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Deep and Wild Blowjob!



She walks deeper into the woods. You have no choice but to follow her. You have to know what she is leading you. Suddenly she drops on both knees. You look around, not seeing any particularity to this spot more than all the other ones you came across during your wandering. She smiles, and the gap between her lips accentuates. You know what she wants.

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But here’s a little teaser, just to get you in the mood 😛



Porn In Slow Motion!

Slow Motion Blowjob is a website devoted to beautiful and highly sensual blowjobs, framed in a different light. Blowjob techniques are displayed here in slow motion to capture the beauty and eroticism of oral sex. These nearly seamless scenes stretch out over long intervals, hypnotizing with soothing music and creating the perfect atmosphere of seduction.

Each film showcases every incredibly skilled lick, sharing the way her lips slide down to the base of the shaft to deep throat passionately and drawing special attention to the way she uses her talented hands and beautiful breasts to enhance the pleasure of a truly amazing blowjob.

Take the time to see the true pleasure in vivid detail. Experience a blowjob like never before, capturing every nuance in gorgeous high-definition slow motion film.


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Not Your Ordinary Masturbation Sock!

You’ve probably all done it- Put your penis in a sock! Times have changed and the sock as now been reinvented. Trade your rugged sock for the soft and comfortable snug of a SwoonKink cashmere sleeve.



Susanna Gray is a sex-positive 54-year-old from Sunfish Lake, Minnesota. She is the creator of the Swoon Kink cashmere hand-job and masturbation sleeve. Her background as a packing designer was going to serve her for something a little less ordinary. She saw a pair of fingerless gloves in a store and decided to make her own pair at home. Once done she showed them to her husband who said: Know where this would feel good?, as he pointed his crotch.

Gray says: “There are men who prefer a moister experience when masturbating, and there are men who like friction. From what I’ve heard, [the sleeve] appeals to the friction guys. There’s nothing out there for them, so it filled a niche in a very luxurious way.”




This is what Brian Moylan from Vice had to say about it:

“After a brief visit to PornHub, I was ready to get into my turtleneck. Jerking off with the Pleasure Sweater feels like a Muppet’s dosed your dick with MDMA before jumping up and down on it until you have the warmest, strongest, most tingling orgasm of your entire life. It was absolutely incredible. I put the ribbed part around the base of my shaft, which it hugged with the perfect amount of tightness that not only provided pleasurable pressure but also kept the sleeve from moving around too much.

The soft fabric creates friction that doesn’t chafe—an intense sensation produced because, whereas normally there’s only sensation where the hand contacts the skin, the cashmere sleeve drags over all of your eager nerve endings for an overdose of stimulation. There’s no time for the best parts of your Johnson to rest.”


You don’t even have to be afraid of making a mess on your fancy cashmere sleeve. Once you are done, all you have to do is wash it in cold water and dried flat… And don’t worry it comes in many colors and shapes 😉

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The Wednesday Tip: In Heat!



In Heat!

It’s all about the ambiance – woman like it hotter than man, and she’ll be way more in the mood when she’s warm! If you want her to feel comfortable, and for her to want to get undressed, put the heat up.

Keep it at 77F/25C, she’ll be in the mood to take some of it off pretty fast – while if it’s freezing, she’ll be stiff and covering herself up with a ton of layers.

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Worshipping Selina’s Pussy!

When someone really loves eating pussy, you can tell. It’s about the passion of the act, but also about a vested interest in seeing and experiencing what their partner enjoys. Cunnilingus isn’t one size fits all, and Parker knows this. His beautiful girlfriend Selina has a particular way she loves to be licked and he does whatever he can to give her the kind of pleasure she deserves.


This blend of desire creativity and understanding makes for more than just oral sex. It’s pussy worship. Selina’s beautiful body brings forth an intense need in him. He needs to taste her from the sweet beginnings of her arousal through to the deep, slippery juices of her orgasm. There’s an unrelenting urge to hear her moaning escalating and cycling from little breathy noises to strong, guttural expressions of pleasure. He wants to be covered in her wetness, completely soaked in her satisfaction, smiling and licking her off his lips and fingers.

At the core of all these wants and needs, it’s not about him at all. It’s about her. It’s Selina’s pleasure that matters. Seeing her experience exactly what she wants on her own terms is bliss. Being able to give a woman that kind of intense satisfaction is what cunnilingus is all about. Worshipping a woman is a wonderful way to see her natural sensuality and understand her just a bit better.

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