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Double Your Pleasure!

Clara and Laura give a sensual blowjob together


What’s better than a blowjob? A blowjob with two talented and enthusiastic people giving it! Clara and Laura are in full control in our latest educational blowjob video on The Art of Blowjob, showing us how to share nicely and make a double blowjob go smoothly.

This is the first in several videos that will be rolling out over time, and this one focuses on a few things: taking turns to arouse and inspire, shifting back and forth between the cock and the balls as individuals and then sharing the tip as a prelude to a sensual kiss.

They have a beautiful natural rhythm together, and we’re excited to show other ways of giving and receiving an amazing double blowjob in future educational updates. After all, two heads are better than one, at least when they’re working in tandem to make something really hot happen.

World’s Longest Tongue

Adrienne Lewis of Michigan has an amazing tongue. It may even be the world’s longest tongue. That remains to be seen by the Guinness Book of World Records, but Brazzers has already taken note and contacted her to see if she’d perform in a scene for them. She has already made it pretty clear that she’d not be interested. If you watch the video, you’ll even see that her boyfriend wishes he could beat up the internet.

Not wanting to be pummelled, we just wanted to bring attention to her Youtube page and hope that you’ll take note of her exceptional tongue. While we’re very happy for her, it’s important to note that size isn’t everything, but you could certainly stand to emulate some of the moves in her videos to limber up before going down. Consider her dexterity aspirational and use it for whatever suits you, even The Art of Blowjob or The Art of Cunnilingus!

The Uniqueness of Blowjobs

PIper witnesses an amazing cumshot

Each and every blowjob is like a special, sensual snowflake. Well, not really, but kind of. We have so many updates on the site, and they’re all blowjobs. You might think that would become boring but, well, would you get bored of blowjobs in your personal face-to-face life? No, probably not, provided they were enthusiastic, skilled and connected! The same can be said for our blowjobs. There’s always a new energy, a new approach, a different manifestation of connection. They take on so many different styles and atmospheres and elements… Today, for instance, Piper dons a pearl necklace (the literal kind) and uses a cock ring and her mesmerizing blue eyes to add something different to the blowjob, and she in turn is absolutely spellbound by the eventual cumshot she helps to create.

Watch yet another unique, special and beautiful blowjob now on The Art of Blowjob.

Sophie on Sex Out Loud


Our very own Sophie Delancey is taking to the airwaves this week. She’ll be Tristan Taormino‘s guest on Sex Out Loud on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel. You can tune in live at 5pm EST/8pm EST and you can even call in while she’s on air!

Tristan Taormino is a renowned writer, sex educator and pornographer focused on educational content, so this is quite exciting and relevant to what we do. Together, they’ll be discussing blowjobs, cunnilingus, beautiful and educational porn, sex ed, sexy storytelling, making podcasts and more! Tristan is a pretty amazing interviewer, and it’ll be very exciting to get the message of beautiful oral sex out to a wider audience.

To listen live, check out the show’s site, and then you can hear it in podcast form on iTunes shortly thereafter. If you want to call in, dial 1-866-472-5788 while the show is live on the air.

Using Cock Rings in a Blowjob

Piper using a cock ring during a blowjob

Another Wednesday means another new update in The Art of Blowjob’s educational blowjob video series. This week, we focus on the cock ring. Since there aren’t a ton of sex toys for penises, we wanted to explore this one in depth both for safety and for how to include it as part of a blowjob.

You’ll learn how to avoid snags and snapping and how long to keep it on at first, all of which is very important to keeping your cock ring experience positive and sexy. You’ll also learn how it can change up sensation, prolong your enjoyment and how some licking around the cock ring can really liven up and expose the different feelings.

Go ahead… Put a ring on it and explore a new kind of blowjob! But watch the video first and learn a thing or two to add to the excitement.

Personalized Vibrators for All!

Crescendo by Mystery Vibe from MysteryVibe on Vimeo.

This is on our wish list big time! It’s an incognito and adjustable vibrator called Crescendo by Mystery Vibe. Their tagline is Your Body, Your Pleasure, Your Way… The awesome folks over at Mic herald it as the greatest vibrator of all time, and we may just have to agree. It’s aesthetically beautiful, it can be customized to fit all sorts of bodies and desires and it doesn’t scream sex toy right off the bat if you were to find it in a drawer.

Really, you only need one to replace so many different kinds of vibrators. And it’s not too noisy, it uses wireless charging, it’s waterproof, it’s easy to clean and you can customize patterns using their app! Some new sex toys seem pointlessly gadgety, but this one really addresses the fact that vibrators can be disappointing when you take them home if they don’t fit your body right. With the Crescendo, you just bend it how you want it and enjoy internal or external stimulation… Or both!

They’re crowd funding and there’s a whole month left, so get in on the bottom floor and you could take home one of their totally unique takes on the vibrator.