Gentle breeze

blowWhat makes a blowjob memorable is all in the little details, and there’s nothing like teasing to focus on all the good sensations. Piper’s favorite technique is to start by slowly licking parts of the shaft, making it really wet all over. She then puts a little distance between her and it, taking the time to get some good eye contact before deciding where to blow. Her smooth lips come closer together, first blowing very softly. Piper’s saliva slowly dries creates the sensation of a fresh breeze, almost slightly cold. When she puts the length of your shaft in her mouth, the coolness disappears and the warmth and wetness of her mouth feel much, much more intense.

One thought on “Gentle breeze

  1. Cal

    How hard did you have to work to not let any “blow”-job jokes slip into this description? Inquiring minds need to know.


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