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Piper’s Sloppy Glasses Blowjob!

Piper Blush from TheArtofBlowjob

Piper Blush from TheArtofBlowjob

Piper’s not her usual self today. She’s messier than usual, wearing a pair of sweatpants so low you can see almost all of her ass and the beginning of her pussy. Her socks aren’t even the same color. Could she be even sexier? You look at her big blue eyes, she looks right back at you through her glasses, placing her messy hair on one side, and takes your cock between her lips.

She places you shaft carefully in the back of her mouth, and swallowing four consecutive times. You feel yourself getting rock hard almost instantly, filling all of her mouth, surprising her. She has to pull herself up, you got too big too fast. She smiles, drooling all over your balls, making a hot, wet mess all over your cock. She licks one of your balls, and sucks the other, you can feel her saliva dripping all over.

She doesn’t even swallow her spit once, leaving all the wetness on you for her to play with. She ties her hair, it’s getting too dirty. The sound of her hand on you, the sound of her spit, the sound of her moans, they all create a perfect symphony. She goes on her knees, putting both her hands on your shaft. She massages your length, feeling your pleasure, opening her mouth wide to let the saliva drip out of her and unto your tip. It’s so sexy. You feel it coming, she holds you so tight to prolong the orgasm, then releases you. The cum flies to her glasses and all over her face. She plays with the mess she so beautifully created.

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Furniture As A Sex Toy!

Buy Some Big Toys!

Some positions are just a little too hard to achieve in your bed, a chair or the counter; with some tailor made designs, you can try out a much larger variety of positions enabling you to feel new and interesting ways to connect with your partner.

They’ve  been designed for two bodies to be able to merge perfectly together. Before running to the nearest store think of what positions you would like to accomplish and find the one piece that will meet all your needs.



Sex Magic Cushion Pillow


Sex Swing


The Perfect Lelo Sex Position For Your Penis Length!

Article From Lelo:

A recent scientific study has declared that there is a new global average penis size. After measuring 15,000 members around the world, the average size was 5.16 inches (13.12cm) long and had a girth of 4.61 inches (11.66cm) when erect (the flaccid measurements are 3.61 inches/9.16cm and 3.67 inches/9.31cm respectively, lending credence to the ‘grower not a show-er phenomenon).

Now, previous studies have also told us that women tend to care a lot less about penis size than men, but that hasn’t exactly stopped men from asking themselves ‘can I make my penis bigger?’. While it can help some men feel more confident in the bedroom, women can tell you that there are definite advantages and disadvantages to penises on both sides of the average. What then, are the best positions by penis size?

Sex Positions If His Penis Is Smaller Than Average 



Position Difficulty: 3/5 You probably already know that propping up your hips with a pillow allows for deeper penetration than having them flat. This position creates the perfect angle whether performed with him kneeling on the floor, or with you lying on an elevated surface while he stands. Because you help support your body with you arms and abdominal muscles, neither position should be more strenuous than the other, it just depends on the height of your partner and of the surface you choose to try this on. May we recommend thoroughly testing every counter top and table in your house?



Position Difficulty: 1/5 There’s a reason why this position is such a classic. It can be more broadly used to describe any variation of the position that involves partners on their knees while he enters from behind. However, when you are supporting yourself with your hands, or lowered onto your forearms, he’ll be able to enter you much more deeply than anyone with a larger sized penis can, without causing discomfort from too-deep of thrusts. The best part about this position is that whether he is bending you over a low piece of furniture, or leaning forward over your back for a much more intimate position, this fantastic angle is maintained and you’ll be able to stimulate yourself clitorally. Want it to be even more intense? Try an internal couples’ massager like IDA™. It will offer amazing sensations for the both of you, hands-free.

Sex Positions If His Penis Is Bigger Than Average



Position Difficulty: 2/5 Just as raising a woman’s hips allow for deeper penetration, forcing him to enter from above means that the depth of his thrusts will be controlled. Requiring a bit of flexibility on your part, this position can nevertheless be adjusted by whichever surface you choose to try it on. The key is to keep his hips either level or thrusting slightly downward. Depending on his length, he may still need to be conscious of thrusting too deeply for your comfort, but ideally you find a surface that puts him in just the right place.



Position Difficulty: 1/5 Guys who are built a little bit bigger can be a bit intimidating, and that’s why we love the closeness and intimacy of this position. All woman-on-top sex positions naturally allow you to control the depth more than others; however this is also one of the most comfortable ways to have your partner underneath for a slower love-making session. Adjusted to have him sitting against a wall or headboard, it also frees his hands up to stimulate you with your favorite hand-held vibe like SIRI™2 for vibrations that are felt over a wider area, or a pocket-sized vibrator like MIA™2 which offers pin-point sensations.


Truly, it’s not the size that counts; it’s really how you use it. No partner, male or female, is built exactly the same, and half the fun of having sex is discovering all the best ways to go about it.

Article from Lelo:

#Throwback Thursday: Double Blowjob, 2 girls 1 cock!

Piper Blush from TheArtofBlowjob

Piper Blush from TheArtofBlowjob

It starts with her brushing against her thigh, hand moving up Piper’s body, caressing her breast and kissing her neck while you sit back and watch. They lightly brush against your cock, almost accidentally… They’re passionately kissing now, their hands wander your body, getting you ready for what’s ahead.

Laura gives you a little glance, you see her smile as she breaks away from Piper. She goes to give a little kiss to the top of your cock, and Piper goes underneath to lick the bottom of your shaft and takes your balls in her mouth. Laura’s sucking you deeply, and you’re almost about to come – when they break away to feel each other’s bodies again, you can feel them enjoying making you squirm as you’re so close to the edge. A few more teases go by and you can’t hold back anymore. You feel the deep warmth surrounding your cock as you cum inside Laura’s mouth, and just as you’re done, Piper takes you for the last few drops.

The Wednesday Tip: Body Language During Cunnilingus!

Body Language

Communication does not always have to be verbal in bed. Pay close attention to her movements. Many women will have intense reactions during orgasm.

Some reactions are more common than others, like toe clenching and heavy breathing. There are also women who feel the need to grab things or agitate that agitate their hands.  

We all have a pattern of climax, watch out for your partner’s reaction. Once you find it, you can use it to your advantage. Make her edge or please her more easily. 

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