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Focus On Her!

Congratulations, you are almost out of the blue! And if you can’t wait a few more days for your February blues to be over, we’ve got the just cure for you! It’s also blue, but this one will make you feel happy and tingly everywhere, even in your southern regions! Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than a trip down south. Get all the energy you need by staring deeply into Piper’s beautiful blue eyes!



This week’s update on TheArtofBJ, the room is drenched in fresh sunlight that brings the early day. Nothing is better than to be surrounded by big green leafy plants and some radiant colours to get your mojo back. Like if that wasn’t enough to give you a taste of summer, Piper is on her knees mesmerising you with her swimsuit-ready curves. She is ready to give you a morning kiss.

Playboy Club!!!

Playboy as gone from the full frontal centrefolds to fully dressed women. Time are a changing as Bob Dylan said! Hugh Hefner even sold the Playboy Mansion, so what is to become of all those bunnies?

On January 19th a press release announced that The Playboy Club was going to make a return in New York City, more precisely at the Midtown Hotel. You will not only get to play with the Bunnies, but there will be a dining room, game room and lounge area for your comfort and leisure.

We do not yet know how they will be dressed, but none the less you can always count on the Playboy Bunnies to be stylish and gracious!

Did you know that this is the second attempt of a Playboy Club? The first one was also born in NYC in 1962, followed by many others that opened around the world. Sadly, it all came to an end in 1991 with the last branch closing.

Who knows maybe this will be the new Hooters!!!

See Mashable for more details!

Read Some Erotica!

Found this blog that writes erotica and its called Molly’s Daily Kiss. Here’s an ‘avant-goût’!


I am lost in the moment. The sounds, the smell, the taste of you assaults my senses. I listen to the soft growling noises you make; they teach me your rhythm, your pleasure.  The musky smell of your sex fills my nostrils, and somewhere in there too I can smell my arousal rising from between my thighs to mingle with yours. On my tongue, there is the subtle hint of your taste from those precious little droplets of your desire, but I want more. I want you to come in my mouth.

Get even more aroused, read the full erotic story HERE!


Piper’s Oral Fixation!


Piper keeps her tongue close, as she strokes you to orgasm. She works your shaft with one hand and your cockhead with her fingers. Your throbbing cock explodes between her open lips. She lets you enjoy the whole seen from above. Once you have filled her, she closes her mouth and takes it all in. She continues to cuddle you until you can not bear it anymore.

See the Full-Lenght Video Here!!!