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World’s Longest Tongue

Adrienne Lewis of Michigan has an amazing tongue. It may even be the world’s longest tongue. That remains to be seen by the Guinness Book of World Records, but Brazzers has already taken note and contacted her to see if she’d perform in a scene for them. She has already made it pretty clear that she’d not be interested. If you watch the video, you’ll even see that her boyfriend wishes he could beat up the internet.

Not wanting to be pummelled, we just wanted to bring attention to her Youtube page and hope that you’ll take note of her exceptional tongue. While we’re very happy for her, it’s important to note that size isn’t everything, but you could certainly stand to emulate some of the moves in her videos to limber up before going down. Consider her dexterity aspirational and use it for whatever suits you, even The Art of Blowjob or The Art of Cunnilingus!

Ballsy New Venture

Ballsy bike lights

Canada is responsible for some pretty great inventions: basket ball, penicillin, anything else I learned on a Canadian Heritage Minute. Now we have one more! You remember truck nuts? Well, Toronto designers have gone a step further and come up with Bike Balls. That’s right!

They’re like truck nuts (in a way) except that they hang out under the seat of your bike and actually serve as a great source of light to let people behind you know that you’re a bike. A bike with BALLS! Now, I don’t actually know how to ride a bike, but I might have to start because these just sound too great for words. But… do they turn blue when you really need to get somewhere but you’re stuck at a light or in a big urban traffic jam? These are the thoughts that show you that I definitely work for The Art of Blowjob!

What do you think? Would you embrace this unconventional invention? The Kickstarter is over and they made 3x what they asked (nearly 40k) but you can still back it if you like!

Cosmo Tips Gone Wrong

By Loryn Brantz of Buzzfeed

By Loryn Brantz of Buzzfeed

In this hilarious (and horrifying) comic by , you can learn all the blowjob tips you SHOULD NEVER DO, as (mostly) seen in Cosmopolitan magazine. They’re known for their hilarious enthusiasm for scrunchies, sticky syrups and humming, but I don’t think they ever actually advocated using open flames… that may be a little creative license. Still, I guess her heart is in the right place with the use of a soothing burn ointment handjob… Right?

See the full comic here and then… Don’t try this at home. Well, maybe try the show tunes part.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Sexy Piper lounging

Happy St. Patrick’s day, everyone. Piper’s Irish eyes are smiling and she’s covered up with a beautiful green wrap. If you’re Irish or just enthusiastic about leprechauns, the colour green, drinking or yelling along to Irish ditties, it’s a pretty fun holiday. For us, it’s mostly about making terribly awesome puns about oral sex. After all, today is a day to get lucky! And what makes you luckier than licking? Of course, you can always kiss the “blarney stone” which theoretically could mean just about anything, but we mean genitals. 😉 Top of the morning wood to ye! And, for the more analingus-ly focused: bottoms up! I think my favourite one by far is that, well, it’s magically delicious. And really, what’s more magical or delicious than oral sex?

However you say it, you can celebrate St. Patrick’s day with us at The Art of Blowjob and The Art of Cunnilingus.

About Me

Well, it looks like I’m not going anywhere, so I might as well share a little bit about who I am.

So hi. I’m Sophie. As we’ve established, I work for The Art of Blowjob. I have always taken care of the social media, blogging, writing, PR, marketing and so on, but I’ve also taken on additional work pertaining to business development, public speaking, more academic writing, directing and editing. Now I also perform. I’m like a girl Friday, now with blowjobs! I’ve been with the company for over four years now and beautiful porn is a very big part of my life, both onscreen and off. When I’m not working on my day job, I shoot porn for a local community-based porn collective and I also help with making DIY sex tapes at a local sex club. Oh, and I host a monthly sexy storytelling event called Tell Me Something Good. AND I have restarted my burlesque act. Phew.

It sounds kind of funny to be talking about myself, but some folks have mentioned that they’re curious, so I’ll run through some more of the personal aspects of myself, almost like a little list of sorts.

– I love to read. I have way too many books on my desk at any given time and at least a couple in my purse. My favourite authors are Dave Eggers, Italo Calvino, Miranda July and John Rechy. My favourite poets are Frank O’Hara, Leonard Cohen and Allen Ginsberg. My most recent favourite read is Drunk Mom by Jowita Bydlowska, which is depressing as all get out, but in a gripping way.

–  My sense of humour is verrrrry important to me, and it’s more or less shaped by the following sources: The Simpsons (only season 1-10), Arrested Development, Community (only seasons 1-3), 30 Rock, Clerks Animated, Achewood, Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, classic Woody Allen movies (I have a problem with him, but I can’t deny that Manhattan, Annie Hall and Hannah and her Sisters left an imprint on my comedic psyche), Kate Beaton of Hark, a Vagrant and the comedy stylings of Jon Mulaney, Rob Delaney and DeAnne Smith. And probably lots of other things, but that’s what comes to mind. Suffice it to say, funny is sexy and witty banter is extremely important to me.

