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Remembrance Day and The War Veterans!



Beautiful Photographies Of Veterans!

Michael Strokes a Californian fitness photograph decided to show the real face of War Veterans. He launched a Kickstarter to be able to publish is book “Always Loyal”. He raised more than enough money to publish his book, and in only one hour.

The book features 14 U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps veterans of the Iraq War, Gulf War, and War in Afghanistan. The veterans of the U.S. military are in semi nude and nude photos , the majority have lost one or more limbs in Improvised Explosive Device attacks. In the book, you can find a biography page on each one of the models, it also describes there injury.

He donated the 10 000$ profit he made from the book to an organization that provides financial assistance and support to wounded veterans, The Semper Fi Fund.


Those 14 veterans show great courage in revealing themselves to the world and sharing there story with us.






Anais Nin and I

A seductive smile by gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson

My favourite pornographic poet Cal shared this lovely piece with me, and I figured that today is as good a day as any to share it.  It’s a letter from writer Anais Nin to a private erotica collector who wanted her to focus more on sex and less on the poetry (both figurative and literal) surrounding it.  She encourages him to go beyond “this periscope at the tip of (his) sex” and to see the value beyond the “explicit, mechanical, overdone … mechanistic obsession” of base sexual desire described in plain language.  Sometimes, when I’m encouraged to have sex that’s outside of my natural desires (and that’s putting it politely) or to showcase my body in a way that doesn’t feel right to me, I do think of the fundamental differences between the basics of showing sex and the human body to bring the audience to orgasm and the act of framing it in a realistic way filled with love and artistry.

There’s no wrong way, as far as I’m concerned, to express your sexuality, at least as long as everyone involved is consenting…  But I do think it’s wrong to expect things, even from performers or writers, that go against their modes of sexual expression.  Nin wanted her work, even that which is paid for by the collector, to be sensual and romantic and interesting and intense.  This is what I want too.  She says it best:

Sex does not thrive on monotony. Without feeling, inventions, moods, no surprises in bed. Sex must be mixed with tears, laughter, words, promises, scenes, jealousy, envy, all of the spices of fear, foreign travel, new faces, novels, stories, dreams, fantasies, music, dancing, opium, wine.

I’m not so sure about the opium, but I’m with her on the wine.  Sex is so much more than the meeting of genitals.  It’s an experience which we can link to any other aspect of life to increase pleasure, significance and depth.  I hope this inspires you to find a way to heighten your sexuality and go further than going through the motion.  I know it did for me.

Erotic Writing Ups and Downs

Sensual blowjob on the kitchen floor

The Art of Blowjob and Slow Motion Blowjob are definitely about the visuals, but the words certainly add to the eroticism.  Not to say that it’s exactly erotica, but it’s a way of describing the action that goes beyond just what you can see in the shot.  I wouldn’t necessarily claim it to be the best writing in the world, but it’s interesting to see that even some acclaimed published writers can’t really evoke anything sexy when they write about sex.

What am I talking about?  This gem of a list.  It’s the worst sex scenes from modern literature.  While I wouldn’t say that all of them are THAT terrible, some of them made me cringe just to read them.  Here are a few that particularly made me giggle:

From Winkler by Giles Coren: “… and [she] lifted herself from his face and whipped the pillow away and he gasped and glugged at the air… and he yelled with the pain, but the yell could have been anything… she scratched his back deeply with the nails of both hands and he shot three more times in thick stripes on her chest. Like Zorro.”

From Ed King by David Guterson: “She took him by the wrist and moved the base of his hand into her pubic hair until his middle fingertip settled on the no-man’s-land between her ‘front parlor’ and ‘back door’ (those were the quaint, prudish terms of her girlhood), she got him on the node between neighbouring needs (both of which had been explored by johns who almost never tarried).”

And, perhaps most importantly, I hope we can agree to never quote Norman Mailer by referring to blowjobs as “[taking] his old battering ram into her lips” because that is just not arousing.

I think erotic writing is best left to those who actually intend on exciting the reader.  Fleshbot agrees, as they’ve just launched Fleshbot Fiction, a site entirely devoted to erotica.

So, how about you?  Do you like reading erotica, or even erotic descriptions?  And how do these mainstream literary attempts at evoking sex make you feel?

