Lush Goes Naked A Bit Too Far!

Lush went a bit too far in their cosmetic campaign in Australia. Go Naked was a bit too naked for all audiences. A complaint was made at The Advertising Standards Bureau. A total of three complaints were made mainly saying that the ads were only there to cause a stir.

Here’s one of the complaints: “I am offended as this is nudity for the sake of causing a stir and is offensive and unnecessary. I was unable to shield my children from exposure to this advert as it was on a poster in the centre aisle of the shopping centre. When I contacted Lush they said that the women in the photo consented, so it was OK – I’m sorry, but I never allowed for myself or my children to be exposed to nudity on our weekly shopping trip! The nudity is completely inappropriate for the family environment of the shopping centre.”

Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics replied to this that the pictures were not to titillate the public but to the beauty of these women and their commitment to this cause. The image were completely untouched. To show that women should not be ashamed of their bodies.


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