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Why Do Men Have Blue Balls?



When you say ‘Blue Balls’, it often means that you are sexually frustrated. There is some veracity in the term Blue Balls. Your balls do tend to get darker if an erection is no followed by an ejaculation.

The flow of blood builds up to your penis and scrotum when you are aroused. If it isn’t released it can cause you some minor pain in the testicules. Only the ejaculation can relieve you.

A prolonged erection causes the oxygen from your blood to be absorbed by the tissue of your genitals, giving it that blue-ish color.

Be aware that it does not usually appear naturally. It is more likely to appear when you take erectile dysfunction drugs or blood flow-constricting devices like a cock ring.



#Titty Tuesday Before a BJ!

Time for a BJ?

For the conventional act of lovemaking, the average duration is about 7 minutes – so how long should a BJ last? The great thing about it is that the receptive partner is fully in control, and with enough experience and communication, she’ll have full control over the duration of the session – by deep-throating or more rapid thrusts she create more intense sensations if you’re short on time, or if you’re comfortable she can go slow, and even do a bit of edging by stopping when you tell her you’re just about to finish.

Most Intimate POV with Piper Blush!

Most men tell us they would rather have Piper all to themselves, but they’ll settle for the next best thing- a very intimate POV video.

Here it is, the most intimate blowjob Piper has ever done, you can almost feel her warmth on your cock.

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What Kind of Porn Do Women Watch!



Did you know that the female Pornhub population is around 24 percent! From this map, I have to say most women like to watch lesbian porn. Can you blame them 😉 It seems like they are distinctiveness between some cultures regarding there preferences in porn. As you can see, women from the Africa prefer Ebony and women from East Asia loves Hentai. I guess if you are into anal, you can relate to the women in Russia.

So why do women over the world prefer lesbian porn? Vice talked to three women from the UK, to find out. Here is what Steph 26 had to say to Vice:

I watched porn for the first time when I was probably about 13 or 14 on the laptop my whole family used. I assume they must have been out of the house, but who knows? Maybe I was into the risk?

I used to watch a lot of lesbian porn and “mainstream” stuff, but I don’t any more, and I’m also really put off by anything that looks too fake or where the women don’t look like they’re having a good time – basically the “30 minutes of blow jobs and one solid thrust in the vagina and she’s come” stuff. Now, the porn star has to kind of look like me and kind of be having the type of sex I’m having in real life, or would like to experiment with in real life. I assume this is because I’m a bit more self and sex positive than I was when I was a teenager and know what I want a bit more. If I want a quickie, it’s always a guy going down on a girl.

At the moment I prefer POV porn and a bit of dirty talk and mild BDSM… plus, I’m quite into interracial porn. I’m really not into anal at all because it all just looks a bit painful. Also, I don’t like fake boobs; I find jiggly boobs a turn-on, so solid ones put me right off.


Text inspired from Vice!






Get Piper Blush’s Phone Number!

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Click On Image to Text With Piper!

Get Piper’s iPhone Number

You might want to chat on a daily, even hourly, basis. You might prefer to exchange photos and chat about them. You might even want to get really close and personal with some very suggestive texts. I love it every way! I feel so lucky having you as my fans! I wanna make the time for you! The demand being very high, I found a way we can stay in touch more efficiently and privately. As you become one of my DreamLovers, I offer myself a VIP treatment with you, and you’ll get my personal cell phone number where I’m always reachable. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and maybe exchange some… photos 😉

How Does It Work?

I received a couple questions regarding the functioning of DreamLover, so here’s a quick overview of the very easy steps. First, go on Second, create your account for only a dollar, don’t worry it is NOT recurring and totally SFW. Third, once your account is created go to Fourth, right under my profile picture click on “Buy her number”. I put it at the smallest possible price which is 4$, only so more of you can get in touch with me. You will now receive my personal cell number! You can contact me whenever you wish, I will instantly know you are one of my VIP Fans :)

Get My Private Cell!

Get My Private Cell!

How To Have the Best Quickies!

In a relationship, we all want to have the best sex possible. But does it mean it has to be long lasting? Not really! You can have a great sex session that only lasted a couple of minutes. You could also have really bad sex that lasts for hours. We don’t have a lot of time on our hands on week days, so how can we have great sex that does not last too long?

Here is an easy guide I have put together to have the greatest quickies 😉

Piper Blush And Laura!

You need to be really turned-on for a quickie to be satisfying. I suggest you do some smooching. Get those tongue intertwined! Kissing makes you feel more intimate and in the process it arouses you. When you kiss it wakes up your nervous system and endocrine system.

Get You Clothes On!

Don’t waist any time getting your clothes off, just pull those panties aside and open up that zipper! Keeping your clothes makes it feel even more sexy. You need to have each other right here and now.

Kitchen Sex!

Do it in an unconventional spot, for you. It can be in the living room, on the kitchen island… The fear of getting caught will increase your excitement!

Talk to each other during the act. It allows you to stay focus on each other. It can be naughty or nice talk, do what works for you best.

Here you have it, now you can try to realize the perfect quickie!