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Ask A Porn Star Your Sex Questions!

Hey guys, I found this awesome comic while reading Jiz Lee’s blog! Tell me if you like it?

Comic artist, Erika Moen, got together withPorn Star Jiz Lee to answer some of your questions about sex!

Read her truthful answers to your questions about sex!


You can read more here:

Hysterical Literature, Have You Had The Pleasure of Reading?

The Hysterical Literature project was created by Clayton Cubitt in 2012. His goal is to bring back the ‘pleasure’ of reading! I think he has succeeded there is pleasure and there is reading 😉

Do you remember Hysterical Literature with Stoya. She read Necrophilia Variations. To add to your very sexy audio books, the Photographer Fette Sans reads Le Naufragé, by Thomas Bernhard. Have you guessed…it’s in French! For those of you who have a thing for latin languages, you’ll be excited.

Lucie Blush explains how beautiful it is to watch Fette Sans read and I feel she depicts the best picture. Read it before you see it, here it is: This project is not only hot but also very positive as it really does encourage everybody to read more. It’s also quite mesmerizing to watch a woman trying to focus on the reading while somehow fighting the pleasure that is triggered between their legs. You can witness the evolution of the pleasure invading her body and her head, she has trouble reading, she pauses, starts again, she’s agitated, moving on her chair, trying to grasp something to hold on to, until she gives up and lets it take over until she reaches an epic orgasm. The wand is still buzzing in the post-coming silence.

Watch all the sessions here.

Coming Out Like A Porn Star!

Jiz Lee, Coming Out Like a Porn Star

Jiz Lee, Coming Out Like a Porn Star

Have you hear of this amazing book? It was written by the famous pornstar  Jiz Lee!

Here’s the story behind the book!

Five years ago I decided to stop keeping my work in porn a secret from my family. After all, I have nothing to be ashamed about! I asked my peers for advice and heard the most incredible range of ‘coming out’ stories. Thinking “This would make a powerful book,” I began a call for submissions, sought out publishing advice, solicited stories from performers, and landed a book deal!

COMING OUT LIKE A PORN STAR is now a tangible, physical thing that can be touched (the cover is surprisingly soft and beckons to be stroked) and the pages are screaming to be flipped through and dog eared. (I love a well-worn book.)

I’m also grateful to performers who declined to submit a story because it was too risky, or chose to publish anonymously or under a pen name. It reaffirmed the book’s importance even in the final stages of publication.

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Remembrance Day and The War Veterans!



Beautiful Photographies Of Veterans!

Michael Strokes a Californian fitness photograph decided to show the real face of War Veterans. He launched a Kickstarter to be able to publish is book “Always Loyal”. He raised more than enough money to publish his book, and in only one hour.

The book features 14 U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps veterans of the Iraq War, Gulf War, and War in Afghanistan. The veterans of the U.S. military are in semi nude and nude photos , the majority have lost one or more limbs in Improvised Explosive Device attacks. In the book, you can find a biography page on each one of the models, it also describes there injury.

He donated the 10 000$ profit he made from the book to an organization that provides financial assistance and support to wounded veterans, The Semper Fi Fund.


Those 14 veterans show great courage in revealing themselves to the world and sharing there story with us.






Anais Nin and I

A seductive smile by gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson

My favourite pornographic poet Cal shared this lovely piece with me, and I figured that today is as good a day as any to share it.  It’s a letter from writer Anais Nin to a private erotica collector who wanted her to focus more on sex and less on the poetry (both figurative and literal) surrounding it.  She encourages him to go beyond “this periscope at the tip of (his) sex” and to see the value beyond the “explicit, mechanical, overdone … mechanistic obsession” of base sexual desire described in plain language.  Sometimes, when I’m encouraged to have sex that’s outside of my natural desires (and that’s putting it politely) or to showcase my body in a way that doesn’t feel right to me, I do think of the fundamental differences between the basics of showing sex and the human body to bring the audience to orgasm and the act of framing it in a realistic way filled with love and artistry.

There’s no wrong way, as far as I’m concerned, to express your sexuality, at least as long as everyone involved is consenting…  But I do think it’s wrong to expect things, even from performers or writers, that go against their modes of sexual expression.  Nin wanted her work, even that which is paid for by the collector, to be sensual and romantic and interesting and intense.  This is what I want too.  She says it best:

Sex does not thrive on monotony. Without feeling, inventions, moods, no surprises in bed. Sex must be mixed with tears, laughter, words, promises, scenes, jealousy, envy, all of the spices of fear, foreign travel, new faces, novels, stories, dreams, fantasies, music, dancing, opium, wine.

I’m not so sure about the opium, but I’m with her on the wine.  Sex is so much more than the meeting of genitals.  It’s an experience which we can link to any other aspect of life to increase pleasure, significance and depth.  I hope this inspires you to find a way to heighten your sexuality and go further than going through the motion.  I know it did for me.