Sexy Reading of 50 Shades of Grey


I can’t deny it anymore…  50 Shades of Grey is a big deal.  I haven’t read it beyond little snarky excerpts posted by people on social media, but it certainly seems to have caught on and I can sort of see why.  For whatever reason, it’s given more traditional and buttoned-up women the “permission” to be sexy.  It’s full of kink, so they’re exploring new grounds and seemingly really enjoying it.  Even though this essentially started off as Twilight fan fiction (actually) it’s still ultimately a good thing, I think.


If this is popular, other books in the same vein will become popular, opening the way for other erotica writers from different genres to move forth and make a name for themselves in the more mainstream sector.  Then, who knows?  Maybe we’ll move out of the literary realm and into photography and videos that are more conventionally accepted as a part of sexuality in general.  Maybe we’ll even decide that sex isn’t such a big, scary taboo!


So, it took a cheesy book to make this seem possible…  Never underestimate the right introduction at the right time.  That said, we can still poke fun at it, of course, which is why I posted that highly disturbing video.  Hopefully you’ll laugh.


I have to ask, though, has anyone here read it or do you know someone who read it?  What do you think of it as a concept?

Amazing Erotica by Daisy Danger


This beautiful and enigmatic photo is a woman with such an incredible sexual prowess that it blows my mind.  Her name is Daisy Danger.  She’s an incredible writer who focuses on autobiographical erotica.  She has had an incredible sex life, full of passionate highs, heartbreaking lows and even sweetly mundane moments where she explores her sexuality with loving partners.


As someone who has a great sex life, but one that has been solid and stable for many many years, it’s amazing to read her array of adventures.  But more than that, her writing is truly superb.  It’s poetic, but also very real.  I wanted to share so much, but one of her most recent stories called out to me.  It is called “I Love it When you Masturbate“:


I ask if I can watch and you blush and shyly say yes. You still aren’t used to someone who doesn’t get mad when you touch yourself. You search for porn on the laptop, turn it on and look at me one more time to make sure I’m really not mad. I smile and tell you how beautiful you are, sitting there with your cock in your hand.

You turn your face to watch the screen, but you leave your body in profile for me. Leaning back in your chair, you relax, cupping your balls, the first tentative strokes increase. Images flash on your laptop screen: cocks of all sizes, pink pussies, gaping assholes, boys fucking boys, girls fucking boys with fists and strap-ons. The people in the videos moan and yell, slap and fuck. The sound of your breath quickens, your ancient office chair creaks, the lube on your cock is wet and thick.

I’m hypnotized by your hands. I follow each practiced stroke up and down your shaft. I love the contrast of your strong hands against the smooth pink of your cock. You glance at me to see if I’m still watching from across the room. Sometimes I touch myself too, but I prefer to watch you, losing yourself deeper and deeper in pleasure.


There is something so beautiful about this (it’s only an excerpt) and I think I know exactly what it is.  She has caught exactly what I wish for the people who enjoy my porn.  My porn is not a direct line from me to the viewer…  It’s a way to enjoy a side of sexuality and open yourself up to other kinds, either alone or with someone else.  I want it to inspire to try new things, but I also just want you to just facilitate a beautiful moment in and of itself.  Self-love is hot, and if more couples respected this side of themselves and each other, I think people would be a lot happier.


Anyways, this is only one tiny example, but she has scores of stories on her website, an amazing podcast featuring her rich and slightly twangy voice and a great selection of Kindle books!  Enjoy, because I know you will.

A Quiet Moment Alone for a Beautiful Blowjob


Today, I have a photo update on my site called A Quiet Moment Alone for a Beautiful Blowjob, and that’s exactly what it is.  I’ve been taking this weekend off from most social media, asides from checking in a little bit, so that we can have a little quiet in our lives.   It’s wonderful to take time to be just the two of us, connecting in a calm, relaxed way.



It’s not even that our day to day life is all that stressful, it’s just good to occasionally step away and recharge our batteries and our connection, if that makes any sense.  Today’s update is a very good example of moments like that.  It’s all about just the two of us, alone in our library/music room (Yes, we have one… Are you surprised?) and enjoying what we do the most.



I hope you all enjoy the little voyeuristic edge.  We always like adding that little touch, peeking through the books to see the action.  It’s a little more fun that way.  😉