– I actually come from an all singing, all dancing background. I studied opera extensively, focused on jazz/contemporary dance and somehow parlayed that into directing/choreographing/vocal coaching for musical theatre, which I still do on the side. I’m also on and off in a really cool choir… Yes, such a thing exists.

– Relatedly, I have very little free time.

– Cooking and baking are some of my favourite things. I can whip up a risotto like nobody’s business, bake the best cornbread ever and make a mac and cheese that’d rival any mother’s recipe. And yes, I make many healthier options, too. My favourite thing is to infuse florals into my baking, so I’m always grinding lavender into brownies or using elderflower syrup in a cupcake. I also used to work as a cake decorator, so I have weird precision when I actually put my mind to it. I WILL bake you cookies.

– I realize I’m treading on well-worn ground, but I love Scotch. I’m half Scottish (and the other half is a mix of mostly Irish, some English and a smidgen of French) so I come by it honestly. I have a soft spot for Aberlour (especially the 15 year or the a’bunadh Spanish cask[!!!]), Oban, Glenmorangie, The Balvenie, Auchentoshan (18 year if possible, but I honestly quite like their 12 for everyday at home tippling) and, for my specific roots, the 18 year Talisker. I’m pretty open to different styles. I like it smooth, smoky, peaty, so I’ll also gladly do Lagavulin or Laphroig… Basically, if you have a decent Scotch, I’m there.

– When I’m not doing Scotch, I’m in it for a Hendrick’s gin and tonic, a dirty gin martini or a well-crafted cocktail from someone who knows what they’re doing and may or may not have basil, mint, rose water or lavender.

– As I have a musical background, I’m all about music. I love going to (smallish) shows and devour new music like some sort of a music-devouring animal. Some favourites include: Kishi Bashi, Basia Bulat, Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Joni Mitchell, LCD Soundsystem, HAIM, Gentleman Reg, Robyn, Grimes, Evening Hymns, Caribou… Yeah. Lots more, but I don’t want to exhaust you.

– Outside of that which I’ve already mentioned in the comedy category, my favourite movies are West Side Story, Shortbus, Cabaret, The Muppet Movie, Me You and Everyone We Know, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Empire Records and, I’ll be real here, Clueless. My tastes are eclectic. As for TV, on top of the aforementioned humour-shaping shows, I have deep love for The West Wing, Orange is the New Black, Freaks and Geeks, Bob’s Burgers, Parks and Recreation, Louie, The Daily Show and the Colbert Report.

– So, documentaries are their own category because I love them so much. The Hot Docs festival is like my Christmas. My favourites of all time are: Beauty is Embarrassing, Paris is Burning, Bad Blood, Whores’ Glory, Serving Life, How to Survive a Plague, Punk Singer and so on. So much on. So much.

– A few of my favourite things: puppets (making, playing with, watching), makeup, green juices, very sweaty workouts, going to the nude beach, just about any sexuality-related social/political cause, yoga, brunch, cats and dogs, walking around my favourite cities, karaoke, doing little crafty things, Thai/Vietnamese/Indian/Mexican foods, playing my ukulele, tending to my little windowsill/balcony garden… The list goes on, and I’m sure I’ll expand on these various passions.

So, that’s (some of) me. What about you?

My First Video


Well, I did it. It definitely happened faster than I expected, but sometimes you test something out, it looks right and you just decided to submit it. I was expecting the worst, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see how many people were actually enthusiastic about seeing me in porn. I mean, sure, people are generally speaking pretty psyched to see porn no matter what, but it does feel really great when it’s at least somewhat specifically to do with the person as well as the content. So, yeah, my first update is live.

Since I’ve always essentially been someone else, I’ve always had a certain amount of distance. Now that I’m myself and fully exposed as a performer, it takes on a really different feeling. It has definitely taught me that receiving first-hand compliments for your appearance as opposed to your work is quite a mind trip for someone who hasn’t always felt beautiful. That’s something that I’m honestly surprised by, but I certainly think it’s something I could get used to without developing a big head.

The other thing that has been surprising me is how polarized my feelings are towards the idea of people actually watching the porn I made. I mean, sure, I’ve always been intellectually aware that this kind of publicity means it’ll be observed and enjoyed by other people… That’s kind of the point. At the same time, I didn’t really think of it too much. So, on the one hand, it feels kind of strange to know that people are getting off to what is essentially my face, but it’s also kind of hot in a way. It’s only been a few days, so I’m still processing it.

Regardless, I hope you’ll go take a look at the update. It’d be really nice to get some feedback and hear what you thought of my first attempt.