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Sex Furniture And Its Many Disguises!

Looking Innocuous!

You probably already know the obvious furniture people use to get it on outside of the bed, from swings, pillows, chairs, balls, poles, etc.

Some furniture can be pretty deceiving for someone that does not know their real purposes. like Piper’s little sofa, it can stay in the livingroom and disguises itself as a new age modern chair.

Piper Blush

Piper Blush Picture From

Many Faces of Pleasure: Tongue Swirl!

Piper Blush for TheArtofBlowjob

Piper Blush for TheArtofBlowjob

Piper enjoys making you watch her tease you, until it is too much to bare. She looks at you with that naughty grin. She wants it as much as you, but making you edge adds to the fun!

See what else Piper makes you endure on TheArtofBlowjob!

#Throwback Thursday: Our 500th Update!


Piper Blush fromTheArtofBlowjob

Piper Blush from TheArtofBlowjob

Discover Piper’s fun side!

Celebrate good times… Cum on! Today is our 500th update on The Art of Blowjob. After so many sensual blowjob videos, photo sets, educational updates and even some articles and erotica, we are thrilled to have made it to this milestone. Piper gives a beautiful, sensual, sweet and passionate blowjob which easily encompasses everything we see as most emblematic of what we’ve set out to create. Just wait for the happy ending… It’s a pop shot unlike any other you’re likely to see in porn.


The Wednesday Tip: Make Her Drip!

Excite Her!

The reason a drink or two is so good at loosening people up is the same for both men and women. Just like men, women are often too much in their heads, always thinking of the stuff they need to do, how they’re acting in front of others…

It is difficult for them to let go and focus on the act itself. If you want a woman’s full attention you need to make her feel good and take care of everything. As you get to know her better, don’t be afraid to share the activities you love, and teaching her new and fascinating things can make it so much more thrilling than a 4th dinner date.

Make it funny, it helps to lift up any tension and forget all about your worries.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 1.23.59 PM

Titty Tuesday and Piper’s Secret Wishes!

Piper Blush

Piper Blush

Piper’s Wishlist

I think that the most wonderful gifts are the ones that come straight from the heart. I’m not a very materialistic person, I prefer to receive things I really need or experiences. I think a BJ or going down on your partner is a great Christmas gift or little extra that goes with your gift. It is important to give love to your friends and family. To your partner, you should give a part of you or all of you, for at least thirty minutes! Check out my wish list!