Precum Love

Piper gives an amazing blowjob with precum

We love precum so much. We know not everyone can make it, or at least not much/consistently, but we wanted to pay homage to this very sexy part of arousal. This week’s educational blowjob video update is all about ways to encourage the production of precum and to enjoy the anticipation of a slow trickle or a stringy strand. Piper shows different techniques for stroking the cock to get precum happening while we ruminate on exactly what precum is, why it’s sexy and how to interact with it. Once in a while we hear about guys who are embarrassed about the amount of precum they produce. Why not wear it like a badge of pride? Arousal in very sexy and it’s just another kind of cum play to experience, right?

Learn more about precum and see this sexy video for yourself on The Art of Blowjob.

3 thoughts on “Precum Love

  1. Cal

    I like to think of precum like a dog’s wagging tail: sometimes the tail wags in anticipation of pleasure about to be given, sometimes the tail wags in satisfaction for pleasure being currently received, and sometimes the tail wags in gratitude for pleasure already performed. But whatever the reason, if the tail is wagging, the dog is glad to be alive– and the dog might not even be aware of it! (Okay, enough of this metaphor.) I never make a lot of precum– a drop at a time, and a minute or more between drops. Sometimes I deliberately try to milk out as much precum as possible over an hour. Sometimes I cum without a single “advance” drop. Often I don’t even know it’s happened or happening until I look down (like now– oh, hey there!). Whatever it is and however it works, precum is always a sign that things are going right. Thanks for sharing and celebrating it!


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