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A Gift Of Cunnilingus!

Piper has wrapped herself in her dressing gown. Patiently waiting for you to open your Christmas present, she sits on the higher edge of the sofa, her legs resting on each side, her toes barely touch the floor. Her eyes are taunting you.


A beautiful red satin bow covers her crotch. She spreads her legs wider. You can not resist, you touch her. Her breath accelerates. You reach for the bow and gradually pull it towards you. It unveils her soft nakedness. Piper quickly moves closer to you. Excitement takes over her!

You move the light fabric aside with your fingers. You uncover her flat stomach and reach lower, and penetrate her with your finger. She keeps her eyes on you. Every time she moans and exhales in ecstasy, her fingers dig deeper into the chair, her hair falls back in a wild, sexy mess. You stroke her clit with your thumb. The combination is exquisite. She falls in the blissfulness of her climax. She smiles, content, grateful that you enjoyed her gift!

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Avant-Goût of A Blowjob in Purple!

Her blue eyes hint that you should come and sit next to her. It is not long before your pants are down to your ankles and she has you between her soft fingers. The seductress places your cock tip in the deepest part of her throat. She swallows slowly. It makes her feel full and satiated. Moans come from afar and vibrate on your shaft. Her hand caresses your wet erection. The precum escapes her touch first and then comes your thick ejaculation. She licks it off with joy until she has cleaned everything up.

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Matching Purple Lingerie!

Purple Lingerie

Purple Lingerie

Her matching purple lingerie doesn’t leave much to the imagination as she takes place in the stairs. Her long hair falls on each side of her plump chest. Piper feels you are restraining yourself, trying not to stare. She finds it sweet and tries to tease you, even more.

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Sneak Peek Of This week’s Update!

Purple Lingerie

Purple Lingerie

Here’s a little sneak peek of this week’s update on!

Piper is a bit shy when it comes to asking favors. But she really needs one. She lowers her eyes and asks. Are you a gentleman, will you help her?

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The Wednesday Tip: Not On The Spot!

2015-08-26 11_04_04


Not being on the spot can bring her different types of sensations. Take your time spread her, play with her, make her wet.

Once you feel she can’t take any more rub her right on the spot.

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