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100 Updates on Pornographic Love

Gorgeous brunette Lilyanne Bloom from Pornographic Love


Lilyanne Bloom and Max Sauvage are really amazing people.  Their site has been up for less than a year and they are already at 100 updates.  I don’t even know how they do it, but I know they do it well.  Pornographic Love is really something special, and I wanted to share some love about them for their milestone.


I am constantly astonished by how versatile their sexuality can be, doing everything from coy teasing to passionate oral sex to really intense sex and downright explosive squirting…  Obviously I’m jealous of the last item on that list.  So jealous (but impressed) in fact that I shared my thoughts on the subject while sharing their Squirt Compilation video on Fleshbot.  But really, they use gorgeous lingerie, a little leg/foot play, toys, even a few experiences with another woman, but they always stay true to exactly who they are and to their deep connection with each other.


In addition to hitting 100 updates, they’ve also recently had a total upheaval to their site, with new navigation tools and a whole new hot pink on black design scheme.  It’s a really great look that perfectly fits who they are: artsy and sweet with a slight alt look.  I could not possibly be any more proud of them, and I think that the next 100 updates will be even more amazing…  After all, they’ve already explored so much, and they will only get more refined, deep and passionate about sharing their intimate sexual selves and their really loving relationship.

5 Minutes with Dita

Seductive burlesque star Dita von Teese


BBC did a five minute interview with the wonderful Dita von Teese, which unfortunately can’t be embedded, but I hope you’ll check it out, because her charm radiates perfectly, and she narrowly avoids the last (less than classy) question.


It’s no secret that I love Dita.  I certainly have a quite a crush on her…  I mean, look at her.  I’m a big fan of beautiful dark-haired pale ladies.  But it’s so much more than that.  Her burlesque-inspired look has really made me put emphasis on picking out a unique look.  Not to say that I’m doing the pinup look quite as much as she is, but it makes me focus on every detail I use to showcase my style.  She celebrates the sexiness of her femininity in a way that I find so powerful and seductive without trying too hard.  Class and simplicity can be sexy.


Asides from the look, she also has helped me develop my feelings towards the art of the tease in general, which I wrote about on Fleshbot:


As a porn performer (this is the closest title I can use to explain what I do, though “performer” isn’t ideal either) I am certainly more demure than most. For anyone who follows what I do, it has taken me quite a long time to “take it off” and “show some skin” as it were. Sure, part of that is a personal journey, but there was also a fair amount of intent behind it. Here’s a thing about me… I love the art of the tease. It’s the ultimate form of seduction.


You can read the rest of that post and see a beautiful video with her on Fleshbot for Camille Crimson week!


If you had five minutes with Dita, what would you ask her?  Or do?  😉

Beauty in Pink


Beauty in pink…  That’s the way I like to be, and it’s certainly the way I am in this video.  This is a sweet ode to the passion between us, coupled with a cute little pair of hot pink panties to draw a little attention.  But, beyond that, it also starts with a really beautiful titjob…  I love giving them, largely for the reaction they invariably get.



There’s something extremely hot about using my breasts to get his cock incredibly hard, so I can start right in with deep throating as soon as I decide it’s blowjob time.  (I quite frequently decide it’s blowjob time, for what it’s worth.)  Beyond anything else, this video ends with the loudest orgasm I think Mike has ever had.  You’ll hear for yourself.  We were both giggling about how amazingly forceful it was.  The cumshot certainly matched the volume, and I sucked it all back and asked for more.  😉



Surely you want to see it all, so you can get a little taste in the trailer, then see (and hear!) it all in the full video.  I’d love to hear what you think of his mighty lion-like orgasmic roar…  We certainly found it pretty entertaining!

Cool Tiles on our Skin

Sensual blowjob on the kitchen floor


Even though Montreal’s weather has been bizarre to say the least this spring, we’ve had some nice days and we’ve started behaving like it’s warmer even if nature doesn’t actually want to cooperate.  One thing I’ve always found kind of sexy is the feeling of cool tiles against my body.  Our kitchen floor is tiled and it was a nice enough day, so we decided to enjoy this simple sensation with a beautiful blowjob for today’s update.


Sexy stroking by Camille Crimson


This is a really sweet, smiling video.  It’s very sexy and sensual, of course, but there is a definite cuteness.  I blame those turquoise panties…  They really make the soft lighting come to a very nice focus point.  There’s just something adorable about the two of us on the kitchen floor, being slightly goofy and enjoying such a basic thing…  Just cool tiles on our skin.


Sexy back and panties of redhead Camille Crimson


Mike had quite an exceptional intense and long orgasm in this video, so you’ll get to watch me swallow and squeeze him for every last drop.  Of course, you’ll only get a little view in the trailer…  All the sweetness, the sexiness and the thrilling conclusion are available only in the full video.  So, what did you think?  Do you know what I mean about the cool tiles?  Or cool sheets/pillows… Those are great too!  😉

iPhone Innovation for Your Breasts


Mac geek alert!  I’m sure some of you have probably seen this on your travels throughout the internet, but of course I’ve got to say my piece about this brilliant little innovation, which combines two of my favourite things: sexy lingerie and Macs!  I’m a proud iPhone owner and also a woman, as you are no doubt aware, so I don’t always wear things with pockets big enough to accommodate my favourite piece of technology.  I like purses and all, but sometimes when you’re out and about, they’re annoying. On a nice spring day, I want to wear a simple dress and go for a walk feeling free and unencumbered…


Enter the JoeyBra – a bra that makes you feel like a technologically savvy kangaroo, enjoying your pouch for keys, money, ID or, of course, your iPhone!  There are other bras out there with similar features, but none (to my knowledge) with iPhone capacity, so understandably this has taken off.  Besides the enjoyability factor of being able to go anywhere without a bag, imagine the sexiness of being that up close and personal with your favourite Mac product…  Although the vibrate setting could tickle!


Unfortunately, currently they don’t go up to a 34D, so I’ll have to wait patiently… Or just sew a pocket in my bra!  😛

Deep Throat in Beautiful Lace Lingerie

Sensual deep throat blowjob in lingerie


I love deep throating!  I love it so much!  It feels like a really amazing expression of connection and passion.  It’s really beautiful.  Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I want you to take a look at this week’s update:  Deep throat in Beautiful Lace Lingerie.  It’s a love letter to deep throating, and I think you’ll really love it!


Sensual lingerie deep throat blowjob by Camille Crimson


We have been playing around with lighting and editing again in this video, this time opting for a saturated look, full of the vibrant colours of my hair, the couch and the beautiful lingerie.  This is one of my favourite pieces, an embroidered basque with really sexy stockings.  I sit in his lap at one point so I can enjoy showing it all off for him and for you.  Something about beautiful lingerie and really passionate deep throating go together like peanut butter and jelly…  Only sexier.  (Although that did make me hungry!)


Seductive deep throating by redhead Camille Crimson


I’m especially proud of this update, because it really captures the balances of passion and intensity with sweetness and love.  Go deep with the trailer, but remember that it gets deeper still with the full video.  So, what did you think of our new style?  And just how much do you love deep throating?  😉