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Why Do Men Have Blue Balls?



When you say ‘Blue Balls’, it often means that you are sexually frustrated. There is some veracity in the term Blue Balls. Your balls do tend to get darker if an erection is no followed by an ejaculation.

The flow of blood builds up to your penis and scrotum when you are aroused. If it isn’t released it can cause you some minor pain in the testicules. Only the ejaculation can relieve you.

A prolonged erection causes the oxygen from your blood to be absorbed by the tissue of your genitals, giving it that blue-ish color.

Be aware that it does not usually appear naturally. It is more likely to appear when you take erectile dysfunction drugs or blood flow-constricting devices like a cock ring.



A Kinky BlowJob Curriculum!

Kink Academy

A Kinky BlowJob Curriculum

As he pulled the last knot tight she whimpered. Her arms were bound tightly behind her back, and her breasts jutted forward, nipples crinkled hard with her arousal. His hand grasped the front of the ropes at her chest, pulling down, and she sank to her knees. Her pulse quickened as she saw him take a long scarf out of his pocket, and his knowing smile was the last thing she saw as he wrapped it around her eyes. Knot in place, he tilted her head up. “Tell me what you want, my pretty little cockslut.”

She licked her lips. “Oh, I want to suck your cock -“ She gasped as his hand slapped her cheek, the shock bringing tears to her eyes and cunt simultaneously. She could practically hear his glare, and she swallowed, trying again. “Sir, I would like to suck your cock like a good dirty slut. Please, sir, let me taste -“

Again she was cut off, this time by the feeling of his cock sliding between her lips. She opened her mouth, wider, trying to take him in deeper, until the tip was touching the back of her throat. He held it there until she trembled with the need to breathe, and then, just before pulling back, he pushed slightly deeper. Fighting the gag reflex, her tongue stroked the underside of his shaft, reveling in the feeling of how he filled her up, making her dizzy as she struggled to breathe in between strokes.

”Not bad, cockslut,” he murmured. She whimpered again, her ass wiggling with pleasure at his approval. The whimper turned to a moan as he pinched her nipples hard, sending electric sensations directly to her clit. She gasped as he let go, her mouth opening and saliva and pre-cum drizzling out and over the ropes that bound her breasts. She felt his fingers slid along the back of her head, entwining in her hair. “But tonight we see just how deep we can really go…”

The cock filled her mouth again…

Sounds hot, yes? There’s a lot to be said for the kinky blowjob, and that little story is just the kind of thing you’d find in an erotic novel. What you don’t see is that there’s a lot of kink techniques behind the hotness, and there’s a lot of places where it’s worth taking the time to learn the skills before the Big Moment. Otherwise those sexy whimpers can turn into “Ow, motherfucker! That’s annoying!” or worse “Ow – damn, that was my crown!” Bye-bye, blowjob, hello, emergency dentist.

That’s why people come to sites like the Kink Academy to learn the techniques to make fantasies like that one above a reality.

Here’s a quick list of things you can learn to help make your own blowjobs kinkier:

  • Chest Harness: The great thing about these is that there are so many ways to tie them. This link is to a “decorative” harness, which means it will both make the breasts look amazing but also enable the bottom to get their hands free for more creative uses, if that’s what you want.
  • Blindfolds : It’s a cliché but it’s true: want kink? Just add blindfold! But you want to understand how this sensitizes the rest of your scene, as well as the risks involved.
  • Talking Dirty : In porn, everybody seems to know what to say. In reality, having a lover say “Talk dirty to me!” can cause incredible performance anxiety. It’s also important to make sure that your sexy words match your partner’s sex words. Is it a dick or a cock? A pussy or a cunt? Are words like “sir” and “slut” ok? Take the time to figure it out!
  • Face Slapping : This is one that looks so easy on the screen, but that’s because it’s usually faked. Yes, it’s possible to do erotic consensual face slapping safely, but it’s definitely a skill – just telling your partner “slap me!” probably won’t do it.
  • Nipple Sensation : Everybody’s nipples are different. There are a lot of ways to cause just the sensation you want in your partner, even with just your fingers. Want to learn the secrets of nipple play? Ask a dominatrix – they have skills.
  • Hair Pulling : Sound simple, right? And yet…different types of hair require different techniques, or sometimes no techniques at all. The difference is what keeps her saying “ooohhh…” instead of “ow”.
  • Deep Throat & “Sloppy” Blowjobs : Sure, it’s possible – and often fun – to learn these things by trial-and-error. But with a few easy classes or videos you can jump-start your deep throat skills and get just as drooly and messy as you want. There are people who have taken the time to teach these skills – you just have to find them.

Now, we’re not saying you have to come to The Kink Academy to learn these skills – though you could. What we’re saying is this: kinky blowjobs are awesome, even better in reality than they are in porn or erotica. But to get there, you have to spend some time learning the techniques so that your kinky blowjob will be safe, consensual, and most of all…


The Wednesday Tip – Enthusiasm Make It Good!

Keep your enthusiasms! Your attitude reflect on the amount of fun you are going to have in the bedroom. Do it for yourself, because you want to! It will bring you as much pleasure to your partner.

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#Titty Tuesday Before a BJ!

Time for a BJ?

For the conventional act of lovemaking, the average duration is about 7 minutes – so how long should a BJ last? The great thing about it is that the receptive partner is fully in control, and with enough experience and communication, she’ll have full control over the duration of the session – by deep-throating or more rapid thrusts she create more intense sensations if you’re short on time, or if you’re comfortable she can go slow, and even do a bit of edging by stopping when you tell her you’re just about to finish.

Wanting You in Control of the Blowjob!

Piper Blush For TheArtofBlowjob

Piper Blush for TheArtofBlowjob

Piper’s hand slowly rubs her pussy, and through her moans, you can faintly her your name. She opens her eyes, and brings you closer with her finger. She drops your pants with one hand, the other still on her clit. She holds your cock close to her face, so close it hurts not to be inside of her. Her eyes are focused on you. Her mouth is slightly open, teasing you with the warmth that escapes from it.

She touches her naked body, watching your reaction to her sensual moans. You can’t decide between taking her right now, or letting this sweet torture last a little bit longer. You know the end will be more than satisfying if you let her do what she does. Her mouth controls your hard manhood, taking it deeper. She places her hand on your length to take vary the sensations.

You can not let her be in charge anymore, it is too much to bare. You need release. You thrust in her bottomless throat. She fingers herself hard, she is close to climax. You feel your cum burst out of your hard cock, it falls on her breasts. It melts and slides down to her clitoris, still throbbing from her orgasm.

Most Intimate POV with Piper Blush!

Most men tell us they would rather have Piper all to themselves, but they’ll settle for the next best thing- a very intimate POV video.

Here it is, the most intimate blowjob Piper has ever done, you can almost feel her warmth on your cock.

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