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Simply Camille

Sensual blowjob in a pearl necklace

Let’s get back to basics…  I’m Camille.  It’s nice to meet you.  And that’s really all there is.  I am who I am, who I show here to all of you on my blog and certainly the person I show in my videos.  I’m a passionate woman who loves, among many other things, blowjobs.  That’s it.  I’m Simply Camille.

This video is a great essence of the blowjobs I give.  I’m topless and showing a sense of pride in my body, the blowjob is intense and giving and enthusiastic, my hair is wild and vibrant and the pearl necklace adds a touch of class.  This is the kind of blowjob video that really sums up who I am and why I love doing what I do.  It’s simple, effective and really sexy.

I have so much happiness about what I do, and this is just another example of that.  I hope you feel all the joy I feel when I give a blowjob and that this video resonates with you in a deep way…  Or at least that it turns you on.  I’d love to hear your feedback about the style and this take on simplicity.  It’s something I come back to a lot, because so many people see sexuality as this complex thing…  But sometimes it’s just natural, easy and beautiful.  So, take a look at the trailer, or study the full video, and let me know what you think!

Work-Safe Porn Just for ME!

Sophie forwarded this along to me because, let’s face it, this is everything I like in a single photo.  It’s funny, it features a cat and it obviously used to be a blowjob.  Throw in some Scotch, a Mac, a steak and a motorcycle and we have my perfect photo!  This is also an excellent example of work-safe porn!

Work-safe porn is a relatively old meme, dating back all the way to 2006 (gasp!) and most popularized in this extremely hilarious video:

It seems as though these are still going strong.  The forces of MS Paint and porn are too much for anyone to resist, clearly.  Perhaps it’s something about that cat’s shocked face, but it actually made me laugh.  I hope this perks up your Thursday afternoon and makes you giggle, too.

But, I wanted to know…  If you could SFW-up my blowjobs, what would you create?  What would I be doing with my mouth?  This reminds me of that Facebook contest I had a while back…  I’d love to hear what the (relatively) new crop of commenters can dream up as a safe for work alternative to blowjobs.

Feminist Blowjob?!

Camille Crimson gives a loving blowjob dressed as a sexy vintage babe

I got a tip off about a “you be the advice columnist” thing that xoJane is doing now, specifically because their latest question was pretty related to my field of expertise…  It’s about wanting a blowjob from a feminist!  Specifically, this guy just started dating a feminist and he’s worried about how to ask for a blowjob.  Then, the commenters got to weigh in.  Luckily, they were right on the mark.

The beauty of feminism is that the vast majority of us are sex-positive, meaning we like sex, we embrace it as part of our lives and we do what we can to be informed from safety to skill.  We’re just women who believe we should all be equal…  We can be extra sexual or not at all sexual, just as all other human beings come in a range of personality types, but there is something about identifying as a feminist that might even make us more open to discussing sex.

Blowjobs aren’t anti-feminist, obviously.  They’re a sex act, just like any other, and adults can decide to enjoy whatever they want.  Ask nicely, be open to their desires and go from there…  The idea of a man-hating feminist is pretty antiquated.  If you’re a man dating a feminist, that’s a pretty good indication that she’s open to men, male desire and all that comes with it.  If she’s not personally into blowjobs, that’s a matter of personal taste.

Of course, this guy also seems to have issues with the fact that he’s getting ahead of himself…  They’ve only been dating for a short while, they haven’t kissed yet and he can already see them having a life together.  It seems like all this anxiety about blowjobs and feminism has more to do with his personality type than it does with the woman he’s dating, but it’s still a good reminder for everyone else…  Blowjobs are for everyone.

The Perfect Night

Miss Lagsalot of Whack Magazine and Feminist Porn Award-winning fame has a lot of excellent ideas, but one of them is definitely found in the contents of this video she reblogged…  It’s called The Perfect Night, and it’s a take on the traditional pop song by Sarah Silverman.

For those of us who much prefer a little quiet time to ourselves over big, crazy crowds, this may as well be our summer anthem.  What’s better than washing your teeth, having something delicious and spending a little quality time with yourself…  Or with a partner?  The mix of food, entertainment, relaxation and an orgasm are pretty much what we all want, right?  You’re lucky if you can get one of those at a club.  😛

I hope this makes you laugh…  And it’s actually pretty catchy.  Sarah Silverman’s voice isn’t too bad at all.  Plus, her ancient dog is cute!  Have you ever had a decadent night in?

Bonne St-Jean

Fete nationale St-Jean Baptiste

Courtesy of

Bonne St-Jean, tout le monde!  This muggy, weird, humid, rainy day is our big party here in Quebec.  It’s always lovely to feel aware of a beautiful and vibrant this province can be, and I choose to celebrate it in all its forms and with all its people.  In the best moments, it can be an inclusive, creative and inspiring place.

I hope you all get a chance to visit here some day.  It’s really a rare gem full of the kind of culture that is hard to replicate anywhere else.  And Montreal certainly does come alive now, when the heat rises and the sun shines…  Not sure if that’ll hold for the rest of the day, though!  We all know this much humidity will be broken with thunder.

I hope you all have a lovely evening and a good beer, maybe a little BBQ and a feeling of cheer, even if you’re nowhere near Quebec!  Je vous aime!


Sexy redhead giving a blowjob with lots of motion

Our new video “Motion” is a bit of a departure for us on a technical front.  We find it really beautiful to have a little more flair and colour sometimes, so we played around with it to add a little extra beauty into our blowjobs.  It’s fun to get creative and continue to grow and change with the way we do what we do.

Outside of the technical and artistic aspects of this shoot, it’s just quite lovely.  The multi-camera angles work to show everything nice and close, which helps in keeping the intimacy we find so important in our videos.  It’s nice to have a video that is artsy, but that still feels real…  We never want to swing too far one way, so it’s a delicate balance to strike.

I’d love to hear what you think of the look and feel of this video.  Of course as always, you can get a little taste of the video in the trailer, but your well-rounded opinion can be formed with the full video.  I hope you’ll share your reactions here and even more that you’ll enjoy it!  It’s always nice to change things up, even subtly.