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She Swallows All That Is Left Of 2016!

New Year BJ

New Year BJ

As she takes you in her mouth, you feel her breast on your inner thighs. She groans on your shaft, and her saliva drips all over you. She feels you are about to pop like the bottle of champagne she opened earlier. The white and thick sweetness drips on and in her. Piper is happy to give you your first blowjob of the year!

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New Year Blowjob!

New Year Blowjob

New Year Blowjob

It’s New-Years and Piper as something special planned for the both of you. She hangs up some little lights to create a festive ambiance. As she puts down the blue blanket, you catch her staring at your crotch. Her hands cuddle the cold bottle of champagne. She bites her lower lip and pops it open. She pours the bubbly liquid into the flûtes. You can only guess what she as intended for the rest of the evening.

Piper always starts the New-Years with the thing she loves doing the most, a blowjob. Can they be any better way to celebrate the coming of 2017!

Piper’s mouth waters as she rubs the fabric of your undershorts. Her soft touch makes you hard. She peels down your briefs to unveil your semi-erected cock…

A Christmas Tease!

Piper From TheArtofBlowjob

Piper From TheArtofBlowjob

Piper brings the sweet paste to her taste buds. She knows you are looking. You can see a glimpse of pleasure passing thru her eyes. She needs more, and you are more than happy to oblige. She makes you sit next to her project and undresses your cock in a slow and sensual tease. She feels you thru the fabric of your boxers. You are already semi-hard. It takes Piper a few second to make you reach full erection.

She moans as the softness of your semen drips in her throat. She pulls you out so you can cover her face.

Merry Christmas!!!

Impatiente to Unwrap Your Gift!

Piper has wrapped herself in her dressing gown. Patiently waiting for you to open your Christmas present, she sits on the higher edge of the sofa, her legs resting on each side, her toes barely touch the floor. Her eyes are taunting you.


It’s almost the 25th, be patient and you’ll get t unwrap your gift :)