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A Blowjob Erotica Teaser

Sexy blowjob erotica

Today we’ve done the first launch of our new erotica and articles area, where we aim to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality with beautiful blowjob erotica and articles about how to make your blowjob desires happen in your life. To celebrate, here’s a teaser of our first erotica piece: First Date Blowjob.

Everything has been going so well. We started with drinks at a dark and intimate bar known for its bourbon selection. As soon as you walked in, I was taken with your confidence… And your shoes. A man in a simple shirt, well-fit dark jeans and a pair of genuinely nice shoes is always a good start. Things progressed, hands wandered to rest on thighs, you caught me off-guard with a well-timed compliment about my long, wavy auburn hair. We wound up grabbing a late bite to eat and then find ourselves meandering back west, walking a bit too aimlessly for this chilly night. My leather motorcycle jacket over my sheer maroon blouse isn’t cutting out the wind like I might want, and your arm feels very nice wrapped around my waist as we wait for the light to change at the corner.

After a few more blocks of flirtatious conversation and casual caressing interrupted by involuntary shivering, you suggest that we get out of the cold. But where to? We could go to another bar, but we started out at one and it feels as though the evening has progressed since then. All the cafes around here are closed by now, and it’s the weather is wrong for sneakily making out in a park. I told myself I wouldn’t have sex on the first date because I wanted to give this a chance to grow organically into something more, not wanting to encumber it by intimacy too early. Old habits die hard. Perhaps I can find a compromise: “I’d be happy to go back to your place, but let’s take things slow. I don’t want us to get ahead of ourselves.”

The latch of your door clicks open and you hold it for me. I follow the staircase up to the main landing, and you help me with my jacket as I slide off my riding boots and unroll the cuffs of my black skinny jeans. As I rise up, your fingers wander up to play with my hair again, and I’m somehow completely undone by this little gesture. Your hand becomes more confident, loosely gripping my hair as you bring me in for a kiss, holding me against the wall as your undeniably hard cock presses through your jeans and against my thigh. The version of myself who still believes in fucking on the first date is raring to unbuckle your belt and pull down your pants right there and then, but I turn on a coy charm and slink off, asking: “Which room?”

Want to read what comes next? See the full piece for free on The Art of Blowjob.

69 for Her

Piper enjoys pleasure during a 69

69 is so great because it’s pleasure for everyone! That said, it doesn’t always have to be 50/50 exact pleasure for both parties. Sometimes it’s a nice way to mostly focus on giving or receiving while having it be a slightly more mutual experience. In our latest video update, Piper enjoys receiving cunnilingus as part of a face sitting experience, but she takes the chance to also stroke and suck her partner’s cock until he comes. Amazingly, they actually come just a few moments apart, so it’s kind of like a cavalcade of orgasms… It’s totally worth watching. That is the pleasure of giving pleasure, happening in two people as they give pleasure together, receive pleasure together and allow for the natural give and take of a 69 experience. It’s so exciting to see it all come together while still putting a premium on skilled, enthusiastic and consistent cunnilingus.

Join in this amazing 69 for yourself on The Art of Cunnilingus.

Piper Explores Blowjob Eroticism

Sensual blowjob by gorgeous babe Piper


Piper looks so beautiful in this shot, but it pales in comparison to the beauty of her blowjobs. She really pulls out all of the stops with this one, exploring different facets of eroticism as she plays with the reaches of what a blowjob can be. It is at once simply elegant and yet unbelievably creative. She’s like an artist at work and, well, we do call it The Art of Blowjob for a reason. Just let yourself fall for her as she seeks out the eroticism of the blowjob with all the skills and techniques she has at her disposal. It’s hard to take your eyes off of her, so why even try? Just settle in, enjoy yourself and follow along as you imagine what a blowjob can be if you just position yourself as a conquerer of pleasure, open to new sensations and interesting ways to play.

Explore with Piper on The Art of Blowjob.

So Slow and So Sexy

Piper gives a slow and very sexy blowjob

Piper knows how to blow nice and slow, but she never compromises the sexiness of her blowjobs for its slowed down vibe. She’s relaxed, but not lazy. She remains very present and invested in using everything at her disposal to showcase her amazing oral skills. It starts as she sets the scene: a comfortable bed and her in nothing but a sparkling statement necklace and a smile. From there, she works her tongue in unbelievably slow licks up and down the underside of your shaft, making you anticipate the eventual tracing from the balls to the tip and back down again. Her eyes sparkle as the light catches them, and she holds your gaze when she swan dives down to take your entire cock deep in her throat. The only thing that makes this act more amazing than it already is is the fact that she did so nice and slow, taking her time to slide her lips from the cockhead right down to the base, taking you with her on an amazing trail to even deeper pleasure. Now THAT is sexy.

Enjoy Piper’s sexy slow blowjobs on Slow Motion Blowjob.

Learn About Cock Slapping

Piper exploring a blowjob with cock slapping

We waited a little while to showcase cock slapping as a technique in our educational video series because we really wanted to set the tone to show that it’s not an outrightly aggressive act. So often in blowjob porn, you see cock slapping being used only to degrade the giver, when it’s actually a great sensation to explore, especially with other more soft and sensual component. The video shows Piper taking control, using the cock to smack at various levels of intensity across her cheeks, chin, lips and different parts of her tongue. She shows the variety of speeds and how they can go from seductive to playful, how the lips can be used almost to create sweet kissing, and how a few pointed slaps along the tip of a soft tongue can feel like licking approached in a whole new way. The thudding feeling of cock slapping can be very satisfying, and it’s actually something that a lot of people report wanting more of in their sexual experience, so we’re happy to show how it can be included in a sweet, loving blowjob.

Learn more about cock slapping and see this very sexy video now on The Art of Blowjob.

A Topless Tease

Selina wearing only lace panties and a smile


Tuesday is tease day and we wanted to share this lovely shot of Selina wearing only her panties and a coy little smile. As much as people love breasts (and trust me, they do) there is so much to enjoy about the times when the breasts are slightly obscured, being withheld to tease you mercilessly and leave a little to the imagination. Her white lace panties serve as quite a lovely distraction from the aching desire to see her beautiful nipples, the curve of her cleavage and the full weight of her breasts… Still, you keep coming back to that desire, wanting to see her full body as her arm hangs precariously from around her chest. Of course, you can see all of Selina on both The Art of Blowjob and The Art of Cunnilingus, so what are you waiting for? Otherwise you’ll just have to enjoy this tease in and of itself… But trust me, it’s worth it to see what’s underneath.