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Turned On

A sexy handjob from redhead Camille Crimson

People often wonder why I decided to focus on blowjobs for so much of my pornographic experience…  There are a bunch of reasons, of course, from the fact that porn didn’t represent the kind of blowjobs I love to give to how cinematically impressive they are, but the main reason is just that they turn me on.  And that is by far the best reason to do anything sexual, right?  Pure pleasure.  That’s what this week’s update is all about.

Yes, I love giving pleasure and that’s a big part of why I’m enthusiastic and aroused by giving blowjobs, but I’m also turned on by them in and of themselves.  It’s a sensual experience to be so up close, to be able to use all my senses and draw within myself to find new ways to excite him, and myself in the process.  Sometimes I really just get into a particular zone and I find myself simultaneously focused on him, but also incapable of ignoring the increasing wetness…

When you give pleasure, do you ever experience a similar thing?  Do you get lost in your own little world, but also unbelievably turned on?  It’s a pretty amazing feeling.  You can read a bit more about it, but the full video has a clear depiction of exactly what I’m talking about.

No Sex for a Year

In exact opposition (it’d seem) to my post from a little while ago about having sex every day for a year, I came across this article about not having sex for a whole year.  While that sounds like a lot of people’s idea of hell, there appear to have been some good things that came out of it for the author.  Though it’s written from a queer man’s perspective and focuses on having sex with men (which might not resonate with most of us here on an experience-based level) it has a lot of universal applications.  No matter what gender you like, going without sex for a year is a real changing experience.

Some of the realizations he came to over his sexless year were really quite funny, others poignant, others very affirming! I can only imagine how distracted I’d get by bananas if I couldn’t give blowjobs for a year…  But the thoughts about feeling good about yourself and being sex-positive even while celibate is a nice idea.  As is the idea of holding out for someone and being alright with that.  As someone who has a lot of sex and has for quite some time, sometimes it’s hard to get into that headspace, and I think this is the kind of article that helps me to understand.

There are so many reasons to go through periods like this, whether it’s because of a partner’s change in libido, because of being single or just because it’s time to focus on yourself…  Do you think there’s value to be found in taking this much time off from sex?  Is it something you would or even have done?  Do you think that porn and masturbation would play a big role in tiding you over, or would it eventually become almost natural?


I’ve certainly spoken here before about the value of taking charge and being proactive about your testicular health…  After all, I love balls and I love you and I just want you to be happy and feeling your best.  It never hurts to share a little reminder, but that’s even more true when you have a cute little jingle and a funny video to go along with it.  (Hopefully it doesn’t drive you crazy that the lyrics don’t always rhyme.  I’d lend them a rhyming dictionary if I had one.  Or Cal could just come up with some alternatives.)

The Canadian Cancer Society put together this fun, entertaining and easy to follow guide to testicular self-exams called nutiquette, because it explains the proper steps required to be polite and respectful while you perform your testicular self-exam — checking out your nuts.  It’s cute and silly, but it also doesn’t sugar coat the reality of the situation…  Don’t check yourself out in public, near an open flame or close to any wild animals.  Actually, let’s just say all animals.  That part hopefully isn’t rocket science.  There’s something about this video that is also charmingly Canadian, which is appropriate.  Maybe it’s that it’s funny and sweet with just a hint of raunchiness.  That’s a sense of humour that we seem to balance really well somehow.

If only there were always helpful singing men to explain the ins and outs of our bodies…  Though that might get distracting during sex.  Hopefully this ditty not only made you smile, but also reminded you to check yourself out.  Pass it on and remind your friends to take care of themselves using humour and music.  It’s often the best way!  So, what did you think?  Would this kind of commercial inspire and/or remind you about checking out your balls?

Social Media Action!

I’ve been trying to be more and more active on social media lately.  Summer fun means that I’m out and about a lot, so I tend to show a lot of the things I’m up to, but there are also lots of things I can share in other mediums.  One medium I’ve used today is sharing via SFW video!  Here’s a bumper that I put up today on YouTube, featuring a little bit of my trip to Paris, and framed around a new series that I’m working on where I teach sexy French words…  Check out the video and you’ll see exactly how to learn dirty French with me!

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson with new bangs

Another thing that I just posted recently on Instagram is my brand new haircut with bangs!  I’ve been without a straight-across fringe for a while, and I decided it’d be nice to go back to this look.  It can have a very modern edge, but also looks very sweet and sexy with a cute, retro feel.  What do you think of my new ‘do?  I love that this candid includes my hair blowing in the breeze in the car.

What ways would you want to see me share on social media?  And what’s your favourite way to share?

Make the Most of Your Jellybeans

This is a video that really touched me when I saw it today.  I love when things are broken down into artistic and easy to understand visual formats.  Sometimes that makes all the difference when it comes to understanding concepts…  Especially when they’re something of this level of importance.

While these jellybeans may be sweet and colourful, their message is a tough pill to swallow: we only have so many days on this earth.  But, instead of looking at that in a negative way, they’ve decided to take it as more of an open ended challenge and question: what are you going to do with them?  We spend so many days of our lives sleeping and eating and working and taking care of responsibilities, which are of course important and necessary, but we also have leisure time.

I try to spend my moments that aren’t taken up by the essentials embroiled in fun projects, getting out on the open road, enjoying my sexuality and indulging my senses.  There are only so many moments, and I really want to get the most out of them.  Watch this video and let me know…  Did it make you want to live your life differently?

White Paint

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson giving a sensual blowjob in a kerchief

One of the funniest little side effects of shooting porn is that I get to play amateur interior decorator, too.  Since we shoot at home, we don’t want it to always look like the same rooms and the same furniture over and over again, so we get creative with decorations, placement, new items…  We have so many sheets and curtains!  😛  Sometimes it’s nice to start fresh, and we decided to redo a room with fresh white paint.  I do like to keep you all interested!

Painting is fun and satisfying, but it’s nice to take a break to enjoy something else that’s fun and satisfying…  Of course, I mean a sensual midday blowjob to reward us for our hard work.  I love the playfulness that comes from painting, and that certainly comes into play with this blowjob.  It’s sexy, of course, but it’s sweet and enthusiastic and varied, as all blowjobs should be.

If you want to take a little break just like we did, you can read more about the update with a little erotic description or check out the full video and dive right in.  Don’t worry, we did go back to painting after.  Have you ever taken a sexy break from a chore before?