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Science Says Find a Younger Woman, you’ll live longer!

Heterosexual couples the are so typical these days we don’t even talk about them. Then you have the ten percent of LGBT couples. We are more open and sensitive to their causes, which was about time if you ask me! But what about the ones in the middle. The couples with an age gap!

We don’t talk about them too much, but we can’t help but stare when 20 something women walk around with a half a century old men. I know the feeling I love older men! But what is the best age cap?

You should know that men should ejaculate about 20 times per month. Yes, that’s only about 10 days in the month without sex! That maybe explains why men tend to always look at younger women; they need the release.

That said men who do go for younger women, and I mean more than ten years younger, tend to live longer. That must be it the real fountain of youth. Don’t fight it, just take a younger woman for a wife!



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What Sex Feels Like on Molly! (MDMA, Ecstasy)

Piper has made it her mission to show the world what a MDMA trip looks and feel like for women! She prepares herself throughout the day for this big experiment. But as she takes the pill her master plan vanishes and with

She prepares herself throughout the day to be ready for her night experiment. But as she swallows that pill her plans vanish and so do her inhibitions. Watch this educational video to learn more about this powerful drug. For more like this Subscribe to her Channel, click here!

Erotic Sex Scene From Game of Thrones!

The actress in the role of Missandei had a hard time opening up in the season 7 episode 2 sex scene. She confessed that she was pretty nervous about having to take off her clothes. As you can see she came over her fears beautifully…

The actor in the role of Grey Worm wasn’t so bad himself!

Orgasms make you reveal secrets!

Ever been asked some personal questions during or after sex?


 There’s probably a reason for that! It is said that after sex you are more likely to spill out your
darkest secrets.

The reason for that sudden urge of “coming clean” is that you are filled with Oxytocin right after orgasm. This hormone gives you a great feeling of trust toward the person you are lying next to at that moment. If you had the fact that your levels of cortisol are also lowered after sex, making you feel even safer. It’s a dangerous combo!

Next time you want a real and honest answer you know what to do 😛