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Seductive Legs in High Heels and an Erotic Blowjob


This week’s update features a little bit of foot fetish in with a lot of blowjob loving.  It’s called “Seductive Legs in High Heels and an Erotic Blowjob” and it focuses a lot on these really great black heels.  I’ve been feeling extra confident and happy with the workouts I’ve been getting in, so I’m happy I got to show off my legs a bit.



I’m also wearing another lingerie outfit from Sophie.  There’s one more still to come.  And my birthday will be coming up in a month and a half, so maybe there’ll be more!  ;)  The whole outfit together worked for a sensual, seductive sort of feeling.  Having the long leg tease at the beginning set the tone for what ended up being a really erotic blowjob.



The cumshot was pretty delicious, and I just kept sucking after, which he always loves.  I think you might like it too!  The trailer shows a lot, but the full video has the beautiful ending…  Let you know what you think about the leg action, the high heels and this really sensually slow teasing approach.

Photo Section on Pornographic Love


You all know that I think that Lilyanne is absolutely gorgeous, right?  She’s pretty dreamy, very charming and smart and she oozes (gross word, but applicable) sexuality and sensuality.  You can see why we decided to help make a website with them, right?  ;)



Pornographic Love started out with just a basic updates section with videos, and the emphasis wasn’t as much on photography.  But quietly, they were stocking up on photos until they were ready to burst forth with a new photo section, filled with gorgeous shots…  And here they are!  Aren’t they stunning?



There’s something about her look that really drives me wild.  I’ve always been a fan of brunettes, and seeing her very tanned, very slim and athletic body with that perfect amount of artsy Montreal “woman about town” tattoos…  I need to compose myself.  Speaking of composition, though, I think Max is an amazing photographer with a great eye.  It’s so clear that these two love each other intimately with a real connection, because that always comes through in the way they can capture one another on film…  That sounds kind of weird, but it’s true.  It just shows that they really know each other.



I’d love to know what you think!  Words of encouragement for this brave couple making beautiful porn would be very much appreciated!

Happy Valentine’s Day


It’s Valentine’s Day, and we all know what that means…  Love!  What kind of love?  All kinds.  For my day, I will be having a nice evening with Mike, making a delicious dinner and having some beautiful red wine, then getting giggly and moving into the bedroom for the evening.  Maybe we’ll even make our second video of the day.  ;)


For this blog post, it means expressing my love to each and every one of you.  You are all so sweet to me, so kind and supportive whenever I need it.  I feel like I can take on the world because of the care I get from my wonderful friends through the site.  So, I hope you all know that you’re all my Valentines!


Mike and I didn’t make a specific Valentine’s Day update this year, although we did shoot a cute portrait series in pink lingerie, as pictured above.  But I have something just as special and awesome to share here!  As a little Valentine’s Day treat, Fleshbot posted Lilyanne and Max’s latest video from Pornographic Love.  It’s shot in this really great cheesy motel with a heart theme, and they have very hot sex in a heart-shaped bath.  You have to see it!

Sweet Loving Blowjob with a Messy Cumshot


Today’s update is called Sweet Loving Blowjob with a Messy Cumshot.  Who doesn’t love a nice messy cumshot?  I’m a big fan of cum, as you all know, but I don’t always want to just suck it down in one shot.  As you’ve seen, sometimes I like to spit it back out, let it run off my tongue and gently slide down his shaft.  I know that might sound a little bit weird, but I love seeing his cum as it dribbles down slowly, which isn’t something you get with a cumshot.



This video is also definitely very sweet, though.  There’s something that’s just so nice and lovely about really taking time to lick, suck and play with his balls to get him ready to give me the best cumshot possible.  I love it when he has a really big orgasm, because it makes us both kind of dreamy and satisfied and smiley all day.  This was definitely the case after this very thorough blowjob.



Get ready for the weekend with a lovely blowjob.  Enjoy the beautiful trailer, and don’t forget to check out the full video!

Moving Portrait



I had already promised Cal my Monday blog slot for his amazing bit of erotica, but you may have also noticed that yesterday’s update was a new breed.  Camille Getting in her Nighty is an example of an idea that we’ve been playing with a while…  It’s a moving portrait.  Essentially, it’s a glimpse into me doing something sexy, like I do in my portraits, only in a video format.



I really like this idea, because it lets me share the art of the tease in my own way.  Tease in porn is usually reserved for either softcore sites where you have to look cute and mug for the camera or an actual striptease.  I’m a 36 year old woman, feeling mature and sophisticated…  I can definitely be cute, but more in a girl-next-door way than in a naughty teen way.  And strip teasing just isn’t me.  There are photos and videos where I disrobe, which can be seen as such, but I never shimmy around and make fake shocked gasps as I take off my bra…  That’s not my style.



So, what are the moving portraits?  It’ showing sexiness in my own way, in a kind of candid approach.  It’s the sexiness of a woman who is confident in herself, in her body and likes to indulge in sensual lingerie, in pampering, in showing off her sexual side.  In the first one, it’s just me getting into my nighty.  Simple. sweet and sexy.  I shake out my ponytail, but it’s not an act to get you intrigued…  It’s really me, just shaking out my ponytail.  It’s a subtle difference, but that’s what makes all the difference.


What do you think?  Do you like the idea?  Did you like the video?

Stroking and Sucking Blowjob in Beautiful Lace Lingerie


If you’ve been following me on social media lately, you’ve probably seen me talking about the fact that we’ve been trying out some new techniques and trying to get more creative with the way we shoot.  Today’s update is the first example of a new experiment we’re trying out and it’s called Stroking and Sucking Blowjob in Beautiful Lace Lingerie.



So, what’s our new thing?  We had Sophie come in to operate an extra camera to give it more motion.  The fact is, no matter how many cameras we have, they’re all fairly static because we have to use tripods.  We trust Sophie and she’s committed to all the same philosophies as we are, so we feel comfortable having her with us.  It’s something we’ve done a couple of times before, back when we had the office/studio space, but we decided we’d all rather work at home, so it became more of a challenge.



We all really love the artsy look it gives.  It adds a lot more motion, but it also allows us to play with focus, with having lots of different shots in real time, being able to use slow-motion for specific actions, focus on my face, my body, on the action and on very close-up attention to detail.  If it were anyone else, it might feel less intimate, but Sophie is very good at just keeping quiet, letting us do our thing and making us feel at ease.  It felt very natural and I think it’s something we’re going to keep exploring.


What did you think?  Do you notice the difference?  Do you like the difference?  Check out the trailer for a taste, but you’ll see it all in the full video!