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The Lelo: Sex For Men Facts!

From the lesser-known male turn-ons to the complex range of emotions they experience before, during and after sex, men are surprisingly complicated creatures when it comes to lovemaking.

A man’s motives for sex also seem to be often misunderstood – probably by men themselves as much as anything – sowe at LELO decided once again to team up with our good friends science, logic and common sense to pick out a few of our favorite facts that will hopefully shed some light on the mystery of menkind.

Let’s Talk About Feelings

  • Sex is one of the most effective ways men show that they are in love.
  • The number one sexual act desired by men is oral.
  • Generally speaking, and especially during sex, men don’t notice and never will notice the things women don’t like about their bodies.
  • A man’s body releases sleep-inducing hormones after sex so far from being offended if he dozes off after a steamy session, women can be pleased with a job well done.

Facts About Sperm

  • Contrary to the school of thought that this is a myth made up and popularized by men, sperm actually is good for the skin, as the tightening effect it has on the epidermis is considered by some to be an effective anti-aging treatment.
  • One teaspoon of semen contains five calories, once and for all debunking the idea that if you swallow, you have to forego dessert.
  • Sperm has been known to live on in the vagina for as long as eight days after ejaculation, although 48 hours is more common. This is more or less exactly the same time an egg remains open to the idea of fertilization. Coincidence or what?!
  • While diet can have an effect on the way semen tastes, the extent to which the flavor of his man milk actually changes is minimal.

Male Orgasms

  • The male G-spot, or prostate, is located at the base of the penis and is best accessed through the anus. Exploring the male G-spot is one of the most effective ways for men to achieve a more powerful orgasm, which is why prostate massagers are gaining in popularity.
  • Having at least four orgasms a week can reduce a man’s chances of getting prostate cancer by as much as 33%.
  • Statistics show that around 75% of men always reach orgasm during sex.
  • The average male orgasm lasts for about six seconds. The average female orgasm lasts for about 23 seconds.
  • The oxytocin created during a man’s orgasm can increase his pain threshold by as much as 50%, just one of the many health benefits of sex for men.


Article from Lelo:

How To Have Sex With A Micropenis!

Are You Faced With A Micropenis?

As a men, you have 0.6% chances of being born with a micropenis. This condition happens in the third trimester of pregnancy. The cause is an insufficient level testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone necessary for all masculine traits.

If it is 4 inches you are facing a small, but not ‘micro’ penis. It has to be less than 2.8 inches long, when stretch flaccid, to be a micropenis. There circumference tends to be greater than their length.



The Problems Of Having Less Length!

Having sexual intercourse can be a little tricky. We will get to that part soon! Man with a short appendage can also have trouble urinating. Not only because of the social anxiety, but because of the physiology of their penis. The main impact of this condition, is psychologic. Men tend to have a lower self-esteem and therefor can suffer from depression.

Get Longer!

Infants born with a micropenis are given hormone therapy or testosterone replacement. It will make the child grow to a normal length.

A surgery called phalloplasty can be performed. It is a risky operation and can lead to complications. It uses skin from the man’s forearm. The skin is wrapped around the native penis and an inflatable prosthesis is inserted to provide and erection.

Sex With A Micropenis!

It is easier for men with this condition to use hands-free masturbation technics. For exemple: he can rub himself on a bed. Penetration can be hard to achieve or unachievable. Oral sex such as the famous 69 and blowjobs are a great way to go! She can do as she does with an average length penis, for the exception of deep throat. She will always be able to achieve it with a micropenis!

Women are mostly stimulated by their clitoris. She can rub herself on the micropenis, which is the perfect length for it. It acts like a big button and you can both climax from this sensation. Be sure to apply enough lub to keep it wet and slippery. You should also be sure you and her are not prickly. It could cause too much irritation.


Here is a great article on a man with a micropenis who pleases is woman often:

Regrow Your Foreskin!


Regrow your foreskin!

It does not seem that appealing, does it? Well, I guess that is why anything that has to do with your penis, like circumcision is done when you are a baby. This must be addressed the men who have the lost prepuce syndrome!

The device to regrow your foreskin is called the TLC Tugger.


What does it do?

The TLC Tugger stretches the skin of the penis to obtain one inch of skin that will cover your tip. For those of you who want that more natural look, you have to wear this device each day and that up to five years.

You could get the cosmetic surgery, it costs 7 900$ more than the Tugger. The device is only 100$.

