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Facial Friday!


Let her take charge!
Of course, women are sometimes indecisive. But when they know want they want let them have it. You are the man you are still in control. When you are doing her cowgirl style, every time you push toward her makes you go deeper and she loves it. The same applies for BJs, when she as you in a tight grip and deep in her, you can touch her, pull her closer and even move your hips. Don’t say no to a woman that want to play with you or at least explain why. Because she might see it as definitive no for all times to come.


Facial Fridays!

2015-06-15-facial-mondays copy


Piper loves getting facials, and with an extra update a week, she suggested we dedicate one video a week to the art of facials.

We’ll be using a new, slightly different structure, where we actually start with the end, showing you the cumshot in glorious detail. Afterwards, we go back to the blowjob, and finish with another angle of the cumshot, this time in slowmotion.

She wears only panties, you can see her hands wander under them, but you don’t see what’s going on underneath. You can hear gentle moans each time she strokes you. Are they for your cock or for her fingers? The moans become louder as you are getting close to giving her what she has so patiently been waiting for… warm cum on her pretty face and in her wide open mouth.


The Art of Cunnilingus!



See a new update every Monday on The Art of Cunnilingus!

Piper lies on her back this week, her legs wrapped around your face. She loves getting oral during the day, as the sunlight makes for the best of views. Her body moves to every stroke of your tongue, every stroke of your fingers. Her grip is firm as she pulls the sheets from the tight embrace of the mattress. Unable to think straight, only moans get out of her throat, with a few little gasps at the same time. Her appetite is boundless, she wants more, more, more…

Piper talks about this week’s update on TheArtofBJ.


I never knew I had an exibitionist side. I discovered it a recently, when I did an outdoor photo session  for The Art of Blowjob. My experience for this site, which I much more perceived as a journey, makes me push through my limits and learn more about myself everyday. Yesterday, the weather was finally perfect for an outdoor adventure. When I arrived to the location, I was so pumped. We took a lot of pictures – I kept my dress on to feel more comfortable, but secretly I wasn’t wearing anything under it….

I walked around, exploring every part, trying to see how comfortable I felt. At first, I was mostly looking behind my shoulder to see if someone was following me. I was anxious of getting caught and yet at the same time I wanted to. I imagined what I would do if I saw someone looking, would I get up and stop, or continue as if I didn’t see them?

It was time to find a spot, I was so wet my thighs where sliding together as I walked. You can watch the rest of my outdoor adventure here.

All about attitude


This week, we’re launching a new theme on The Art of Blowjob’s Educational Series: all about attitude! Even with the best technique in the world won’t matter if it doesn’t look like you’re enjoying what you’re doing. But it doesn’t go both ways; with an awesome attitude, you won’t need to worry as much about getting every little detail perfectly. Practice is the best way to gain skills and confidence. Your attitude towards his cock will depend on how confident you are towards it.

The Education Series will cover what he wants to see, how he wants to see it, how to act towards his manhood, and much more. The texts are based on the average man’s view of the best blowjob. The videos are easy to digest, short and VERY explicit, for everyone’s enjoyment.

Our special educational videos are dedicated to women who have the desire to become the best a man has ever had. Or even for men who are looking for hints they can give to their partners. Don’t worry they have many other purposes!  This Wednesday, you can start your training!

Come Swim With Me

We just got back from Miami, and it’s fair to say that we had a lot of fun.  Well, you saw what Clara and I got up to on Friday over on The Art of Blowjob and Slow Motion Blowjob, of course…  There was a lot of that.  But there was also shopping, dinners, drinks, walking around to explore, spending time out on the beach and even swimming!

Mike picked up a waterproof Nikon Coolpix to take beautiful photos and videos of us swimming in the condo pool…  Please note my amazing Batman bathing suit.  Clara got a Superman one too…  We’re super heroes in our own right, I think!  It’s nice to just relax and frolic around, enjoying the lovely sun before coming back to the slightly chillier climates of Montreal.

I hope you like this little video.  It’s sweet and playful, and it even shows off some more of Mike than you’d typically see.  This trip was so much fun and really fulfilling…  You’ll see what I mean soon enough.  😉  It was just the little pick-me-up we needed to get through the rest of the month before Montreal turns into its beautiful springtime/summertime self.