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For The Love Of Freckles, Why Are Women With Freckles So Sexy?

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Someone send me a wonderful article on freckles, I have read it and now I want to share it with you.

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Being myself a fair skin brunette, when the summer sun comes out, I freckle. My face, shoulders, chest, arms, hands and even thighs are covered with those imperfect little spots. They come in many shapes and shades of brown. As said in Elite Daily, every freckle is unique!

I did not have many freckles when I was young. The sun in Canada, is not that warm, for not that long…

About two years ago, after spending a holiday close to the sea, my freckles made there apparition and never left me. Of course, in the winter time most of them vanish. I do not no where? Well, they do come back every summer.

I only discovered recently that they were a turn-on for some men. I do hope you enjoy my summer freckles as much as I do!

Do you like freckles?



The Wednesday Tip: The Erogenous Zones!

Every Wednesday, we will post: A Tip For Him and A Tip For Her.

They will be accompanied by a gif from TheArtofBlowjob and TheArtofCunnilingus, to help you make the best out of it!

This Wednesday Tip: The erogenous zones!


For Her!

2015-08-10 18_28_33

Piper Blush likes a soft touch on TheArtofCunnilingus!

Here is a small list of a woman’s erogenous zones: inner thighs, behind the knees, buttocks, nape of the neck, ears, feet, wrists, breasts, nipples, vagina, clitoris and lips.

The neck: You can kiss it, caress it or even hold on to it, depending on your partners preferences.


For Him!

2015-07-31 17_28_27

Piper takes care of the whole package on TheArtofBlowjob!

Here is a small list of a man’s erogenous zones: frenulum, feet, prostate, butt, balls, nipples, fingers, lower back, lips and lets not forget the cock.

The balls: Be gentle with the balls. Make your tongue swirl on them, lick them, you can pull lightly and than barry your face in them.


Facial Friday, Let’s Make Women Change Their Minds About Facial Cumshots!

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This week’s Friday update, on TheArtofBlowjob, is all about Facials.

Some women see Facial Cumshots as a disrespectful act. They are messy and the woman is usually in a more submissive position, those are the main reasons why women do not favour them. A respectful man always asks where he can ejaculate, on a woman’s body. If she does not consent to a Facial, don’t do it! It is one of the most disrespectful sexual act to do to a woman, without her consent. You can always settle for another part of her body and upgrade slowly.

On this Facial Friday, let’s make women change their minds about Facials!

From a man’s point of view the ejaculation is part of the orgasm, they are one and the same. Each time you masturbate or have intercourse, you know it is going to be messy. You will need a sock, a towel or something that is not toilet paper(’cause that thing sticks to you) to wipe it off!

Let’s see it from a woman’s perspective. The majority of women do not squirt, so when they have orgasm they only feel pleasure, no ejaculation. They can stay totally clean during and even after orgasm, as if nothing ever happened. It is probably part of the reason why women do not understand the amount of pleasure that men receives from giving a Facial. They will only understand it once they had the pleasure of experiencing a Facial Cumshot.

As for all sexual things, it is all about respect and trust. You have to communicate your desires to your partner.

Feel free to leave your comments or questions!





How To Use Moans of Pleasure To Tease During An Erotic Blowjob!

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Keep in mind that if you enjoy yourself, he will too! They are different types of moans for different situations. Use them well, as they communicate to your partner how much pleasure you are getting from the act. A soft moan, makes him know you like what you see. You want him.

A crease in moan intensity express’s more pleasure. Louder moans should come naturally, especially while pleasuring yourself or if he is giving you pleasure. Another way to do it, is by creating moans that he will not only hear but feel. As you would do for a normal blow job, put his cock in your mouth. While he is in there, start moaning softly on his length. See how he reacts and escalate slowly. Moaning creates vibrations that the cock can feel. The greater the moans, the greater the vibrations.


View one of our 25 Educational Series Video HERE!



How to keep it wet and edging, for her and him!

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Friction can cause irritation, especially if it occurs on a sensitive area of the body. During foreplay, if you rub your crouch against your partner’s, beware shaved pubic hair can be pretty spiky as they grow. Even if every part is well lubricated, it could still irritate your skin.

The same goes for oral sex. The tongue and mouth are usually filled with saliva, but some may swallow a little too much of it. When going down on your partner, keep it nice and slippery. The rule applyes to cunnilingus and blowjob’s. It’s alright to drool a little!


For Her!

Fingering should always be done when she is very wet. If she is not wet, you can help her by putting your fingers in your mouth, before sliding them on or in her.

2015-08-13 21_38_58


You might rather stay focus on the clitoris. Don’t forget, it is very sensitive, heavy fingering without proper lubrification could irritate her sensitive skin. Even if the clitoris is far from the vagina it needs to be drench in wetness to be played with. When wet, each stoke given to the clitoris feels different to her, then when dry. The same goes for your manhood, when you masturbate, you like it wet!

2015-08-13 21_37_46


For him!

Hand jobs know! The tip of the penis is sensitive but not as much as the frenulum. The frenulum is the fold under the penis connecting it with the prepuce. A circumcised penis also has a frenulum, but no prepuce. If he is uncircumcised, you can bring the skin of the prepuce down until it uncovers the tip. Do it slowly and see how low you can go before hurting him. Do not pull it too low, it will hurt him at some point. When wet the prepuce slides easily onto the tip, stimulating is most sensitive part.

To make your handjob great, you can squeeze his shaft tighter as you go up and release as you go down, he will love this technique. 

2015-08-03 09_58_07


You can complement it, by making sure the tip is really wet and after a few strokes when your hands reach his tip, you can brush your finger over it. Go back to stroking has if nothing happened, he will definitely notice.

2015-08-03 09_56_50



Live For The Love of The Penis!


To have the perfect attitude towards blowjobs you need to be totally in “LOVE” with is cock. Not only when you are on your knees. The attitude you decide to have towards his penis will become a part of you. It will define you. You need to let him know, at any hour of the day, that you are hungry for is cock. Here are some tips:  “Glare at the bulge of his pants.  When he passes near you, brush your fingers on his cock.  When he is naked contemplate his manhood.” It excites you. It makes you wet with desire.  To make him know you grave for his cock more than anything in the world, you can ask his permission before you start. “Can I please give you a blowjob”. Your neediness will arouse him. If you are not addicted to his manhood, you will never be able to give him the blowjob he fantasises about. Love, eat, cock!

You can see it at TheArtofBlowjob!