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Post-Thanksgiving Updates

Heads cropped to protect the innocent.

Heads cropped to protect the innocent.

Hi again. Yep… Still Sophie. Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, which I guess is like American Thanksgiving only there are an equal number of awkward sorries to go along with all the thanks. Badum-tschhh. But seriously, folks… It’s more or less the same. I made the interesting choice to host TWO Thanksgiving dinners this year because I always am looking for a way to justify the fact that I purchased a 12-seat dining room table. The first was for my incredibly large choir. There were over 40 of us and, although it was potluck-ish, my roommate and I still managed to make something like 10+ dishes because we are addicted to being good hosts. Yesterday was a more intimate dinner with just 15 close friends. My darling sister and I are Thanksgiving orphans this year because our folks are off in Ireland, so she came over to help poor (recovering) vegetarian me roast two rather sizeable chickens. We also managed to also crank out veg/non-veg stuffing, veg/non-veg gravy, some amazing cream cheese mashed potatoes, roasted parsnips, turnips and onions, mashed acorn and butternut squash, maple-glazed carrots, creamed corn, kernel corn, rolls, cranberry sauce, mulled cider and two pumpkin pies with whipped cream because sometimes you just have to do it up, right? Both dinners went off without a hitch and the clean-up was surprisingly painless. Thanks to host gifts, we now have enough wine to last us until kingdom come. Who wants leftovers?

Camille Crimson in a leg cast

Camille in her hospital bed, making that cast work.

Camille’s Thanksgiving was decidedly a little less involved (though I would have shipped her some paleo/primal options if I could) as she actually ended up staying in the original hospital a little longer. She’ll be transferred soon, hopefully get her surgery and be out not soon later, so it seems like we’re still working with roughly the same timeframe. She’s poked in briefly on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to say a little hello, including the charming selfies I’ve included here. As you can see, she’s smiling and well enough to write in reasonable bursts, so she’s certainly on the mend. Mike and I had a good talk today and he seems as optimistic as she is, so it’s all good. He was also working out some compilation videos so he can spend the rest of the week just focused on her various transfers and adjustments.

Camille Crimson selfie in the hospital

Only this woman could look like a classic beauty in a hospital bed.

Another week with more to overcome, but she can and will do it. And just think how excited she’ll be to see all of you and your messages here when she comes back. Thanks for your continued patience and sustained support. This year, I was thankful that Camille’s accident wasn’t any worse than it was. I imagine we’re all quite thankful of that, regardless of whether or not you celebrated this fact with pie.

What’s Poppin’?

Delicious spicy treat for redhead Camille Crimson

Sometimes Mike and I like to have fun with the narrative of a video.  A lot of our videos are just a simple, straight-forward look at things, but once in a while we like to spice things up…  Literally.  One of the treats that Mike makes for me that I really love are his jalapeño poppers.  They’re delicious and they involve bacon…  Plus, they were the inspiration for this cute update on the new site!  What’s not to like?

Well, so, there is one thing not to like…  They’re so spicy that they literally make me cry.  My eyes water from the sheer heat, but I enjoy them anyways.  Sometimes it’s worth it, especially when he makes them for me!  I just can’t resist, kind of like this weird otter and his watermelon:

It's an otter eating watermelon

And that’s the first and last time I’ll compare myself to an otter who enjoys (or does not enjoy) fruit.  Probably.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy this video, which is a little slice of life from our home…  He only wanted to make me happy, but we wound up with tears!  Do any of you have this reaction to spicy things?  I guess it could be worse!  😛

Food is Sexy

Sensual blowjob with a sundae

I’ve heard of food porn before, but this takes the cake…  Possibly literally.  If you want to drool all over yourself, head to Buzzfeed to find a series of GIFs and accompanying descriptions designed to get you aroused, but they’re not teasing erotic content…  They’re all delicious snacks being slathered in butter, split open, drizzled in chocolate or sprayed with whipped cream.

Even though I eat healthy food, I love to indulge with occasional treats and focus as much as I can on the sensuality of the experience of eating, whether it’s something simple and nutritious or a seriously decadent dessert.  As you can imagine, this series of images and words did a little something for me.  It reminds me of how we put together words to accompany beautiful porn updates!

Let me know…  Did you start to salivate?  Did you get a little shifty in your chair?  Are you going to run to the kitchen as soon as you’re done commenting for something to eat, or maybe head out and get something more indulgent?  The same way traditional porn makes your body aroused and hands want to wander, does food porn make your stomach aroused and your mouth want to wander?

Porn Sex, Real Sex and Food

I love food.  I love sex.  I love making porn.  This video is right up my alley…  It’s the perfect fusion! But, more than that, it explains the crucial difference between what goes on in porn and what goes on in the average bedroom with some facts to back it up, and it does so in a charmingly witty way.  I was surprised that this isn’t made by Make Love, Not Porn, but it’s by an independent production studio called Kornhaber Brown.  Comes with a British voiceover, though, hence the mistake.  😉

One thing this made me realize is that, despite not being a traditional mainstream pornstar, I am pretty adventurous.  A number of those food-related acts pertained to me!  Though, the Nutella was a bridge too far…  That doesn’t actually happen (especially to that extent) in anal play, unless there’s an underlying issue.  No Nutella on the banana.  I just hope that hasn’t ruined chocolate for me.

Which part of this was the best for you?  I think the whipped cream in the pancake face/mouth was adorable and surprisingly tantalizing.  It certainly got me hungry, and made me smile, too.  Maybe I’ll go search for a little cream…  Don’t mind if I do!

Phallic Snacks

New takes on penis shape cakes

Sometimes you get a penis-shaped cake pan and then…  You get a bit tired of having all your baked goods in penis form.  Understandable, right?  It happens to the best of us, I’m sure.  Then you just need to get creative and decide what else might be shaped kind of like a penis for your next confection!

Perhaps an elephant?  A tree?  A friendly wizard with a marshmallow beard?  Regardless of which one you choose, Gizmodo has some friendly suggestions for penis-shaped foods AND for other practical uses for the penis-shaped moulds you end up with.  As a food lover and a penis lover, I appreciate this kind of culinary assistance.

The apex of this article for me was actually found in the comments, where someone left this gem:

Bag of dicks cake

It reminded me of Louis CK, both his standup and his show, where he references a bag of dicks, how one might eat one and what it might look like…  Now we know.  It’s just a beautiful cake…  With phalluses.  Would you eat it?