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Geeky 69!

What happens in this week’s update on

“Piper feels you coming behind her. Your hand slides down her flat stomach. Your warm body embraces hers. You feel a chill course thru her as you reach the black fabric of her panties. She swirls her hips seductively to pull her underwear to her knees, only to unveil her pink bud to your fingers. A moan escapes her throat as your index slides down her slit. She loves it.”

Geeky 69!

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An Erotic Exploration Of Piper’s Breasts!

Piper's Breasts

Piper’s Breasts

It is not solely the mouth to cock contact that renders the oral sex experience unique, it all that is done apart from the blowjob that makes each session different. By using her fingers, hands, moans, etc. She can create the most passionate and sexy oral sex with a twist. Let’s start 2017 with just that a create new twist the blowjob you love to receive from Piper.

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Happy Holidays From TheArtofBlowjob!

Amidst the songs, eggnog, cookies, and mounds of presents, we hope your Christmas is as warm and sweet as a willing partner's mouth!
May you fill a beautiful woman with your many gifts and talents. Make her deepest wishes, of blissfulness and contentment, happen this holiday season. 

This week's update is unique on TAOBJ; It's a Christmas Tradition! We all have our X-mas traditions! It can be wearing ugly sweaters, drinking gallons of eggnog, making a gingerbread house, decorating the tree... 

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In this festive spirit, Piper lets you in on her traditions. Are you ready? She places it between her lips. She knows you are looking. You can see a glimpse of joy passing thru her eyes. She kisses it to make you linger. Cream pours as she squeezes the sac. Piper brings the sweet paste to her taste buds. She fills every corner leaving no place. She should not finish it all so that there is some left to stick the walls of the gingerbread house together!

Merry Christmas From TheArtofBlowjob!!!

A BJ Straight Out Of The Shower!



This video was made at the request of one of our dear members.

She comes out of the shower, her hair still wet. She finds you in bed butt naked, which draws a huge smile on her lips. Piper crawls to your mid waist. She looks at you playfully as she takes your cock between her finger and to her mouth. She moans hard while she tries to swallow you. The muscles of her throat clench and her tongue make waves onto your erecting width.

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She looks into your eyes, searching for that moment where you lose all control. Piper teases you, she sucks and rubs you until you are about to come, and suddenly she stops. She wants you to want her so badly. The beautiful brunette dives onto your length one last time, as she knows you are about to fill her. She tastes the first drop and lets you see the rest escape from between her lips. But don’t worry, she cleans it all up.

The Piper Blush Special Experiment: Breast Augmentation

Due to the graphic nature of The Piper Blush Special Experiment, viewer discretion is advised.

The pejorative stereotype around women with breasts implants is already broadly spread. It is not coincidental, the apparition of the ‘safer’ breast augmentation surgery arrived so close to the women’s liberation movement and the golden age of porn. You can say, it got most of its attention thru the porn industry, just feeding the concept that this surgery is preferred by porn stars, dancers or women who want to make money out of their augmented self…

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A Gorgeous Reflection on TheArtofBJ!

Her long body folds as she gets down on her knees. Piper is completely nude. You see her curvy bottom. Your eyes come upon her narrow waistline. Her proportions are exquisite. She makes you hard just looking at her. It’s just her reflection in the mirror, the real thing is in front of you, on you.

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Piper moves on your length with her lips. She keeps both her hands on her thighs, submissively. You are in control, guiding your cock into her hungry mouth, slapping her lascivious tongue making her moans longer. You get absorbed in the immense pleasure she is giving you, and still, you take a glimpse at her lower back’s fair skin thru the mirror.