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Surgery Success

Camille Crimson's motorcycle trophy

Mike made Camille this delightful trophy commemorating her motorcycling excellence.

Hey blogfriends! It’s Sophie, yet again. This time I have very good news for all of you. Camille had her second surgery last night and it was a complete success. I spoke with Mike this morning and, although he still doesn’t know the specifics of the second surgery, we do know that it went very well. We’ll find out more about the status of her leg regarding screws and stabilization once she’s up and talking to doctors. For now, she’s relaxing post-surgery and will be sleeping after her long day and night. Once she’s well-rested and ready to debrief with the doctors, we’ll know exactly what her recovery time will be, both in and out of the hospital. For now, let’s all be very happy that her surgery’s outcome was so favourable. It’s been a long two weeks and it’s not over yet, but she has already made leaps and bounds, so let’s celebrate!

Hopefully She Gets the Penthouse Suite

Oh, my poor Camille. Before you worry, this has virtually nothing to do with her health and everything to do with the way hospitals are administrated. Camille has been moved to the Montreal hospital but, along with proximity and excellent doctors comes an increased wait time to get her second surgery. Unfortunately, her leg isn’t in any condition to be out and about while she waits for the stabilization that comes with the second surgery, so she’s going to be hanging around in the hospital. Fingers are crossed for a private room… Not to say that they’d be shooting anything sexy, but it’d certainly be nice for Camille to have her own space, especially since we’re now going on 10 days that she’s been cooped up. She’s being plenty entertained by loved ones, but it still kind of sucks. On the other hand, the silver lining is the fact that she’s not a higher-priority case. As much as it’s not great to be down the list, it means that they’re not worried about her health or potential for recovery. Everyone knows Camille is tough as nails. Also, everyone calls her an absolute beauty. So, even removed from the internet, she’s getting her healthy daily dose of compliments, which I’m sure helps bone regeneration… Somehow.

We shouldn’t talk too much smack about the Canadian healthcare system, though. There may be a wait time, but at least it’s free. I hear y’all are having some contention about your health system down south, eh? (Snark aside, I empathize tremendously with what’s going on in the US government right now. Every time I read the New York Times, I nearly have a rage stroke — for which I’d be adequately treated here in Toronto, free of cost.) It is a real consideration that, as bad as her break is and as long as her stay is, it’s just a hassle, not something that’ll impact them financially in any serious way. We count ourselves lucky here.

So, you’re stuck with me, but I have some fun links to share and things to rant about and questions to ask, so we’ll have a good time. I promise!

Extending Her Stay

Yes, it’s still Sophie. Still. I know I said that I’d potentially be shifting focus elsewhere here, but I have more Camille news. I spoke with Mike and Camille’s course of treatment has changed a bit and she’s looking at another week or so in the hospital. One positive development is that she’ll be moving much closer to home. Her accident occurred in rural Quebec, so her initial hospital stay was outside of Montreal. This’ll be considerably easier on Camille and Mike in terms of travel time and will ensure the best care for her. From there, Camille will be undergoing another surgery again to get some bolts/plates (this is not entirely clear, but there’ll be more on this as they iron out the details) and then she’ll need a little more time to recover. It’s most likely that she’ll be out and back home by late next week.

This is longer than initially expected, but it comes with an excellent by-product: Camille will have more supervised hospital time to work on her mobility. She’s already sitting in a chair and she has even taken a few steps with assistance. Because she’s such a strong person, she’s making great progress and will continue to do so. Having an extra week or so to work with people who are trained to deal with exactly her condition will put her at a real premium once she’s back at home. This does mean that she’ll not be around much online, but she’ll be able to relay messages and I’ll be all too happy to share them here. As soon as I hear more news, I’ll let you all know, but I’m sure I’ll have a little time to discuss some interesting developments in the artistic porn world… Or Camille’s recent accidental fame in the advertising world. (You’ll see!)

A View from the Hospital Bed

Camille Crimson looking gorgeous in her hospital bed.

Camille might make hospital gowns a trend for fall/winter ’13.

Hey again. Still Sophie, here. Well, she’s still in the hospital, but she was able to take this lovely picture of herself in her beautiful turquoise hospital gown. I guess they knew that it’s her colour. It really brings out her eyes and emphasizes the red hair. Even in the hospital, she’s glamorous. That takes an extreme degree of natural beauty, as you can see. She said a quick hello over on Facebook, but she’s still not up to blogging or much more in terms of social media. Part of this is because, you know, she’s in a hospital and they don’t exactly love mobile devices, but also because she’s still on painkillers that might make longer postings quite entertainingly loopy. As much as that’s a charming premise, let’s wait until she’s less groggy.

As for this week’s updates, it’s fairly unlikely that they’ll be able to shoot something in the next few days, but it’s distinctly possible that Mike will have enough time to put together a compilation or something of the like. Again, don’t 100% count on it, since he’s caring for her and navigating all of the things that go with having an injured significant other, but know that we are actively thinking about this and strategizing to the best of our abilities so that you won’t go without. I mean, hey, the blog has still updated every day since it happened. Not by Camille, but it could be worse! I’ll keep you all up with the information, but I may start writing about things asides from Camille’s recovery as well, just so we can keep up a little discourse. I haven’t been responding to comments so far because I want all of your well wishing to be fresh for Camille when she gets home and feels ready to respond, but I’ll surely respond to other comments in non-explicitly Camille-related posts.

Thanks to everyone for continuing to check in and send her love. Even though she only had it in her to check Facebook this morning, she got to see some of the sweet messages there and Mike relayed that there is so much more where that came from here, on other social media platforms, on the forums and via e-mail. She’s a lucky woman to have such a great support system, both in her everyday life and online, but then again, I think she deserves every bit of the attention and respect. So… Keep it coming!

An Update on Camille

Hi again. It’s still Sophie here. I know it would be awesome if this were an update from Camille herself, but that’s not the case. She’s sticking around in the hospital for a little while longer. I want to make it abundantly clear that this isn’t because of anything bad going on, but just to be proactive about her health. One of the important reasons for staying longer is that she’s getting excellent pain management in the hospital, and that’ll shift slightly once she’s out of the hospital. They think that it’s best that she has a little more of the good stuff. Another important reason is that it’ll ease the transition if she has extra time to recuperate in the hospital before heading home and she’ll be able to get accustomed to her mobility challenges.

Camille is being really smart by listening to her doctors and to her body while enjoying Canada’s world-class healthcare. It’s difficult to stay in the hospital, of course, but it’s whats best for her and she’s very wise to take her time. Mike and I are in touch and he’ll let me know when she is discharged, but in the meantime I’ve been sure to tell him just how many people are reaching out here, on social media, on forums, via-e-mail… You all mean the world to her, and I know that all this encouragement will keep her feeling positive. Thank you all on her behalf. When she’s able to read them herself, the enthusiasm will be all but overwhelming.