You are not alone!

If you feel your penis does not look natural enough, you can join the community. Over 15 000 men are already signed up for support!

5 000 Tuggers were sold last year. One of the makers of this device, Ron Low, said: We aren’t foreskin enthusiasts or sex-obsessed. We just want to have a normal, natural body.

Advice from Piper Blush!

I don’t care if he is cut or uncut. It all depends on how he feels about is body. If a man does not like is body, it will be more difficult for the woman to appreciate him. As far as I am concern, if I like him I will most definitely like is penis too. A man’s body and penis are like one and the same, to me. 






How Can You Pop A Testicle!


The Testicles

Every man as had the non-pleasure of experiencing  the excruciating pain that follows a good tap on the sack!

The most common way to hurt your family jewels is: the strike. In medical terms: a blunt trauma.  Don’t worry, you can not die from hurting your balls, but you could end up loosing one of them or even both.

Anatomy 101!

As you all know the testicles hang outside the man’s body in a pouch of skin called scrotum. There location on the body being what it is, man are more likely to be the victim of many types of accidents.

The testicles reside in the scrotum. Each testicle is like a rubbery Jell-O called the parenchyma(what mainly consists of the testicle). A thin membrane called the capsule, holds that goo together.


When you get hit on the balls really hard, you may not be suffering from a ruptured testicle. The main sign to look for is a huge swelling that becomes blue and even black. That means the blood is not flowing and that is not good.

When you go to the hospital, they will conduct an ultrasound to see what is really going on.

If you only have a bobo, the nurse will send you back home telling you to keep your sack well supported and on ice. You will also get a bottle of anti-inflammatory


If you are lucky enough to get one of your balls to pop, here is what will happen. Because the Jell-O(parenchyma) needs to hold in the bag(capsule), when you pop a testicle the bag ruptures and the Jell-O leeks out, into the scrotum.

To keep your ball, the doctor needs sufficient amounts of the capsule’s tissu to put the goo back in it and sew it shut. If too much of the capsule is missing, he will have to replace your organ with a prosthetic.

After Effects!

You can have sex about a week after the surgery. The main problem is   you will be too scared too initiate intercourse, fearing the same amount of pain. Do not go too crazy on your balls, go with more settle sex, until you feel comfortable.

There are no long-term effects. Your hormones will stay the same, you will not loose any amount of testosterone. Your fertility will be as good as it was, even if you loose an entire ball, the other will composite for the lost. Expect, if you loose both balls.


Just keep your balls close to your body and hope this does not happen to you!




Asking To Use A Condom, Still Taboo!


Why Condoms?

Durex’s campaign is trying to encourage people to use condoms in this brillant ad. When we are in the heat of the moment, sometimes our desires are just more powerful than our will. Many are ashamed of asking their partner to use a condom. There is a lack of confidence from both genders, it comes with the fear of being rejected or to be perceived as not cool.

Lets not forget that condoms are not only made to prevent pregnancies, but it seems like the fear of a child is often more disturbing to people than the fear of getting a sexually transmitted disease. That is why many people loose the condom rapidly, when the woman tells the man she is using a contraceptive or is not ovulating.

Do you have a rubber?

There is also the issue-who should cary the condoms? Even if the female condom is available in many drug stores, it is more expensive than the male condom. Its not a widespread product, making harder to find and to use.

That leaves us with the male condom. As much as men find it uncomfortable, it is the safest way so far! The condom is as efficient as the way you use it. The usage of male condoms is well known, even by women, making it the safest way. Two brains are always better than one, even to slip on a rubber.


Women should carry condoms, if they think of engaging in a sexual acts. We all know that in the end, the man is the one wearing it. It is not because he will wear it that he will always think of having one on him. Safe sex should come from both parties.

The easiest is if you are a man full of will and you stop yourself to put on the condom, before she even asks you to. When it comes from the woman, as a man you will have to oblige to purse sex. Keep in mind that the sensation is different for her too. She feels you less warm and wet. The condom also makes the textures and definitions of your cock more flat, giving her less sensations. The plastic rubbing on the walls of her vagina is less personal for her too.

Safe Sex!

A condom well used is the best way to prevent STIs and pregnancies. To be on the extra safe side you can always combine methods, like the condom and the pill.

There is no easy way to have safe sex, but it might just be easier than spending the rest of your life with herpes or worst a child that you do not want.