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Disney Porn!

Did you have a huge crush on the Disney Princesses?

Do not worry a lot of boys did, that is why Disney Porn exists. Like for all types of porn, it might not be for everyone. It is pretty intriguing,  so here is a little teaser.



Gif from Tumblr

Well those princess’ rivals are pretty sexy too.



I guess that if all the Disney comics where dresses like that, a lot of your younger selves would have loved Princess Movies.



Pictures from Bored Panda

Titty Tuesday and Piper’s Sloppy Blowjob!


Piper Likes A Wet And Messy Blowjob!

I like it, even when it gets super messy. You have to follow the heat of the moment, wherever it leads you. You can always clean yourself up afterwards. The dirtier the better, it is a big turn on for me. I feel like, if I show to my partner that I do not care about getting messy with him, it is as I am telling him that I love his body and he doesn’t gross me out. It creates more intimacy to be able to be very dirty together!

See her at!




The Mirror That Can Tell What Cup Size She Is!

There is no more lying about her cup size, this mirror can tell her what size she really is!




Picture from Mashable

All she has to do is stand up straight and turn around, the scanning device in the mirror will take one hundred an forty  measurements. It is said to be more accurate than taking the measurements by hand.

When the scanning is complete the lingerie stylist at Rigby & Peller in Hong Kong, will tell her what is the best colours and style for her.

It makes it much more pleasant for woman to buy lingerie and feel sexy in it!


Your Penis Size Compared To A Fruit Or Veggie!

Would you like your penis length and girth to be matched to that of a fruit or vegetable?

Maybe not, but lets say it’s to your advantage. Will it be easier for you to choose the perfect size of condom, if you have a banana for scale!

Banana For Scale

A Taiwanese student named Guan-Hao Pan came up with the idea. He invented the ‘Love Guide’ packing system. You can find five different shapes and sizes of condoms disposed in there very own fruit or vegetable box. You have the zucchini, carrot, banana, turnip and cucumber. I am sure you can guess which one will suit you best.

Choose Your Condoms Depending On What Vegetable Your Dick Looks Like  Source: Love Guide Condoms

Source: Love Guide Condoms

How To Choose And Wear

Too many men do not know how to choose the right size condom for them. A rubber that is too small can create discomfort by applying too much pressure on the cock. A condom that is too big can slip or rupture more easily.

There is also the way you put the condom, if you put it on the wrong side or forget to squeeze the air out of the tip, it makes the condom less effective.

Here Are More Reasons To Love Them

The ‘Love Guide Condoms’ are sealed with a lid. It is almost impossible to piece or break them, since there is no taring, nether with fingers nor teeth. It will always be on the right side. All you have to do is take your thumb and index, pinch the prominent piece of plastic, place it on the tip of your cock and unroll. Also the packaging is quite nice!

Choose Your Condoms Depending On What Vegetable Your Dick Looks Like  Source: Love Guide Condoms

Source: Love Guide Condoms




Have You Heard Of Butt Lights!

Are you one of those men who enjoy giving a good spank?

If you are, here is the perfect thing for you: a butt lamp that gets ‘Turned-On’ when you slap it!

You can also squeeze it or pinch it, depending on your mood.

You can choose between the 10 colours, by turning the dial. Don’t forget, it is a heavy butt(1.2kg) so don’t drop it on your toes.



Picture from Bored Panda


Slap It was designed by Joseph Begley. It is made entirely of silicone, easy to wash. If your hands are dirty while you turn it on or off. For those of you who have naughty ideas, it is not suggested to use sharp objects close to your butt.  


slap-it-butt-lamp-9gifGif from Bored Panda

For The Love Of Freckles, Why Are Women With Freckles So Sexy?

_1450296_DxO copiePiper Blush

Someone send me a wonderful article on freckles, I have read it and now I want to share it with you.

Click here to read it!


Being myself a fair skin brunette, when the summer sun comes out, I freckle. My face, shoulders, chest, arms, hands and even thighs are covered with those imperfect little spots. They come in many shapes and shades of brown. As said in Elite Daily, every freckle is unique!

I did not have many freckles when I was young. The sun in Canada, is not that warm, for not that long…

About two years ago, after spending a holiday close to the sea, my freckles made there apparition and never left me. Of course, in the winter time most of them vanish. I do not no where? Well, they do come back every summer.

I only discovered recently that they were a turn-on for some men. I do hope you enjoy my summer freckles as much as I do!

Do you like freckles?