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A BJ Straight Out Of The Shower!



This video was made at the request of one of our dear members.

She comes out of the shower, her hair still wet. She finds you in bed butt naked, which draws a huge smile on her lips. Piper crawls to your mid waist. She looks at you playfully as she takes your cock between her finger and to her mouth. She moans hard while she tries to swallow you. The muscles of her throat clench and her tongue make waves onto your erecting width.

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She looks into your eyes, searching for that moment where you lose all control. Piper teases you, she sucks and rubs you until you are about to come, and suddenly she stops. She wants you to want her so badly. The beautiful brunette dives onto your length one last time, as she knows you are about to fill her. She tastes the first drop and lets you see the rest escape from between her lips. But don’t worry, she cleans it all up.

The Wednesday Tip: Panties!

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It can be a hard task to take off her panties. Here are some creative ideas for you to try!

You can ask her to take them off for you. She might just surprise you with some sexy moves. If you prefer doing it yourself, you can slide them off of her with both of your hands.

Another way, only for the experimented, is to use your teeth to pull them down slowly. 

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An Oily Thanksgiving Night Blowjob!


It’s almost night. Piper lays between your legs on the bed. She feels your burning desire on her skin. You rub her shoulders, moving towards her lower back slowly. She wiggles her ass knowingly. You open the oil and pour some all over. She moans as the cold and wet liquid touches her. You massage it all in. What started as a platonic rubdown is now getting out of proportion.

Piper feels your erection between her cheeks. She lifts up her hips to meet you. You grab her by the waist with one hand, as you push yourself into her tight slit. Her body shines as the oil reflects the seasonal decoration lights. Your hands wander all over her plump behind. You pull out, just for your fingers to feel her. She tilts her head and moans in pleasure.

It has been long enough; it is time. Piper wants to taste you. You place yourself over her mouth. She skillfully wraps her hand around your throbbing shaft. The oil makes your cock slip gently thru her fingers. She smiles with pleasure as she feels you come. You spread you seed all over her beautiful mouth. She swallows in appreciation all that you have to give her.

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The Wednesday Tip: More To The Blowjob!

A blowjob can be a great foreplay act.

She can make you edge until all you want is your release. It makes for the best of passionate sex.


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The Piper Blush Special Experiment: Breast Augmentation

Due to the graphic nature of The Piper Blush Special Experiment, viewer discretion is advised.

The pejorative stereotype around women with breasts implants is already broadly spread. It is not coincidental, the apparition of the ‘safer’ breast augmentation surgery arrived so close to the women’s liberation movement and the golden age of porn. You can say, it got most of its attention thru the porn industry, just feeding the concept that this surgery is preferred by porn stars, dancers or women who want to make money out of their augmented self…

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Your breast size varies daily (and more facts about boobs!)

Your breast size varies daily (and more facts about boobs!)

With 300,000 breast enhancement surgeries in 2014 in the US alone, breasts are clearly a point of interest for many people. But what can science tell us about them?

They’re the topic of many a cliché about men, (and some about women!) but breasts have been essential to our species’ existence. With seemingly just the function of suckling infants, breasts take an uncommon precedence in the biology and psychology of humans. Why do they play such an important role?

The high multi-functional mammary

Besides simply being able to distribute milk to keep our offspring alive and growing healthily, women’s breasts are a prominent marker of fertility as we reach adulthood. Some hormonal mechanics surrounding breasts have a significant influence on our daily lives. For instance, when a woman’s just given birth, her body prepares itself to start turning blood into mother’s milk. The process can go so far that the mere sound of a baby crying can cause you to start lactating.

All sorts and sizes

Besides the obvious fascination, you may (or may not!) have with breasts, from a purely scientific standpoint they are a fascinating aspect of our physiology. Check out this excellent overview by AsapSCIENCE to learn all sorts of things you never really knew about breasts.