Eat, Sex, Love



Where do you bring a girl on a first date? To a restaurant. Why? To eat amazing food. Because what is better than an orgasm, two orgasms! The first one is a culinary orgasm, it happens in your mouth. The second one arrives after diner, the sexual orgasm, it takes control of your entire body. Food and sex always go great together and if your date is not that hot, a little wine helps with your standards 😉

Sheets are made to protect the mattress, dirty them! There’s a whole variety of food you can bring to the bedroom with you. Here are some classic examples: whip cream, chocolate sauce, honey, champagne. For the more adventurous: caramel sauce, ice cream, wine and spirits, a lollipop, hot tea.

The best thing about food is that it isn’t gender specific. Share the fun and food!



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