All about attitude


This week, we’re launching a new theme on The Art of Blowjob’s Educational Series: all about attitude! Even with the best technique in the world won’t matter if it doesn’t look like you’re enjoying what you’re doing. But it doesn’t go both ways; with an awesome attitude, you won’t need to worry as much about getting every little detail perfectly. Practice is the best way to gain skills and confidence. Your attitude towards his cock will depend on how confident you are towards it.

The Education Series will cover what he wants to see, how he wants to see it, how to act towards his manhood, and much more. The texts are based on the average man’s view of the best blowjob. The videos are easy to digest, short and VERY explicit, for everyone’s enjoyment.

Our special educational videos are dedicated to women who have the desire to become the best a man has ever had. Or even for men who are looking for hints they can give to their partners. Don’t worry they have many other purposes!  This Wednesday, you can start your training!

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