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Can You Become A Porn Addict?


Unlike sex addiction, porn addiction only requires a Wi-Fi connection, no consensual partner needed. Which means it is a lot easier for addicts to get their fix.


There are different types of addictions; behavioral addictions and physiological addictions. A drug addict is in the physiological addictions. Your typical porn addict stands in the behavioral addiction category. Behavioral addictions, won’t have physical withdrawal symptoms. But evidence suggests that there is a similarity between the two. Both engage the dopamine reward system in the brain, so stopping is quite difficult because of brain chemistry.

Are You Addicted?

To consume pornography obsessively could be a sign of boredom, stress relief, etc. But if it impacts your sex life with your partner, that is where it can become a problem.


Psychology editor Gail Saltz, MD from Health says: “The objectification in pornography creates distance and space with someone you’re intimate with. And partners can never live up to the unrealistic porn model.”

Terry Crews, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor, and former NFL player spoke out about his Porn Addiction in a series of videos on Facebook: “For years, my dirty little secret was that I was addicted to pornography, it messed up my life in a lot of ways. It became a thing where I didn’t tell anybody… it was my secret, nobody knew, and that allowed it to grow, and it got bad.”

Beautiful Porn Movement

Beautiful porn is a two-fold concept. It is the idea that porn can be beautiful, both aesthetically and ethically. From an aesthetic perspective, it’s about using tremendous focus and work to get the coveted cinematic and artistic qualities in our videos and photography. We put a great deal of care into lighting, editing, direction and overall finesse of our work. From an ethical perspective, this means using our aesthetic means to accentuate feelings of intimacy and connection, encouraging performers to enjoy themselves and, more importantly, to be themselves. We give room for people to explore their sexuality and create porn that feels real to them. We find it hard to enjoy porn unless we know that everyone is having a good time and feeling cared for, so the treatment of our performers from the introduction to marketing our content is all done with the utmost respect.

You can find the beautiful porn concept in sites such as and many more.




How To Eat Banana Like A Blowjob Queen!!!


Here’s what women who practice their blowjob skills, with bananas, may look like. Keep an eye out; you might see one of these precious creatures during lunch time 😛


She has a tendency to lick and taste her food lusciously!


She can pull food in and out of her mouth for no particular reason. Watch out; she has to look like she enjoys it for her to be a real Queen!


The never ending throat. If you ever capture this rare female specimen, treat her right. She’s a keeper because you might never find another one like her!

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A Nude Piper Blush!

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The pejorative stereotype around women with breasts implants is already broadly spread. It is not coincidental, the apparition of the ‘safer’ breast augmentation surgery arrived so close to the women’s liberation movement and the golden age of porn. You can say, it got most of its attention thru the porn industry, just feeding the concept that this surgery is preferred by porn stars, dancers or women who want to make money out of their augmented self…

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