention that really makes a slow, sweet blowjob feel right.

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