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Titty Tuesday with Piper Blush!

Piper Blush For

Piper Blush For

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Piper Blush’s Interview For MoreThenSexToys(Part 1)!

MoreThenSexToys asked me a couple of questions!

Your performances focus on oral sex. How did you arrive at this?

I’ve always been orally focused. I like to eat with my fingers, to have something in my mouth at all times. I love to give fellatio, sometimes I do it while I watch tv, it can last a few episodes :)  I prefer blowjobs over any other sexual act in my private life. I thought I should stay true to myself and do what I like most!

Have you learned anything from your experiences in adult film that has perhaps enhanced your private sex life? If so, can you share those with our customers?

I have already learned a great deal from my short time in porn, by talking to my fans, getting to know them and what makes them like me. It has changed my perspective on blow jobs. I had always done blowjob in full selfishness, for my own pleasure. Making videos on blow jobs made me realise how much men crave them. Now in my personal life, I try to make my partner feel what I feel when he’s in my mouth. Every sexual experience I have on camera is responsible for the person I am now!

The Art of BlowJob (TAOBJ) has won a Feminist Porn award. Do you consider TAOBJ to be feminist? If so how?

I do consider TAOBJ to be a feminist porn site. I give blowjobs because I personally prefer them to anything else. TheArtofBlowjob lets me share my passion! Every time we shoot a video, I get to choose what I want to do. We mainly focus on the woman’s pleasure during fellatio. The man is not made very present, it leaves place for the woman to explore her sexuality. Also, we have develloped TheArtofBlowjob’s Educational Series, it’s a series of short videos that explain many aspects of The Art that is giving a good blowjob. We talk about the attitude and the different techniques that can be used. You could use any of our videos to practice the skills you want to acquire, but the Educational Series has a voiced over description to help guide you. Women can embrace and posses their sexuality by being models or becoming members of TheArtofBlowjob.

In your interview with Dr. Laurie Betito, you talked about the artistry of TAOBJ. How do you maintain the intensity and originality of each performance?

It’s not hard to find inspiration when doing something you love! I think about sex a lot, so I have plenty of ideas in my head. Our videos are usually made of the spree of the moment. It all depends on my mood and the one of my partner. One morning, I can feel like a facial cumshots and the other like edging. By choosing what I want to do today, I’m always passionate about it. That’s why the videos are filled with intensity and originality. Some videos can be less original because they already come with a theme, like on Steak and Blowjob Day. On that day, we just have to do a video where there’s a steak and a blowjob! Those are fun because you know people are waiting for them impatiently.

You have been in the adult film industry for a little more than a year. How has your experience affected your view on sexual wellness and intimacy?

It has affected my views on sexual wellness and intimacy, I’ve seen a whole new side to sex. I feel that to be able to experience sexual wellness or to flourish sexually, you need openness. You have to talk about sex! Where some people don’t need intimacy to obtain sexual wellness. Intimacy does help people not feel ashamed to talk about taboos with their partners. Talking about sex, lets you construct an opinion about your own sexlife. What are you looking for in sex? If you don’t know what’s out there how can you know what you want. I feel that if a sexual act is done with the consent of both parties, it can be fulfilling, whatever that act is.

There is a very sensual appeal to the production of TAOBJ. How do you maintain this?

Sensuality comes from intimacy. We shot the videos in a very private setting, only me and a male model. We set up the cameras and are free to do whatever we feel like. We follow our impulses, it stays true and real. Nothing is controlled by a third party or interrupted by the movements of a crew.


There seems to be a more open attitude towards sexuality in general in Canada, especially in the Montreal area. Do you think this is an accurate description as compared to the U.S. for example?

I would say that Canada does think less conservatively towards sex, and many other things, than the U.S. I can only talk of what I know, Quebec does have sexual education in school, where not every state in the States has it. I did have Sexual Education classes throughout my years in school. These classes do guide a population towards acceptance and openness. They are based on scientific facts about the human body, but also on statistics about genders, homosexuality, etc. They help you understand the world in which you live in.

I notice that in The Art of Blow Job, the female performers convey a passion or desire for their partners through eye contact and enthusiasm. Do you find that women in general underestimate the effectiveness of this in enjoying these experiences?

I do feel women don’t realize how their attitude towards the blowjob affects their partner. Eye contact is very important, it helps you connect with your partner without having to talk. You can communicate with your eyes and it’s very intimate. Exchanging a glance, lets you know how the other person feels. Most men I’ve encountered, tell me it’s eye contact and a passionate attitude that makes the difference between an average blowjob and a mind-blowing blowjob. You should always think of your own enjoyment while giving a blowjob. He will like it if she likes it! Women should not feel shy about peeking up and letting their partner know how much they enjoy their manhood. Men also need to be told that they are beautiful!

For more information on oral sex tips, we recommend visiting our HEADS UP Collection.

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Titty Tuesday and TheArtofBlowjob’s Educational Series!

Piper Blush For

Piper Blush For

Enjoy TheArtofBlowjob’s Educational Series, it’s FREE!

You can learn a great deal form our 25 educational videos form skills to attitude. Don’t be shy and enjoy them with a partner!


Glory Hazel- They Recycle Porn!

Are you a fan of vintage porn? But are tired of seeing the same old scenes. Sabine Fischer and Sandra Lichtenstern have just what you need! They’ve decided to make old and realistic porn look young again.

I have to say our TheArtofBlowjob, does have lots in common with their ‘Creative Pornography Philosophy’, except maybe for recycling part!

They feel that: Con-temporary productions are for the most part uninspiring, stereotypical, boring – a fleshy mass of bare skin, lustless moaning and dull artificiality. They aim to approach the aesthetically neglected visual field with sensual creativity and innovation and to playfully discover unknown potential of porn. Their ambition is to create an aesthetically appealing, humane representation of sexual fantasies.


Fischer and Lichtenstern

Fischer and Lichtenstern

Since 2009, they have dedicated themselves to the promising field of work that emerges when pornography meets creativity. Their motivation sprouts from the shocking lack of pornographic productions that satisfy their aesthetic demands and arouse their sensual expectations.

We’ve both been involved in the field of design for several years. As GLORY HAZEL we want to apply our experience to pornography. Our approach to this topic is the same as with other visual projects – we apply motivation, care and creativity.

With GLORY HAZEL we hope to animate a positive discourse and encourage a creative engagement with pornography. GLORY HAZEL would also like to be understood as an appeal to other creative minds to take on the neglected field of pornography.

Messy Sex Is The Best Sex!

Dripping Wet

We do not know why, but we do love our women a little messy. Is it because a messy woman is a good woman? If she licks her fingers and does not mind tasting the food in your plate, does it mean she is great in the sack? Usually, it does! A woman that does not mind getting dirty will not mind it in bed, either. You can bury your member in whipped cream, chocolate, champagne, she will eat it all an even ask for more, because right now is funtime!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 4.28.29 PM

Ask A Porn Star Your Sex Questions!

Hey guys, I found this awesome comic while reading Jiz Lee’s blog! Tell me if you like it?

Comic artist, Erika Moen, got together withPorn Star Jiz Lee to answer some of your questions about sex!

Read her truthful answers to your questions about sex!


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