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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift!!!

You will certainly get a unique Valentine’s Day gift! Piper transpires of sexual desire caressing your thighs longingly. Her lips open to let you in the warm humidity of her mouth. You grow inside of her throbbing as her tongue licks you gently. She stares deep into your eyes while pinching her erecting nipples. Your shaft is easy to strokes between her wet fingers.

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Explore Your Dominant Side!!!

Her feminine moans make your balls clench. She knows you are about to ejaculate. She cups her breasts in a sexy but playful way knowing that will make you explode. You burst up in the air. It takes Piper by surprise. She rapidly licks your fresh cum with a big smile. Another jet of sperm lands on your stomach. She rubs it all over her plump boobs.

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Kinky Blowjob In A Tight Corset!

Piper wants to impress you with her womanly charms this Valentine’s Day because there is no better day than today to try something new! She seduces you by showing off her best asset in a black corset that is knotted tightly around her small waist. Her hair stands in a bun letting you see the leather collar that surrounds her neck and the soft skin of her shoulders. Her large breasts fall on top of the fabric giving her all the curves you like so much to admire.

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Cheap Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas!

You haven’t got her a Valentine’s Day gift yet! Flowers and chocolate might just not do it again this year, so here are a few original gifts ideas for your special Valentine. Think of her as you choose her gift to ensure you another year of great sex 😛

Ask Men thinks it’s a good idea for you to buy your girl an Aukey Natural Oil Diffuser. Which is kind of cool because it also serves as an alarm clock, humidifier and air purifier. Everything she needs to make her environment cosy and fresh and all forget about winter!

Aukey Oil Diffuser

Aukey Oil Diffuser

If you really want to solidify your relationship and go for the plant and the pet at the same time, here’s what you need from Ask Men: Back To The Roots Garden!

Back To The Roots Garden

Back To The Roots Garden


She Swallows All That Is Left Of 2016!

New Year BJ

New Year BJ

As she takes you in her mouth, you feel her breast on your inner thighs. She groans on your shaft, and her saliva drips all over you. She feels you are about to pop like the bottle of champagne she opened earlier. The white and thick sweetness drips on and in her. Piper is happy to give you your first blowjob of the year!

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