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Think Blowjob!

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When it comes to blowjobs only a few things matter:  emotions, feelings and passion. Leave logical and practical behind. Most importantly, stay out of your head. Overthinking kills the mood because you are not enjoying the present moment. Also it breaks your focus on his cock. Remember, penis is everything and don’t leave the balls behind. Being looked down upon is not to be feared. You put yourself in this position to have more control. If you are in the blowjob learning process, don’t be too serious about it. Keep it lite, have fun and be a little foolish. Don’t worry about your performance or even being perfect. Play games with his mind. Act more innocent than you really are, and at the same time be naughty and dirty. You want him to perceive you as a princess and a pornstar. Just find that magic balance.  Penis is your new mantra!

It is Piper’s too at TheArtofBlowjob!

Lead Her!



The location, the ambiance are things a woman pays careful attention to. By changing the location, you can take your woman through a whole new rollercoaster of emotions, removing the focus from pure technique. You can slowly leave the bedroom as your try new things, taking her to the kitchen, the balcony, maybe a shaded area outside… The important thing is to be confident and lead her, and she’ll forget where she is and simply be in that moment with you.

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Eat her every Sunday!


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Go ahead and show your woman what you have learned. You should not wait for her to ask you for oral, it may never happen. Take initiative! The key is to make her feel safe and beautiful. Some women feel shy towards their female parts. Complimenting her, before you go down there, will help her confidence. You can say: ” I want to kiss your pretty pussy, it tastes so good.”

Take it easy, no need to rush, play with her. Tease her clit, play with her hair. You want to make her feel comfortable. You are in control. Touch her entire body with your lips and/or hands.

Ask her what she wants. If she doesn’t know, ask her if she likes what you are presently doing. Try the basics and if your woman has a kink for something, just please her your best!

Here are some basic tips!

Make the circles, big enough, so you touch the clitoris for only one quarter of the circle. The rest of the time you want to be really close, but not on the spot, that is what makes her go crazy! You can try long licks, from the clit to the hole. Sucking on her clitoris makes her feel a different range of sensations, start softly and increase depending on her reaction.

Use what you’ve got!


The location at which you decide to have sex will change your experience.

Piper gets pretty creative when it comes to using furniture, it helps her get the best orgasms. Never neglect comfort in oral sex. The more comfortable you are, the best the experience and that is for both sides. Try to stay in the same position, because when you have to move, it sometimes kills the mood.

There is always a new way to experience oral sex!

Say your mind!


If you want it, say it!
While it’s true that your partner cannot read your mind and fulfill all your fantasies down to every detail, as you get to spend more time in the bedroom with them, you’ll both start to know exactly what makes each other tick. That’s why it’s important early on to communicate exactly what gets you off, before the habits set in; if you don’t show and talk about it, your partner won’t know what works and what doesn’t. And especially for guys, don’t stay silent during the act; show her what feels good by moaning at the right times and gently guiding her with your voice.