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Want To Visit Montreal With Like Real Quebecois!

Did you know we were a Montreal based company… well now you do!

Montreal has so much to offer and if you are thinking of visiting or just feel like learning more about this only francophone province of Canada let Piper be you guide!

Get your private guided tour! Try the food, see landmarks, learn more about the culture…


Learn More About The Master/sub relationship with Piper!

Want to know more about the Master/sub relationship or just looking to expand your knowledge on BDSM, in a not 50 Shades of Grey sense…

Join Piper every weekend for her- Sinful Sundays!

Here’s a taste, from her Sinful Sundays Playlist on Youtube.


Piper is doing it for real: No Bra, No Shirt!

Don’t miss Piper’s sequel vlog to the Sports Bra vs No Bra: Jump Rope Test! Before YouTube takes it down!

Sports Bra vs No Bra: Pogo Stick Test!

Piper No Bra

Piper No Bra

And this time she’s really going for it! So be there at 8 am sharp on Saturday the 8th of September to see Piper do the No Bra, No Shirt on a Pogo Stick!

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Piper Blush, Art Model

Piper Blush, Art Model

You want to get involved in something big. I have just the thing for you!

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Piper Blush: Facials Are Not Degrading!

I’ve always been orally focused. I like to put things in my mouth. I even do it while watching TV shows. It can last a few episodes. I prefer blowjobs over any other sexual act. That is why I mainly do fellatio videos. I like to stay true to myself!

I do feel women don’t realize how their attitude towards the blowjob affects their partner. Eye contact is essential. It helps you connect with your partner without having to talk. You can communicate with your eyes, and it’s very intimate. Exchanging a glance, lets you know how the other person feels. Most men I’ve encountered, tell me it’s eye contact and a passionate attitude that makes the difference between an average blowjob and a mind-blowing blowjob. You should always think of your enjoyment while giving a blowjob. He will like it if she likes it! Women should not feel shy about peeking up and letting their partner know how much they enjoy their manhood. Men also need to be told that they are beautiful!

Watch on

Watch on

A blow job is indeed a submissive act on the part of the woman even if she enjoys it as much as he does, the primary goal is to satisfy the men. She chooses to allow a man to penetrate her mouth, as she would any other parts of her body. A woman can most definitely be in control of the blow job. There are many blow job positions in which she will have more mobility, than the standard man up/woman on her knees. She can do it when the man is lying in bed, and they can establish that the man is not to touch her during the blow job, giving her total control over him. You have to find what satisfies both your needs!

Watch Piper’s love for blowjob’s, click here!

I have never felt disrespected while giving a blow job. I believe that men are proud of their manhoods and I think a lot of their confidence comes from their manhoods. They like to see themselves ejaculate, how much semen they are. The bigger the load, the further it goes, the more fertile they feel. I respect that and cherish it in the male gender.

Exclusively on

Exclusively on

I love to empower a man by giving them a blowjob. For a moment I belong to them as they spread their seed all over me. I feel a deeper connection with a man when he lets me perform oral. For some people the facial cumshot is regarded as male dominance and degrading for the woman, but not for me. I feel that’s the only way you can entirely pleasure a man.