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Regrow Your Foreskin!


Regrow your foreskin!

It does not seem that appealing, does it? Well, I guess that is why anything that has to do with your penis, like circumcision is done when you are a baby. This must be addressed the men who have the lost prepuce syndrome!

The device to regrow your foreskin is called the TLC Tugger.


What does it do?

The TLC Tugger stretches the skin of the penis to obtain one inch of skin that will cover your tip. For those of you who want that more natural look, you have to wear this device each day and that up to five years.

You could get the cosmetic surgery, it costs 7 900$ more than the Tugger. The device is only 100$.

You are not alone!

If you feel your penis does not look natural enough, you can join the community. Over 15 000 men are already signed up for support!

5 000 Tuggers were sold last year. One of the makers of this device, Ron Low, said: We aren’t foreskin enthusiasts or sex-obsessed. We just want to have a normal, natural body.

Advice from Piper Blush!

I don’t care if he is cut or uncut. It all depends on how he feels about is body. If a man does not like is body, it will be more difficult for the woman to appreciate him. As far as I am concern, if I like him I will most definitely like is penis too. A man’s body and penis are like one and the same, to me. 






Titty Tuesday and Piper On Duration!



I love to take my time!

I like to try new things, get comfortable, change my position, see how he reacts and how I react. I think the longer you spent together familiarizing yourselves with your bodies, the best the chemistry. You take out all the shyness by looking at every inch of your partner’s body. You explore deeper and connect better. Even, if only for one night, at least you will have created an experience something you will never forget with another human being. Sex is made to be yourself and free. Enjoy it!

Piper Blush’s Christmas Movies List!

Since Christmas is here, I thought I would share with you my favorite Christmas movies. Hope you enjoy!

I know they are pretty much all kids movies, but isn’t it why Christmas was made in the first place?

Miracle on 34th Street the 1994 version. It’s about faith in the Christmas spirit.

Gremlins, it is cute and a little crazy at the same time.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas,  I prefer the old one.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, a classic! I can watch it from Halloween to Christmas and even Easter if I really feel like it.

Home Alone, seriously funny! I wish I was that kid.

Enough of the children movie, I do have some more adult suggestions.

Joyeux Noël, a beautiful movie!

The Family Stone, lots of drama,  like all normal Christmases with the family.

Eyes Wide Shut, if you need a little sexiness and mind games.




Titty Tuesday and Piper Blush In One Take!

 Piper In One Take

I liked shooting a one take video. You can watch it, here!

I feel it as a more natural aspect. There is no ‘cut’, you see me from the beginning to the end as if you were with me. It makes the experience more intimate and natural. It was made with only one camera from a single voyeuristic angle. I look at it while imagining that you’re looking back at me and getting yourself off. I love to think of you, it makes me so desperate for your shaft.