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The Wednesday Tips: A Quick Peek, Touch Her Everywhere!


Two gifs for your eyes only…and maybe your hands!

For Him!

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She has to give you a quick peek to see how you are reacting to her touch. She pays attention to your moans, your muscles clenching and of course your cock. She can also use direct eye contact to observe you. It just depends on how much teasing she wants to do!

For Her!

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Make her feel like you are everywhere on her body, like you own every part of her. You can touch, squeeze, rub, grab and even maybe pinch a little. Just keep your hands moving!

The Wednesday Tips: Use Both Hands, Dirty Talk!

Have a great Wednesday!

The cold temperatures are settling in, it’s time to warm you up for…


For Him!

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She can use both hands and her mouth while giving you a blowjob. That is a lot of sensations, everywhere! One hand on the balls, massaging them or just holding, tell her what you prefer. The other hand follows her mouth so your shaft does not get cold and that way she keeps your tip inside of her at all times. Great for her swallow at the end!

For Her!

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Naughty, naughty, naughty… Dirty talk can be a huge turn on. It isn’t for everybody, so ask her before using those BIG words. It can be before to tease her, by telling her what you will do to her. During to tell her how much you like it. At the end to tell her what she is doing to you is working!

The Wednesday Tips: Mouth Wide Open, Draw The Lines !

For Him!

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Her mouth doesn’t have to be locked on your cock at all times during the blowjob. When she releases you from the grip of her lips, she can still move on your length, with her mouth open. You feel her tongue, the warmth of her mouth and the wetness, but there is no pressure on your tip. You will miss the tightness of her lips, which will get you more aroused!

For Her!

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While you are down there, take the time to look at her- to define her! You can trace her folds with your fingers. Massage every part of her pussy delicately. Tell her how much it arouses you.  That way it will be easier to remember it when you are alone!

The Wednesday Tips: Feather Like Teasing, Dildo Has More Tan One Purpose!

Learn some new tips form TheArtofBlowjob and TheArtofCunnilingus!

It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting new things.

Who knows, you might just enjoy it!


For Him!

When her fingers are wet and she brushes them against you cock, it almost feels like feathers teasing you. She switch it up fast, to keep you on the edge and to keep it as wet as she can.

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For Her!

It’s is not because it is meant to go inside of her, that you have to do so right away. The same applies for you cock! Tease her clitoris with it before or during. When you finally use it for it’s purpose, she will be more than ready.

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Be Proud of Your Cock!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.54.25 AM

Embrace all the love you have for your little guy. You should admire yourself! Be proud of of what you were born with. It can be challenging to not compare yourself to others, but if you’re are able to satisfy a woman with it, what else do you need?

When she is having an orgasm right under you, she certainly is not thinking of your girth and length. That is the perfect and most important thing about your shaft: it gives bliss to women.

And don’t forget, most women need a lot of direct stimulation to achieve climax – what you can not accomplish with it, you can with other parts of your body. Your brain does count as a part of your body, any way is good, as long as she climaxes with you. If you need more reassurance on woman loving the man attribute, you can see how Piper loves it!

The Wednesday Tips: The Flat Hand, I Dare You To!

It’s Hump Day!

Half of the week is over, it is time to take a brake and watch those two little teasers.


For Her!

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This technique is often used in porn videos. It actually works very well on women.

Your hand has to be flat, so your fingers do not focus directly on her clitoris. Keep the paste and pressure constant.

It does not built desire as much as your tongue circling around her clitoris. It gives her more of a short and electric orgasm. It is mainly focused in the clitoris and takes her by surprise.


For Him!

2015-08-12 09_43_53

Piper Blush for TheArtofBlowjob

It is fun to try new things or to give a little dare to your partner.

You can tell her to use only her mouth on your shaft for this blowjob. Her hands are only to touch your balls.

It makes for a different and interesting blowjob. You may find new sensation in this experience.