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Soothing Blowjob

Sexy and calm sensual blowjob


Oh, orgasms…  There are so few things in the world that truly compare to the incredible release of a really good one.  Or any one, really.  It’s intense, but the moments after are so thoroughly calm and beautiful.  Blowjobs themselves can be very relaxing, which is exemplified in today’s update: Soothing Blowjob.


Gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson gives an amazing soothing blowjob


I recently decided to switch rooms around in the house…  I do that sometimes.  We now have our bedroom in a brand new space and it feels even more light and airy and beautiful.  How could the blowjob not be soothing and relaxed in such a lovely place?  Pair that with some cute pale polkadot lingerie and an afternoon to stretch out and enjoy each other and it was the perfect recipe for a really evocative blowjob video.


Erotic beauty Camille Crimson gives a sensual soothing blowjob


Feel the soothing blowjob experience for yourself in the trailer and the full video.  Do you have a preference for blowjobs…  Soothing or exhilarating?  What’s the ideal circumstance for you?

Pornstar Tips?

Camille Crimson of The Art of Blowjob


Over the past day or two, Reddit has been all about one post by a former pornstar with tips for women.  As someone who is in porn too, but in a totally different way, it’s really interesting to read her tips.  I’m not here to discredit anything she wrote, but just to expand/give my own take on it from a beautiful porn perspective and as someone who likes to think about sexuality and relationships in a slightly unconventional way.


Point #1 has her talking all about positioning, specifically arching her back.  I say, do it if you like, but don’t risk scoliosis!  😉  She does mention looking back and showing that you’re enjoying doggy with some smiles!  That is something I can definitely root for.  The more connection and clear pleasure, the better!


#2 suggests that you find a way to watch the action.  I love that, of course, but it should be a choice rather than a performance.  Be curious about it and find the arousal yourself!


Point #3 is a strong yes from me!  Take initiative!  Let your partner know what you want.


Sexy lingerie and surprises are always fun, as #4 points out, and you can definitely do it for someone else…  Just do it for yourself too.  The sexiest you can be is the kind of sexy you like to be, because comfortable sexuality radiates confidence.


Things like showing enthusiasm in the moment (with grabbing your partner’s body, moaning and moving as a reaction to pleasure) and via text message (in points #5 and #6) are awesome, but only when they’re not JUST a performance.  You can be performing a bit, but performing something you’re actually excited about.


Her point #7 is naturally most interesting to me, because it’s about showing excitement about blow jobs.  She suggests that you focus on showing that you think he’s big, that you’re hungry for it or that you’re a bad girl about to show him something…  You are totally welcome to portray any kind of reasoning for loving what you’re up to (not just blowjobs, but any sex act) but it doesn’t need to be a script to follow.


Posing is just that…  posing.  Her #8 point is about finding the positions that look best.  That can be empowering, it’s just not necessary unless it’s something you want to be doing.  Be yourself!  This goes for everyone.


As she says in point #9, when you’re receiving pleasure, be present and show that you’re having a good time.  This doesn’t mean you need to be clawing the walls and screaming, but do what feels natural to you to be encouraging…  Eye contact and that genuine connection is the secret ingredient to having a wonderful time.


Finally her last point is the best by far.  Don’t do this all all the time.  Do what feels right and what hits.  Sex shouldn’t be about seeing how many things you can juggle… And get your pleasure too!  “Profit” is not the term I’d use, but knowing how to get what you want means that even giving pleasure won’t feel like a one way experience.


What do you think of her tips?  Does it seem a little too porny, or are there nuggets of truth?  What else would you add?

Motel Fetish

Dita Von Teese on Motel Fetish


We’ve shot in a few motels over the years, which I always find kind of kitschy and fun.  They feel like getting away to go do something sneaky and erotic.  Clearly I’m not the only one who feels that way.  Chas Ray Krider is a photographer who has created a series of photoshoots all taking place in motels called Motel Fetish.  As you can see from the above picture, he has even collaborated with Dita Von Teese!


Motel Fetish lingerie erotica


I love the concept for his photos, which all have a beautiful vintage quality.  The settings are perfect for stockings, sexy dark lingerie and retro pinup glamour makeup and hair.  Even though I’ve been going for a more relaxed look lately, I still love this look a lot…  I am a Dita fan after all!


Erotic motel glamour shot


Do you like this aesthetic?  I’m very enraptured by it.  There’s such a lovely idea of the kinds of trysts that must have happened in those times…  It makes me feel inspired…

Brookelynne Briar Launches her Solo Site

Erotic fetish beauty Brookelynne Briar


Speaking of awesome things and sexy people coming out of this wonderful city, I’m excited to get to share a brand new solo site by one of my fellow sensual Montreal ladies…  Brookelynne Briar!  You may remember her as one of the incredible women I included on my list of Montreal porn producers to watch for Cult Montreal.


