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Titty Tuesday And A Snow Day With Piper Blush!

Snow Days!

Piper loves to take walks, breath the fresh air and feel the snowflakes melt on her cheeks. It is a little cold for outdoor frivolities. As long as you are outside with your partner, doing any kind of sport, you can tease each other. Tell her what you have in mind for her when you  come in. Once inside, take off those dreadful layers of clothes and do what you promised!

Piper Blush

Piper Blush

The Lelo: Sex For Men Facts!

From the lesser-known male turn-ons to the complex range of emotions they experience before, during and after sex, men are surprisingly complicated creatures when it comes to lovemaking.

A man’s motives for sex also seem to be often misunderstood – probably by men themselves as much as anything – sowe at LELO decided once again to team up with our good friends science, logic and common sense to pick out a few of our favorite facts that will hopefully shed some light on the mystery of menkind.

Let’s Talk About Feelings

  • Sex is one of the most effective ways men show that they are in love.
  • The number one sexual act desired by men is oral.
  • Generally speaking, and especially during sex, men don’t notice and never will notice the things women don’t like about their bodies.
  • A man’s body releases sleep-inducing hormones after sex so far from being offended if he dozes off after a steamy session, women can be pleased with a job well done.

Facts About Sperm

  • Contrary to the school of thought that this is a myth made up and popularized by men, sperm actually is good for the skin, as the tightening effect it has on the epidermis is considered by some to be an effective anti-aging treatment.
  • One teaspoon of semen contains five calories, once and for all debunking the idea that if you swallow, you have to forego dessert.
  • Sperm has been known to live on in the vagina for as long as eight days after ejaculation, although 48 hours is more common. This is more or less exactly the same time an egg remains open to the idea of fertilization. Coincidence or what?!
  • While diet can have an effect on the way semen tastes, the extent to which the flavor of his man milk actually changes is minimal.

Male Orgasms

  • The male G-spot, or prostate, is located at the base of the penis and is best accessed through the anus. Exploring the male G-spot is one of the most effective ways for men to achieve a more powerful orgasm, which is why prostate massagers are gaining in popularity.
  • Having at least four orgasms a week can reduce a man’s chances of getting prostate cancer by as much as 33%.
  • Statistics show that around 75% of men always reach orgasm during sex.
  • The average male orgasm lasts for about six seconds. The average female orgasm lasts for about 23 seconds.
  • The oxytocin created during a man’s orgasm can increase his pain threshold by as much as 50%, just one of the many health benefits of sex for men.


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The Wednesday Tip: Masturbate!

Handling Yourself

Man are really good at figuring out what they like and doing the same thing in bed, but women, not so much, they do not work the same way. You do not have to tell her what to do, just add some of your own spice.

You can keep massage oil lying around (be sure it’s one that works with rubbers and toys, if you have more in mind).  When women see it they will think it’s for them, that they are going to get a massage.

When she starts pulling it dry, you can say you have an idea and pour a little on yourself. It will slides easily and she will like it too.

See blowjobs, with all sorts of ‘spices’ on TheArtofBlowjob!

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Titty Tuesday and How to Make a Good Knot!

Piper Blush

Piper Blush


To restrain her, you can use whatever comes in handy- her panties, your tie, the rope of your dressing gown. Be sure you tie it tightly but not so much that she has marks. Too tight can cause bruising, you do not want your friends to ask too many questions! Some women are more comfortable with fake restraints, ones that are loose enough that she can get out of them, but will not if she feels safe enough.

Piper Blush

Sex Furniture And Its Many Disguises!

Looking Innocuous!

You probably already know the obvious furniture people use to get it on outside of the bed, from swings, pillows, chairs, balls, poles, etc.

Some furniture can be pretty deceiving for someone that does not know their real purposes. like Piper’s little sofa, it can stay in the livingroom and disguises itself as a new age modern chair.

Piper Blush

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