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#Throwback Thursday: An Evening Irrumatio For New Years Eve!

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As night begins to fall, certain desires stir and rise to meet us at the end of our long days. Our tempting bodies cause an irresistible pull to touch and kiss and caress, ultimately coming together in new forms.

The intense arousal hangs heavy in the room, building with their orgasms and sustaining as they come down and rest after all of this deep, abiding eroticism.

Threat yourself to a New Years Eve Blowjob!

The Wednesday Tips: The Surprise Effect, So Gentle It Hurts!

Great tips to start the New Year in the right Oral Sex way!


For Him!

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From TheArtofBlowjob

Surprise has a great effect on him. First go slowly, take the time to tease his tip. When you are ready back up a little, and in one plunge, take him all in.

Because you will go fast, the temperature difference, the surprise and the tightness of your mouth will feel even more amazing to him.


For Her!

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From TheArtofCunnilingus

A slow touch can be as good as a hard one, it all depends on the mood. The slower the more the desire lingers, it brings her on the edge.

Keep her there, until you are ready to watch her climax.

Titty Tuesday and Piper On Duration!



I love to take my time!

I like to try new things, get comfortable, change my position, see how he reacts and how I react. I think the longer you spent together familiarizing yourselves with your bodies, the best the chemistry. You take out all the shyness by looking at every inch of your partner’s body. You explore deeper and connect better. Even, if only for one night, at least you will have created an experience something you will never forget with another human being. Sex is made to be yourself and free. Enjoy it!

A Light Touch!

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You make her wait for it. Her eyes are full of lust. You breathe on her panties adding your warmth to hers. She raises her waist, your fingers climb on her soft inner thighs. You push her back in the mattress. The muscles of her abdomen contract each time you touch her. You pull the thin panties that cover her pussy, she gasps to the sight of herself. She has surrendered.

You hold her panties aside as your tongue cuts through her folds. She is all open and moist. Her hands crush the blankets. The taste of her on your tongue arouses you. You place your finger on her clit, applying almost no pressure, but the sensation is enough to send her body into convulsions.

The tip of your finger strokes her so gently you can barely feel her, she screams, you know she feels you. You stop, she looks at you with a wide smile. You grab a handful of her breast and squeeze it. She moans harder. You pinch her nipples, nothing seems to matter anymore. You try to keep the pressure as light as you can on her clitoris. She empties her lungs, her scream is pure ecstasy. You look at her blissful eye close. Her body falls on in the sheets, exhausted.

Create More Positions With A Tantra Chair!

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Furniture For Sex

Having a love chair allows Piper to experiment with different positions: she likes to lie on her back, with your legs between her face and your member pushing deep into her throat. This position can be done on a bed or any other surfaces. It’s even more intimate, mixing the best part of a BJ and the great visuals that brings the chair. The man is able to thrust and enter her mouth, and she would be able to take him even deeper than usual, and still be able to actively control her rhythm while feeling extremely close to him.

You can do more than oral sex with this chair, here are a couple of fun positions.

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Tantra Chair

Many Faces of Pleasure: Amy Gasps For Air During A Cunnilingus!

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You know you are doing it right when your woman as trouble breathing and moans ferociously.

Amy can not help but to breath heavily when your tongue swirls around her clit. The seconds before her orgasms, not a single noise comes out of her throat. When suddenly you hear her break the silence, her moan makes you hard.

Hear Amy on TheArtofCunnilingus!