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Make you cum between her tits!

Using her mouth, lips, tongue, and fingers, she makes you edge. Between her warm lips, you find ecstasy. Until…

TheArtofBlowjob's Update

TheArtofBlowjob’s Update

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Get ready to get dirty…

Because in this update at you’ll be squeezed between those gorgeous twin grapefruits. That’s not all that will happen. First, you’ll be given a hungry look. It will mesmerize you to the point you’ll let her subdue you, leaving you without clothes. Wait it gets hotter! As she takes your length deep in her throat she unties her blouse to reveal her intimate nudity.

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The Clitoris – It’s Only There for the Sex!

It’s Only There for the Sex!

A woman’s body includes a number of super-hot erogenous zones, but you might say many of those are sort of, well, incidental. Not the clit. It’s there for fun. Yup, that’s right. The clitoris is the only part of the body designed solely for pleasure. So, while other body parts used for sexual pleasure have at least one other purpose to them, your clit is just there to get you off.

Why don’t guys have multiple orgasm!

Most guys need a few minutes after orgasm to recover before they can go again. Well, maybe not when they are eighteen years old, but past thirty that’s what you could be looking at!

Why do men need some time before they can go again when for women it’s the total opposite. After one orgasm, she can become even more sensitive and have many more of those ‘little deaths.’

After orgasm, it feels weird to receive stimuli in the penis area. This is called the refractory period and its time depends on the person. As you age, this period extends. Some men need hours to recover, others only 5 minutes.

Explain it to me like I’m 5!

As you orgasm chemicals are released in your brain.  It causes you to feel ecstatic, and that is
Probably a way for you to want to go again. It makes you want to make little humans!


The primary hormone responsible for that happy feeling is dopamine. It is believed that having an orgasm is the equivalent of getting a heroin rush. Oxytocin is another hormone that flows in you right about when you ejaculate. This two combined togheter are believed to be causing you this refractory period. Did you know that oxytocin is also known as the bonding hormone? That is what makes you love your progeny and the person you are having sex with the most frequently!

Here’s the one you should be mad at for causing you to have to wait! It’s called prolactin. Without it, you could go again, again and again…

Why wait?

Probably to upper your chances of having sex with different partners. While you need to recover the female can find a new donor. As you have regained your vitality you might also want to get yourself a different partner to spread your genetic material.

You are not alone!

All men have it, do who don’t have a sexual addiction. That is not something you want to be dealing with, so just wait it out and please your girl in new and remarkable ways!

Close Up Fellatio!

Piper For

Piper For

It’s just a beautiful day for a wonderful blowjob, and Piper is happy to oblige. She looks incredible in her dangly crystal necklace, pausing to show off her long, swan-like neck before diving down to suck your cock. She teases you lovingly, flashing her beautiful eyes in moments of ecstatic connection while she uses her mouth to give you pleasure like you’ve never felt before. Sometimes things are just this easy.

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