She is a real sweetheart and an unbelievable talent.  She’s been on cams and working behind the scenes on Live Cam Network for a few years and she’s using everything she has learned to expand into the world of making her own porn.  There’s lots of solo exploration, but there’s also hardcore sex…  Including a special focus on blowjobs, which she loves just as much as yours truly.


On top of being very hot, she’s a very smart cookie too.  In her own words, here’s a bit about how she made her own site:


As many of you know this has been a solo project of mine that I have been working non-stop at for over 6 months.  From the website development (yes – all the HTML, CSS, PHP is all handwritten – by yours truly.  Veteran web developers please be gentle :), to the shooting of the video/photo content, to the the editing was all part of this huge, solo project I took on.  Needless to say I am overjoyed to launch it… and nervous as hell.


Reminds me a bit of another webmaster/porn maker you may know…  😉


She has a dark, kind of fetishistic view with lots of sexy sophisticated influences too.  Her body is lithe and gorgeous and her content looks extremely beautiful!  She explores all kinds of kinks, which are all things she’s just interested in trying to learn more about herself and her sexuality.  I really applaud that!  It’s a really authentic way to experience someone’s sexuality.  And she promises all real orgasms, which is certainly something we need much more of in porn, especially from women.


I hope you’ll check out her site and support this great Montreal pornographer sharing her sexuality!  And I’d love to hear what you think of her site…  I’d be happy to pass along any and all feedback!  I think it’s so important to encourage awesome women doing what they’re passionate about…  Especially in porn!

Pink Panty in Slow Motion

Sensual licking blowjob by beautiful redhead


Play it cool, take it slow, go easy…  These are some pretty excellent mantras for getting through life and also for making the most of it.  There’s a great way to balance passion and relaxation, and that’s pretty much what I’m aiming for in the way I go through life.  I think that this week’s Slow Motion Blowjob video is an excellent example of that idea…  There’s lots of excitement, but it’s still slow and steady.


Camille Crimson using lots of tongue and stroking in a blowjob


The video has a lot of urgency in the way he reacts to me, but there’s something about the way I react that is less immediate…  It’s like a dance between the sensation and the desire.  I know what he wants, what his body is calling for, but I give it to him slowly.  Denial isn’t the name of the game…  It’s just a prolongation of every feeling to give him more than he even knows he wants.  This includes a body rub and a titjob, of course.  The diversification of the sensations is a big part of this type of slow and nuanced seduction.


Loving sucking blowjob by gorgeous redhead Camille Crimson


I hope you’ll see what I mean in this video.  The trailer will give you a little tease, but that long and drawn-out approach to urges and satisfaction can only be found in the full video.  I’d love to know what you think of this video…  Especially the end, where I clearly get ready to get what I wanted by starting to rub my pink panty-clad body against him…  I’m sure you can envision that the same dance of craving and fulfillment was present, just with the shoe on the other foot, so to speak.  What a beautiful way to enjoy the slow passion of a beautiful sexual experience.

Turquoise from Slow Motion Blowjob

Erotic blowjob in sensual turquoise lingerie


It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for more amazingly sensual blowjobs in slow motion.  The site is hitting its stride with new updates this week, and today’s update features me in my favourite colour.  It’s called Turquoise and it’s a lovely shoot in some gorgeous turquoise lingerie from a special friend.  I love to wear beautiful lingerie, so when it’s a gift, it just feels extra special somehow…


Sexy sucking in beautiful lingerie


This video has languid down to a tea.  At nearly 25 minutes, it features ball sucking and licking, lots of slow tongue teasing, deep throating, single and double handjobs and a beautiful lick right from his balls all the way up to the tip of his cock with a swan dive right down to the base.  That’s one of my favourite moves, of course.  The cumshot is slow to build, but so gorgeous to finish, spurting up and cascading down my fingers into a sticky, creamy mess.  That’s always the best kind, though, isn’t it?


A sensual stroking moment in a gorgeous slow blowjob


I’m always so happy to share these new updates here, so I’ll direct you over to the trailer, which certainly gives you a taste of the sensual ambiance and action of this slow, seductive blowjob, but the full video is, well, the full video.  You know what I mean!  I’d love to know what you thought about this and what you think about turquoise…  Is it a good look?  Want to see more of lingerie of this kind or colour?  Or perhaps another?  I’d be happy to oblige.