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NASA, an iPhone and Breasts

Erotic lingerie babe Camille Crimson

What do NASA, an iPhone and breasts have in common?  Apparently when you put the three together, you get the perfect fit for the perfect bra.  This is the future!  Finally, a good use for science and technology!  (Kidding…  Mostly.)  Thirdlove is a new clothing company that developed an app with a crack team of scientists (NASA scientists!) to help figure out what size bra you should actually be wearing.  This is an issue for a lot of women, and when your breasts feel secure, so does the rest of you.

How does it work?  Well, that’s where the iPhone comes in.  (And the breasts…  The breasts are necessary for the process.)  You take a photo of your figure (which doesn’t need to be NSFW) with your iPhone and it will create a 3D image which goes through their software to find your perfect size…  And then pushes you towards the store’s site so you can buy your perfect bra.

This got me thinking…  What if there was an app where men could take pictures of their erect penises and it would deliver the perfect angles and techniques for their specific penis shape/size?  And then, of course, it would push them towards The Art of Blowjob so that they (and their partners) can learn exactly how to be pleased.  What about that?  I guess photo confidentiality would be a concern, but it seems like a lot of guys are all too willing to share penis pictures regardless.  So…  Is this a billion dollar idea?  Should I get my own team of NASA blowjob scientists?  Do you think it’d fly in the app store?  😛

Orgasms for the Brain

Camille Crimson gives blowjob with cumshot

Orgasms feel amazing, that much can be said assuredly, but science also shows that they may actually be very good for the brain, according to Jezebel!  Specifically, there’s a research study which has found that orgasms are tremendously helpful for women when it comes to stimulating the brain by rushing the nutrients and oxygen to it.  Maybe they should be handing out vibrators instead of brain teasers for those who need a boost.

So far it’s mostly been tested with rats, but based on my own experience, I’d say it to be true.  I certainly feel a kind of post-orgasmic mental clarity (after feeling stunned for a minute or two) and I think the ongoing orgasms have kept me sharp and vibrant and, most of all, happy.  Being a giver of orgasms, I could see it as a science of sort, though I much prefer to think of it as an art, of course.

How about you?  Do you feel more clever, focused or in control of your mental faculties after a good orgasm?  Do you feel foggier before one, or maybe just singularly focused on sex?  Do you think that an orgasm a day (or more) could lead to a more engaged, maybe even more intelligent society?

Evolution of Balls

Camille Crimson gives a ball focused handjob

Jezebel has the bravery to ask the tough questions.  In this particular situation, the question is mostly about balls…  But really, when is it not at least sort of about balls?  Maybe I’m just thinking of my own life here, but I certainly spend a fair amount of my energy on testes.  At any rate, apparently the science of balls being outside of the body for cooling reasons has been at least somewhat debunked and evolutionary scientists aren’t actually too sure why they’re in a scrotum.  There is a relationship with heat and fertility, but it doesn’t seem to be clear that it’s why the human body evolved this way.

Then, Lindy got hilarious and came up with some future evolutionary options for the testicles, since they’re not necessarily changing for any particular useful reason anyways, as it turns out.  Among them, were: decoy nutsacks all over the body, so predators don’t know which one to bop,  a symbiotic relationship with a small squirrel or weasel, who will fight off attackers in exchange for shelter and all-you-can-eat nad-flies and a squirting flower, but isn’t that already the penis?

So, I want to see what you’d come up with.  Where could you see balls going next, evolutionarily speaking?  Personally, I might be a little creeped out by most of those options, but maybe in the future they could taste extra sweet to lure in mates with a sweet tooth?  There’s certainly a benefit for that.  Get creative and leave your comments!  Maybe people will find this blog millions of years from now and one of us could be right!

Testicles with Tastebuds?

Camille Crimson gives a sensual blowjob with lots of ball licking

I’m tasting Mike’s balls here, but apparently they’re also tasting my tongue…  The body is a miraculous thing.  Jezebel has taught me a truly amazing and somewhat disturbing science fact today: testicles, along with other parts of the body, are actually equipped with taste receptors for savoury and sweet flavours…  Maybe that’s a good argument for why people love oral sex AND penetrative sex.  It’s a tasty act regardless of how we’re tasting it.

Is this maybe the weirdest thing you’ve ever heard?  Apparently we can also taste from certain organs and intestines in our bodies and, perhaps most disturbingly, from our behinds.  But why?  Supposedly it helps men stay fertile somehow, but the jury is still out on what that actually means or how it can be helpful.  I don’t have testicles of my own, but maybe I’ll try rubbing some chocolate sauce on Mike’s balls and see how he reacts.

All I know is that this is, for lack of a better word, nuts.  What do you think of this bizarre discovery?  Do you suddenly have the urge to have your way with a cake?

Fascinating Penis Facts

Seductive Camille Crimson works her magic on a cock

I am pretty fascinated by the penis.  I mean, I wouldn’t be giving blowjobs online and talking about them so often if I didn’t have a strong interest in them…  And so I always find it neat when I learn a few new facts about the penis, as I haven with this article from Alternet…  I knew some, but there are others that are pretty new to me!

Of course, some things are more obvious, like that you shouldn’t smoke if you want stronger erections…  But there are others, like the fact that the penis used to have spines and a bone!  That is kind of terrifying, and thankfully it’s ages in the past.  I don’t know how easy giving a sensual blowjob would be to something so rigid and pointy.  That’d snag the tongue!  Oh, and how foreskins can be used to grow significantly more skin for cosmetic testing…  Penises are magical!

There are some interesting animal facts…  Specifically about the elephant’s prehensile penis.  Would you like it if you could control your penis to do things besides sex?  I can kind of imagine it now.  Or you could have four heads, like the echidna!  That sounds a little distracting.  Maybe most disturbing is the fish who has a penis…  on his head!  I don’t know what to say about that…  I’m sure that is human men has this issue, they’d probably just always be head butting.  😛

I’d love to know…  What’s your favourite penis fact of all?  Or are there any penis modifications (like the ones listed here, or others) that would be especially awesome in your life?

What Do You Focus on in Porn?

Redhead Camille Crimson gives a gorgeous sucking blowjob

This is something that has always been quite interesting to me…  What do you focus on when you watch porn?  I think, partly because I’m making blowjob videos, this is of particular interest to me…  Is it about the penis/mouth action or the face?  Of course, it doesn’t have to be about one or the other, but it is interesting to think about what draws your attention first or the longest…

Apparently, for men, faces draw their attention first, then they spend some time looking at genitals and back to faces, according to this one study.  Women seem to be more open with what they focus on, which differs depending on whether or not they’re on birth control…  I guess hormones play a role in that, supposedly.  But they mean to say that women have a larger variety of things that can potentially turn them on, whereas men look specifically to faces/genitals as sources of arousal.

Do you think this says anything about why we watch what we watch?  Maybe there is some truth to the idea that women would want overall higher quality porn, as their focus could be drawn to any number of things…  Maybe that’s why there’s a backlash against porn that looks too fake, as it might draw attention away from a naturally beautiful face that would capture a man’s attention in the first place.

What do you think?  You can check out a post about this study and let me know if you find this to be true, and then what this might actually say about what people could want from porn.