Hello readers! My name is Piper and I model exclusively for The Art of Blowjob, The Art of Cunnilingus and Slowmotion Blowjob.
I started five months ago by exploring my passion for oral sex, performing and receiving too! I felt like an explorer, pushing the boundaries of blowjobs and getting to try new and unconventional things, like using fabric, hot tea and pushing edging to the limit to make the experience as slow and passionate as possible. For my 6th month though, I felt like trying something new beyond just different technique. And so I did – I tried out my first oral-only menage a trois, a double blowjob as it’s called, for the first time. It was a really new and intense experience, and I loved it.
This brings me to today! I decided to model outside – in a public place, sort of. I started with a few pictures on the balcony, to see how I felt and if it could maybe lead to an outside BJ. The location wasn’t in plain sight, but there was a road beneath me, and construction workers behind the trees – there was always the chance of someone seeing me. The next-door apartments were very close. Well too close for my taste, and while I sometimes had fun changing in front of a window, this was different,
I felt shy, nervous and very excited. I didn’t want people to see me. Mainly because, I was obviously posing. Stepping outside was the hardest part. Once there, I felt more and more at ease. It became a huge thrill. I started playing with my clothes, taking my bra… I wanted to do more… 

I might just be ready for Friday!

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