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Cyndi Gallop Thinks Sex Tech Is Necessary!

Cindy Gallop has been working since 2009 to normalize conversations about sex, first launching a site to simply debunk sex myths that come from porn (for example, no, not all women like being cursed out in bed).

She defines “sextech” as any technology venture designed to innovate and enhance human sexuality.

Discover Ariel Rebel!

Piper Blush is friends with Ariel¬†Rebel since her debut in the adult industry. You can say Ariel as been quite the mentor to her. Since Montreal is a small town where not that many models reside the two got along just great and loved to exchange drinks, ideas and… We’ll let you guess ūüėõ

Here’s a little more about Ariel: I have always been a very curious and sexual person. At a young age, I remember finding some old porn magazines in one of my friend‚Äôs room and even back then, I promised myself that one day I was going to do some of the sexy photo shoots I saw in the magazines. Later in life, I was spying on my girlfriends in the changing room, curious to see how they looked naked to compare myself to them and often creating lesbian fantasy scenarios in my head. In high school, I was a big tease‚Ķ I loved teasing the boys in my classes, and I loved the sexual tension I was creating. It was a time of sexual discovery and experimentation. I wanted to be desired, loved and fucked‚Ķ

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How To Eat Banana Like A Blowjob Queen!!!


Here’s what women who practice their blowjob skills, with bananas, may look like. Keep an eye out; you might see one of these precious creatures during lunch¬†time ūüėõ


She has a tendency to lick and taste her food lusciously!


She can pull food in and out of her mouth for no particular reason. Watch out; she has to look like she enjoys it for her to be a real Queen!


The never ending throat. If you ever capture this rare female specimen, treat her right. She’s a keeper because you might never find another one like her!

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Why Do Men Like Boobs So Much?

We can’t be sure why men so are attracted to breasts, but a neuroscientist named Larry Young has yet another theory about it! And it seems to make sense.


All of you straight men will finally have a rational way to explain to your girlfriend why you can’t help but look at other women’s cleavage.

Larry Young studies neurological basis of complex social behavior. He thinks that the reason why men are so in love with boobs involves the mother-infant bond that is created during breastfeeding.

Are you familiar with oxytocin? It is also known as the love drug. Oxytocin¬†is naturally secreted when a woman’s nipples are stimulated. It solidifies the bond between a mother and her child during breastfeeding.

Men can trick the female brain by stimulating her nipples during foreplay and sex. By doing so you amplify your bond with your partner and you render yourself more desirable.



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