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Why Women Need To Cuddle After Sex!

What makes you love your partner is highly due to the things you do together in the bedroom. Did you know that a woman is more likely to fall in love with you, if you give her orgasms. That is just how the chemicals in her brain work, a woman will secrete more cuddling hormones during orgams than the man. That might just be the reason why women get attached quicker. So you know what to do to conquer her heart!

Here’s what AskMen had to say about men vs women cuddling!

Why women cuddle

The act of cuddling releases a hormone called oxytocin, sometimes called the “cuddling hormone.” Oxytocin is responsible for provoking what scientists refer to as “pair bonding,” which means it makes the cuddling couple feel closer and more intimate. This helps to create a bond between a man and a woman. In evolutionary terms, a woman wants to create this pair bond in order to get the man to commit to her and their offspring. Even if your woman isn’t trying to marry you and start bearing your babies, she is likely still drawn to create an emotional bond with you and this kind of physical intimacy is a good way to do it.

Cuddling also feels pretty damn good when it’s done right, so another reason women insist on it is that the sensations triggered by a cuddle session can be very pleasurable.

Why men don’t cuddle

It can be exceptionally frustrating that your first instinct post-orgasm is to go right to sleep, while she prefers to get in a good cuddle session first. The reason for this is all about the hormones your brain releases after sex. As a man has an orgasm, a variety of brain chemicals are released including the hormone prolactin. Prolactin has a strong connection to sleep so its presence is probably responsible for a man’s tendency to want to sleep after sex. The release of prolactin also indicates the beginning of the “recovery time” that men have to take before having sex again. Women often don’t require any such time-out after having an orgasm.

Clitoris – Exclusively For Pleasure!


Did you know that the clitoris’ only function is to providing its owner with sexual pleasure and its the only organ in either sex with pleasure as its sole function. It has nothing to do with getting pregnant, with menstruation, or with urination.

When a woman becomes sexually aroused, both the glans and the shaft fill with blood and increase in size. The glans can double in diameter. There is no evidence that a larger clitoris means more intense sexual arousal.

As erotic stimulation continues and orgasm approaches, the clitoris becomes less visible as it is covered by the swelling of tissues of the clitoral hood. This swelling is designed to protect the clitoris from direct contact, which, for some women, can be more irritating than pleasurable. It moves out again when the stimulation stops.

After orgasm the clitoris returns to its normal size within about ten minutes because the orgasm leads to a dispersal of the accumulated blood. If the woman doesn’t have an orgasm, the blood that has flowed into the clitoris as a result of sexual arousal may remain there, keeping the clitoris engorged for a few hours.

A woman’s clitoris can be stimulated through direct or indirect contact. During intercourse the penis does not contact the clitoris directly. The thrusting of the penis in the vagina, regardless of the position used, moves the labia minora, and it is this movement of the lips against the clitoris that usually creates the orgasm.

Direct contact with the clitoris by touching it with a finger, vibrator, or a tongue can cause more discomfort than pleasure for many women. For these women, more general rubbing or licking of the area around the clitoris is likely to feel better. Other women enjoy very intense direct stimulation. There is great variability in sensitivity of the clitoris and each woman. For more info you can go to HowStuffWorks!

This is not an April Fools :)

Do’s And Don’t of Online Dating!


Be honest about what you’re looking for!

You can use dating applications as much for sex as to find a soulmate! If you want to surf the waves of life, just write that you are open to whatever. You are on the internet not in real life, you don’t know those people and they don’t know you! So don’t be shy, ask for want you really want. The worst that can happen is that you get a ‘No’, it is better than spending an entire date with a crazy 70 years old cat lover!


Google your date! Use all you can find, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. That way you get a better idea of who they are. To be on the safe side, choose a dating app that is linked to your social media. If there is not that many pictures on their profil, you will not really know what they look like. Be careful if their account has not been active for over a year, though some people are still not very active on those platforms a year could mean fraud. You can also learn if they are already engaged in a relationship and are only looking for some casual extracurricular activities.

Piper Blush

Piper Blush

Meet in a Public or  Safe Space!

Meeting in public is the safest thing to do. You can always escape or scream for help! You can also take the risky road and invite that special person to your place or go to theirs. If you choose to do so, be sure to tell a friend were you are going to be or with whom, check in with that friend every hour or so just to be on the safe side. Be up-front with your date, if they’re interested in you, they will respect your desire for safety!



 No limits!

If you hit it off with a person and start having feelings for her,don’t limit yourself. It’s not because you found her on Tinder that it can’t be true love! You can always invent a ‘How You Meet Story’ :)


Stalk Just Enough!

There are downsides at stalking your futur date too intensely on the internet. You might get the wrong idea about your date. First, it’s easy to judge when you only have access to party pictures! Second, if ever you spill out the beans on something they did not tell you yet you can look really creepy.

No Guilt about Wanting to be Safe!

If your date gives you a hard time about safety precautions on the first meeting too, let them go. There is plenty profils on the internet!


You can read the real article on: SluttyGirlProblems




Furniture As A Sex Toy!

Buy Some Big Toys!

Some positions are just a little too hard to achieve in your bed, a chair or the counter; with some tailor made designs, you can try out a much larger variety of positions enabling you to feel new and interesting ways to connect with your partner.

They’ve  been designed for two bodies to be able to merge perfectly together. Before running to the nearest store think of what positions you would like to accomplish and find the one piece that will meet all your needs.



Sex Magic Cushion Pillow


Sex Swing