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Ask A Porn Star Your Sex Questions!

Hey guys, I found this awesome comic while reading Jiz Lee’s blog! Tell me if you like it?

Comic artist, Erika Moen, got together withPorn Star Jiz Lee to answer some of your questions about sex!

Read her truthful answers to your questions about sex!


You can read more here:

Piper Loves To Film Herself!

Piper Blush

Piper Blush

Why I Love Doing It On Camera

I like to escape routine. It helps that I’m curious and intrigued about a lot of things. I have to say my videos are usually a spree of the moment! I felt like that was the mood I was in for, but tomorrow is a whole other day! I like to capture those moments on camera. I want to be able to see them again and feel what I felt during, whenever I want. Sharing it with you makes it all the more real.

I respect my true feelings of the day. I mean, we can’t feel the same way every day. That is why I’m always totally myself and I experiment a lot with the videos on TheArtofBlowjob.

I hope you enjoy it!

Coming Out Like A Porn Star!

Jiz Lee, Coming Out Like a Porn Star

Jiz Lee, Coming Out Like a Porn Star

Have you hear of this amazing book? It was written by the famous pornstar  Jiz Lee!

Here’s the story behind the book!

Five years ago I decided to stop keeping my work in porn a secret from my family. After all, I have nothing to be ashamed about! I asked my peers for advice and heard the most incredible range of ‘coming out’ stories. Thinking “This would make a powerful book,” I began a call for submissions, sought out publishing advice, solicited stories from performers, and landed a book deal!

COMING OUT LIKE A PORN STAR is now a tangible, physical thing that can be touched (the cover is surprisingly soft and beckons to be stroked) and the pages are screaming to be flipped through and dog eared. (I love a well-worn book.)

I’m also grateful to performers who declined to submit a story because it was too risky, or chose to publish anonymously or under a pen name. It reaffirmed the book’s importance even in the final stages of publication.

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