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The White Latex Pants – The Short Film Experiment


I have always wanted to go to a fetish boutique, to try a new style. What would my fetish-self look like? We all have a darker side that we decide to whom we show. Some show it every day, others it’s only in the bedroom. I want to find clothes that can tell, when I wear them, what I’m like sexually.

I always go for men stylists, I like for men to decide what suits me best. Realistically, I never know what makes my curves seem more appealing because men are the ones looking at them they should know. As I walked in, the house stylist looked at me intensely, from top to bottom. I told him it was my first time and what I wanted to achieve. He disappeared for a good fifteen minutes and came back with a pretty good pile of clothes. I went into the cabin to try on the first set he had envisioned for me to wear. It was a white pair of tight pants with a very simple black top. The pants were in a fabric I had never even touched before PVC. It was soft, flexible, sculpting all my forms so well I felt naked. I never thought I could fit in the fetish scene, but now in my PVC pants, I feel confident enough to try.

I wore the outfit at many parties and I would always have the same comments from men and women: I would love to unzip your pants to uncover your…and play with you. And so I came up with The White Latex Short Film Experiment so that you could see what I picture when you tell me you want to undress me!

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How Is VR Porn Made?

Have you heard of VR? We, at TheArtofBlowjob, are all over Virtual Reality! While you are reading this, our team is working on some mind blowing stuff. Nothing like what you’ve seen so far in the VR Porn world.

But I thought it would be a good idea to show you what normal VR Porn looks like. So let’s see Wired‘s explainer video on how VR Porn is made.


But do not forget that what your are seeing today is nothing compare what we are going to unveil to you this year!

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The Wednesday Tip – Make Sure Nothing Is In The Way!

Make sure nothing is in the way! Make it easy and pleasant for you and her to have oral sex. You should make sure you are trimmed or shaved. So she doesn’t stop because of a hair, it gets you out of the mood. You can also hold her hair, so she doesn’t stumble upon them and they don’t stick to your wet shaft.  Take the time to take off completely your underwear so they don’t get in the way of her mouth.

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The Wednesday Tip: Double Her Pleasure!

The Wednesday Tip: Double Her Pleasure!

By penetrating her and rubbing her clitoris. You can use a finger, dildo or another type of toy to penetrate her. To had pleasure, use one that vibrates.

You can use your finger on her clitoris. If you really want to push her over the edge, you can use a vibrating toy on her, for twice the vibrations :)

When Can You Jump In?

When Can You Jump In?

BJs are not about dominating your partner, they’re about trust and satisfaction. A blowjob is about the both of you and for the both of you. You can take charge whenever you want! Sometime all you need to do is take charge, to be more in control; it creates even better sensations. If you do not like what she is doing, you can simply add some of your own tricks to the mix. If you enjoy yourself more, she will gain confidence and enjoy herself as much as you do.