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How Is VR Porn Made?

Have you heard of VR? We, at TheArtofBlowjob, are all over Virtual Reality! While you are reading this, our team is working on some mind blowing stuff. Nothing like what you’ve seen so far in the VR Porn world.

But I thought it would be a good idea to show you what normal VR Porn looks like. So let’s see Wired‘s explainer video on how VR Porn is made.


But do not forget that what your are seeing today is nothing compare what we are going to unveil to you this year!

Stay in the loop, you wouldn’t want to miss it!


Can You Replace Exercise By SEX?

I’ve tried to summarize for you a great article I just read on IFLScience!

Sex does have some similarities to exercise. Your heart rate increases and so does your blood pressure. But sex only elicits a moderate level of physical stress, about 75% of a maximal exercise. These physical stress levels were intermittent, meaning much of the time was spent at a lower level of stress. Making sex a moderate physical activity such as brisk walking.



Can sex change your physiology such as exercise?

It could! But because most of us don’t sustain sex for long enough and often enough, it does not give you physiological changes. Also, to gain muscle mass you will more likely need resistance training. We don’t yet know if sex brings you this type of muscular training.

What about masturbation? Well, sorry but masturbation is only equivalent to a slow walk. You better get a girlfriend really soon, if you want to make it more of a physical challenge ;P

Exercise affects sex!

Exercise in general mixed with an healthy life style will make you less tired during sex, especially cardio. Women who train their pelvic floor with exercises, will have more control, heightened sensation and less pain during sex. As for men, to train the perineal muscle helps with premature ejaculation.

Sex affects exercise!

Sex has no affects on exercise, but it does have negative affects on recovery. Just wait 2 hours after sex before starting exercising!

Piper’s Geeky Side!


As you know I ordered my HTCVive, you can say I’m one of those “early adopters”.


Sometimes it’s better not to know, it keeps you in that peaceful place where you are just not waiting for anything. Technology as kind of ruined that for me, I received a mail that my HTCVive was out of the shop and on the move. I could keep track of the shipping progress via an internet connection. I was so impatient, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Every 15 minutes or so, I would look thru the window to see if the delivery truck was there. I really didn’t want to miss it!

I was so impatient, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Every 15 minutes or so, I would look thru the window to see if the delivery truck was there. I really didn’t want to miss the delivery, so I ordered in sushis. I still had to eat and I knew I was going to spend the whole evening on it.

The estimated time of arrival was 12pm, I ended up waiting for it until 1pm which is not too bad :)


The delivery man did not even have the time to ring, I was already down the stairs and the door was wide open. The box was heavier than I thought. I open it and tossed the white foam, plastic bag, and cardboard aside. As I pulled on the cover it smelled like new shoes, a bit plasticky. All the little bags were so soft and on each cable, the is a tag that gives you the information on where it needs to go. Very friendly user!

The whole set up took me about 30 minutes and I took my time. I’ll leave a little mystery, so that when you try it you are mind-blown as I was…

Come play with or against me on the SteamCommunity –   See you soon :)


You can also read and observe The Piper Blush Experiments on!

Becoming A Sex Machine!

Have you heard of The Borg? Of course you have, if you are a fan of Star Trek like me :) Some people actually do want to become more like them.

Did you know, there is a subculture known as biohackers or grinders. They modify there bodies, trying to enhance human life through technology.

Rich Lee is part of the grinder culture, his dream is to implant the first sub-dermal sexual modification on himself. He already has magnets into the cartilage nubs in front of his earholes that connect to a copper coil around his neck, permitting him to pick up signals beyond the human hearing.

His next project is called the Lovetron9000, he has been working on it for the past 5 years. He wants to implant a vibrator into his pubic fat.

Here’s how he made the Loveton9000:

The first prototype was made out of RadioShack electronic parts and ballpoint pens—a bunch of household items. The plan was to coat it in silicone and implant it. We’d already figured out methods to power it under the skin using induction. But the vibrations weren’t enough. Then I had to up it, and I was like, Oh wait, this is too big. I needed a smaller motor. Then when I had it running for long periods of time I found that it had super fine chips of plastic breaking off and causing friction between [the vibrator] and the silicon layer. Then I had another prototype where I had leeching in the bio-coating that surrounded it, so it would’ve absorbed blood or different body fluids, which would have compromised the electronics. It’s this evolution where I’ve got a lot of things that I’ve just trial-and-errored. I had one that just completely broke when my wife got on top of it. Lots of different setbacks. None of them were implant worthy.

Rich Lee plans on getting is implant in August 2016, so stay tuned.

I guess those people are not really like the Borg after all, because sex would be Irrelevant!

Why Do Men Have Blue Balls?



When you say ‘Blue Balls’, it often means that you are sexually frustrated. There is some veracity in the term Blue Balls. Your balls do tend to get darker if an erection is no followed by an ejaculation.

The flow of blood builds up to your penis and scrotum when you are aroused. If it isn’t released it can cause you some minor pain in the testicules. Only the ejaculation can relieve you.

A prolonged erection causes the oxygen from your blood to be absorbed by the tissue of your genitals, giving it that blue-ish color.

Be aware that it does not usually appear naturally. It is more likely to appear when you take erectile dysfunction drugs or blood flow-constricting devices like a cock ring.