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Many Faces of Pleasure: Piper’s Face As She Is Receiving Oral Sex!

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Happy Saturday!

Piper’s eyebrows always frown in the same manner, when she as an orgasm. Her mouth opens wider so she can inhale more air, as she exhales only moans escape her soft throat.

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Sensual Wet Shower Blowjob With Piper Blush!

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You’re turning the shower off just as Piper walks in through the open door. She unties her bathrobe, revealing her naked body underneath. Her breasts bounce as she walks in the bathroom, and tells you to stay where you are. She turns around, her dressing gown drops down to the floor, letting you see the straps of her black garter framing her ass. She comes back with a chair and drops it right in front of the door.

Without a word, she directs you to it. You sit. She smiles, her hands move down on your thighs, she goes down on her knees. She pulls the towel, you are fully exposed. She brings your cock to her lips, you feel the deep wetness of her mouth. Her tongue swirls on your frenulum, her warm hand cuddles your balls.

She pushes you in a little too deep, you hear her gasp for air as she pulls oyou out. She’s so focused on your shaft, only raising her eyes to show you her appreciation. Her hands turns on your length, while her mouth licks your tip. She brings you to a powerful climax, your cum spurts out all over her cheeks and in her mouth. As you relax, she licks the cum from her hands.

Selina’s Mesmerizing Blowjob!

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#Throwback Thursday

Selina is with you, hanging around, but all of the sudden she’s got a few buttons undone on her top, flashing her satiny black and red bra and amazing breasts. Selina has a gorgeous body. It’s almost hypnotic. Watching her movements and the way her curves respond is truly phenomenal. When she climbs over you, it’s time to surrender.

Her eyes are just as profoundly hypnotizing. She has a power over you that you can’t quite name, but you know that it’s got you incredibly hard before she’s even taken off your pants. As your cock springs up to meet her, the blowjob begins…

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Piper’s Moans Compilation!

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This special compilation, features only Piper. She has been the focus of many updates on The Art of Cunnilingus, it is about time we give you her best moments. We have selected seven of those moments to make this very orgasmic update.

Every women’s orgasm is different. When you’re down there, you can feel directly to know when she is on the verge of the ultimate pleasure. Piper is one of those women. You just have to watch to learn. Every one of her buttons are pushed in this compilation. Hear, the depth of her moans. See, the way her legs shake uncontrollably when she is close to climax. Feel, her breasts lifting up and down from all the heavy breathing. She often gets lost in the moment, closing her eyes and taking in the sensations. She only opens them to tell you how you make her feel.

Many Faces of Pleasure: Piper Loves To Tease!

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Piper is all about eye contact. She feels it makes any sexual act more intense and intimate. Mainly because thru the eyes, you can communicate none verbally. It is pretty useful when your mouth is full.

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A Sensually Seductive Blowjob with Jemma!

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#Throwback Thursday!


Jemma’s stunning blond ringlets frame the blowjob, cascading along her smiling face. You have the urge to come for her standing, you switch up positions. She grabs you by the balls and you lose all control, shooting spurt after spurt of cum for her to enjoy. This is a blowjob experience you’ll want to experience again and again…

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