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NASA, an iPhone and Breasts

Erotic lingerie babe Camille Crimson

What do NASA, an iPhone and breasts have in common?  Apparently when you put the three together, you get the perfect fit for the perfect bra.  This is the future!  Finally, a good use for science and technology!  (Kidding…  Mostly.)  Thirdlove is a new clothing company that developed an app with a crack team of scientists (NASA scientists!) to help figure out what size bra you should actually be wearing.  This is an issue for a lot of women, and when your breasts feel secure, so does the rest of you.

How does it work?  Well, that’s where the iPhone comes in.  (And the breasts…  The breasts are necessary for the process.)  You take a photo of your figure (which doesn’t need to be NSFW) with your iPhone and it will create a 3D image which goes through their software to find your perfect size…  And then pushes you towards the store’s site so you can buy your perfect bra.

This got me thinking…  What if there was an app where men could take pictures of their erect penises and it would deliver the perfect angles and techniques for their specific penis shape/size?  And then, of course, it would push them towards The Art of Blowjob so that they (and their partners) can learn exactly how to be pleased.  What about that?  I guess photo confidentiality would be a concern, but it seems like a lot of guys are all too willing to share penis pictures regardless.  So…  Is this a billion dollar idea?  Should I get my own team of NASA blowjob scientists?  Do you think it’d fly in the app store?  😛

Blaming Apple for Porn Addiction?

Sexy redhead in lingerie on her Macbook.

Can you even believe this?  Of course I’m going to come out here in defence of both Apple and porn here, so responding to an issue when BOTH are at play?  Even more so.  In maybe the most bizarre lawsuit that I’ve ever heard, a man is going after Apple because using their browser Safari apparently caused him to type “Fuckbook” instead of “Facebook”, which launched him into a world of sexual addiction.  Nevermind that U and A are very far apart on the keyboard…

Even if it had been a pop-up that l was remembered by his browser’s setting which later popped up  as an option while he was typing in Facebook’s URL, it’s still a far cry to say that Apple is responsible for the contents of the entire internet.  There are all sorts of blockers for adult content if you want to enable them, but there’s no need to furnish every computer with permanently locked filters.  And, taking a look at Fuckbook makes it clear that very nearly anything on the internet could trigger an addiction…  There are a few risky thumbnails, but you’d have to pay to get inside and actually see what’s going on, and I can’t imagine Apple would have willed him to get his wallet out.

The end result is that he has had problems with addiction, which I do sympathize with, even if I’m not sure that addiction is the most helpful term for “excessive” consumption of porn.  But he has indicated that the worst problem is that he no longer feels as attracted to his wife because of the beautiful women he’s seen in porn…  Really?  There are beautiful women all over the world, everywhere you look, in person and in every form of entertainment…  Porn isn’t a lightswitch that goes off and keeps you from valuing other people in your life.

This is silly not only because obviously this isn’t Apple’s fault at all, but also because it opens up discussions about further porn regulation, even if only in this context.  People should be taught about responsible consumption of all things, but we shouldn’t ban all expressions of nudity and sexuality online just because some people have issues with control.  There should be more services to help these people, I do agree, but perhaps if we lived in a less shame-based world, he’d be less inclined to go to the courts over an introduction to porn.

How about you?  Do you think this case has any merit?  Do you think that we should have safety features on all computers unless that we’d have to disable, or is it better for people to opt into disabling it if they need?  I think it’s all about what message it sends…  Do we live in a world where our default is to censor or to let people decide for themselves?

April Fool’s Day

Did any of you get fooled today?  I decided to forego any fake retirement/marriage/site change announcements so that no one gets their hopes up or their feelings hurt, even though I do enjoy a good prank.  There were a lot of great ones on the web (and no one should trust anything they see online on April 1st anymore) but this one was particularly appropriate for me, I think.

It’s the iPlay…  Which unfortunately isn’t a real thing…  But could you imagine if Apple broke into gaming in a whole new way?  Well, essentially this is a mishmash of other Apple products and a whole lot of Angry Birds.  As someone who quite enjoys Angry Birds, I can’t say I’d be disappointed.  But which one to get?  The New iPlay?  The iPlay 4S?  The iPlay 5G?  The options are endless.  😛

I guess for now I’ll just have to play on any of my many other Apple devices…  I think I can live with that.  You can’t fool me that easy, IGN!

A Lost Interview with Steve Jobs

This is pretty amazing.  I know not everyone here is the biggest Steve Jobs fan, but we all understand that I am.  I was a huge fan of his in life and really quite sad about his untimely death.  This was a VHS that got lost from part of a smaller interview, but it was found in someone’s garage of all places and so it was quickly put out for the public.

As much as it may sound silly since I never met the man, this is like finding an old home video of a departed friend.  It was filmed while he was at Next, just months before he would head back to Apple.  His enthusiasm and resilience is absolutely inspiration and his genuine charm is distinguishable even in the good old days…  Oh, and that hair!

When I feel like I’m hitting a wall and I need a little boost, I’ll often think of the way he innovated and made a name for Apple.  I like this little time capsule…  It’s a little reminder to Think Different.

The iPad is for…


Of course, we all knew this, right?  My fellow ginger Conan O’Brien certainly did, and he came out with a much more representative ad for one of my favourite Apple products, which just happens to feature all sorts of porn.  It would have been pretty incredible if I made the cut and showed up in his compilation.

That said, the last meld of words kind of made me pause.  I know it’s a joke, but I think we know that there’s a lot of porn habits that can be healthy, sexy and fun…  And none of those descriptors he chose.  That said, it’s late night TV, so I’m not expecting a frank discussion of sexuality or anything!  Still, no shame in masturbating.  Everyone has the right to unwind and feel good.  😉

How many iPad (or tablet in general) users do we have here?  And how many of you use it for exactly what Conan suggested?  But, most importantly, if you do…  How do you best prop it up for the ideal hands-free watching experience?  😛

MacBook Pro Retina

Camille Crimson has a new Mac toy


Isn’t it beautiful?  Yes, I know, I know…  I’m always getting pretty new toys, but the MacBook Pro Retina is certainly useful!  The thing is, we’ve recently realized that traveling is a huge motivator and aphrodisiac!  Changing up the scenery is really wonderful, we get to go to new and exciting places and it makes us want to work even harder!


So, of course, we need a really great computer for everything from editing to popping in to say hello to everybody and updating you all on our trip!  Any excuse to get a new Mac, of course, but this is as good an excuse as any!  I love the retina display so much.  It really is as vivid and precise as we could hope for, which is extra important with the HD videos we’re making.


It’s nice to have something portable that feels just as good as our trusty iMacs.  We want to deliver the best quality we can to you.  If that means I need to buy myself more toys to make that happen, well…  I guess I’ll have to sigh heavily and open another Mac box.  😛


Have any of you experienced the MacBook Pro Retina up close and personal?  What did you think of the display?