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Simply Beautiful Blowjob

Piper gets a sensual cumshot after a beautiful blowjob

The blowjobs that Piper gives are simply beautiful. There’s no way around it. The blowjob she gave in this week’s update is beyond anything you could possibly dream of in its elegant simplicity. She keeps her hands off and focuses exclusively on her mouth. Her tongue, her lips and the depths of her throat all work together to give one of the most iconic blowjobs imaginable. When you look up blowjob in the dictionary, you just might find this one. Let yourself be seduced by this deceptive simplicity, and watch how there’s actually a tremendous amount of intricacy in everything she does. Like a duck on water, the serenity gives way to quite a lot of enthusiasm and effort… This is a passionate, yet pure oral sex experience, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.

Experience Piper’s simply beautiful blowjob now on The Art of Blowjob.

At Your Fingertips

Sexy blowjob with teasing fingers

A lot of times the educational series isn’t about reinventing the wheel… It’s about reminding you about what’s available to you, getting you a bit creative and remembering that there is so much more to a blowjob than just sucking on a penis. Our most recent educational series blowjob video update is all about the fingertips. They can be so skillful and teasing, and it’s so beautiful to use them leading up to a blowjob, but also during the blowjob itself. Piper shows off one of my favourite techniques: sucking along the frenulum and underside of the cockhead while teasing the topside with the fingertips. She does it with grace and a kind of delicate energy that extends from within.

Watch Piper play with her fingers and get you all riled up with them on The Art of Blowjob.

Oral Sex Positions

Oral sex position for cunnilingus

Do you tend to go back to the same oral sex positions over and over again? There’s something to be said for having the old standard, but it’s nice to switch things up and try something new. This article on Kinkly by the Redhead Bedhead is all about different ways to enjoy oral sex. I’ve included two of my favourite positions: deep throating by hanging your head over the end of the bed and having your partner approach from a standing position, and laying back and having your partner sit on your face in a reverse 69 position for cunnilingus. There are many more than these, but they’re an excellent jumping off point. What’s your favourite position?



Piper’s Glass Dildo

Sexy Piper having an orgasm


Piper has a toy. It’s a beautiful glass dildo. It even says “I Love You” right there along the side in blue writing. The writing is raised to add just a bit of texture to the experience. How is this for a post-Valentine’s day love letter to cunnilingus? Piper lays back and enjoys a tongue on her clit, a toy in her pussy and an intense orgasm with plenty of moaning and quaking. She takes pleasure in taking up space, being loud and owning her pleasure. It’s gorgeous to watch her as she relishes the experience of receiving this kind of attention. She deserves it, she knows it and she doesn’t shy away from any of it. When she comes, it’s clear as day that she’s enjoying herself, her body and certainly the glass toy. Her denouement is a joy to watch, as she breathes a gentle sigh of relief and smiles with a blissful kind of satisfaction.

Play with Piper now on The Art of Cunnilingus.

An Offbeat Valentine’s Day

Erotic and beautiful sensual blowjob

Valentine’s Day porn is kinda cheesy usually. We like embracing the fromage of the holidays sometimes, but we also enjoy bucking conventions and showing off a side of ourselves that doesn’t necessarily involve red satin, pink lace, hearts, chocolates, wine and rose petals… Piper looks really great in blue and this is what she felt like wearing. Instead of forcing her into a costume, why not just let her be as she wants and focus on the love and connection of a beautiful, sensual blowjob? You’ll fall in love with Piper and her amazing blowjob skills, and really, that’s much better than having her dress up as sexy cupid, isn’t it?

Celebrate Valentine’s day with a little self-love on The Art of Blowjob.

Playing the Long Game with Piper

Piper gives a blowjob with lots of tongue

Piper is playing the long game. This makes her sound devious or conniving, but she’s not. She’s just not in this for short-term gain. Sure, it’s fun to see how quickly she can make someone come using every trick in the book, but there’s something so gratifying about waiting, teasing, drawing it out until you absolutely can’t stand it anymore. It’s a mix of giving you exactly what you want and taking it away in equal measure, just when you’re right at the brink. It’s kind of like edging, but not quite as deliberate… She’s just enjoying the natural ebb and flow of her motions and what they do to you. Are they driving you wild with desire? Good. That’s only the beginning. Slow and steady wins the race, especially when she varies the pace.

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