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Playing with Piper


Piper is a playful one. She’s lively and spirited in many ways, but also has a calm, cool, collected aspect to her personality. It’s a nice balance. She’s fun but not too much. Spending time with her is lovely, but she’s also pretty phenomenal at giving blowjobs. Watching her in action is kind of like a masterclass devoted to the beauty of enjoying what you’re doing and finding a way to have fun with the blowjob experience. Her eyes really do flash with inspiration and excitement, so her emotions are telegraphed very clearly. Just watch her and enjoy the way she enjoys things. It’s exciting to watch something so pure.

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A Memorable Blowjob Experience

Piper gives a memorable slow motion blow job

Piper looks like a vision in an all white room, painting the landscape with her big blue eyes and soft pink lips. When she begins to give a blowjob, she always has this look about her like she’s somewhere between getting into mischief and ready to cater to every little whim. An ideal blowjob has a little bit of both of these things. Even with her playful side, Piper knows that it’s not a race. She wants to take her time and make sure that the blowjob is sensual, slow and sweet. Every time she looks up, you can see that little flicker in her eyes, almost like she’s reminding herself to savour every little instant. These moments will stay with her, and you as well. All you can do is take a deep breath, keep your eyes open and try to experience the present as well as you can to get every little detail right for your memory.

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Focusing on the Frenulum

Sensual educational blowjob with frenulum teasing

It’s fun to wield power during a blowjob, and I’d highly recommend adding frenulum teasing into your blowjob experience if you like to give with power or receive with a little more surrender. For those who are sensitive to frenulum stimulation, having someone work their tongue, lips, fingertips and palms over it can be almost excruciating, but in the best way possible. It’s not too much stimulation, but it’s ALMOST there. It’s so exciting to watch a man writhe under me, responding to my every whim with a jolt of intense pleasure. Even for penises with less sensitive frenulums, it feels extremely good to have this kind of attention focused on such a particular spot on your body, especially when it’s included as part of a larger blowjob experience. Piper shows the ins and outs of frenulum play, so that you can enjoy it whether you give or receive. She charms the penis and the camera, too.

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Gorgeous Selina relaxes in lace panties

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Jemma Gives Passionate Cunnilingus to Cassie

Sensual cunnilingus between two beautiful women

Jemma and Cassie are so sensual together. There’s something really special about watching women together, enjoying exploring each others’ bodies, which are both similar and uniquely different. No two vulvas are alike… They’re like snowflakes, in that you’d probably love to catch one on your tongue. Lesbian sex isn’t a spectator sport, but it is always lovely when you get a little insight into what goes on between two women. Their give and take is amazingly hot to watch, seeing how Jemma is egged on by Cassie’s reaction. It’s like a vicious cycle, only just viciously sexy. When Cassie finally gets to the brink, Jemma does everything in her power to usher in her orgasm. Her passion and intensity works, but you’ll have to see that for yourself.

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Concentrating During a 69

Beautiful Cassie gives a blowjob while 69ing

It’s hard to concentrate sometimes when someone has their mouth on your genitals… That’s pretty much a fact. 69ing is a challenging balancing act where you can enjoy the pleasure you receive but also relish the opportunity to give some of that pleasure back. You just need to make sure not to get totally swept up in thinking about yourself. It’s a wonderful challenge to take on, and when it works out, it’s beyond what one-way oral sex can ever be. Watch Cassie as she walks the fine line between indulging herself and indulging ONLY herself while giving a beautiful blowjob. You’ll be devoured by the urge to share in a little mutual oral, and we encourage you to listen to that part of yourself and try this next time you get the chance.

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