Cum On Her Breasts!

She is sitting at her desk without any top. She loves to work half naked; she feels free. You stare at her all morning thru. It is difficult not to get distracted. Piper finally turns towards you, she looks down at her breasts and pushes them together. You gasp, and she lifts her head up to ask if you could, please fill her cleavage.

Erotic Breast Exploration

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Piper looks at your hard cock slide up and down between her breasts. She moans as you slide your cock head around her erect nipple. You can sense her excitement. She lowers her mouth to envelope your members with her warm saliva. She knows you are close. Piper then squeezes her boobs around your shaft. You stroke your length and jets pour on her beautifully firm breasts. Piper passes her fingers in the white liquid spreading it all over her naked body, just to feel even more satisfied.

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