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The Science of Size

Smiling redhead with a Christmas gift

As far as I’m concerned, good things come in ALL packages!  (And that explains the Christmas photo…  Get it?  Presents?  Packages?)  Evidently, not everyone agrees, including one recent study from Canada, of call places.  I don’t know how I feel about science commenting on things like this…  What does it serve to do?

So, a particular focus group is more attracted to a particular penis size?  Does that really represent all of us?  No, probably not.  For as many women out there who love very large penises, I’m sure that there are just as many of us who aren’t bothered either way, and I’m sure there are plenty of women who even prefer a moderately sized penis.  I’m even sure that there are women who have a preference for a smaller penis.  There are as many desires as there are people, and these desires mean very good things for the way we interact with each other.

I know that some people get all up in arms when studies like this come out, thinking it reinforces negative things about their bodies or about women, and I just want to emphasize here that there are so very many women who care infinitely more about the person than the size of the penis attached to them.  So, I encourage you all to be confident and love the penis you have…  A study of a small sample of women should never negate your worth and the way you love your body.

What Do You Focus on in Porn?

Redhead Camille Crimson gives a gorgeous sucking blowjob

This is something that has always been quite interesting to me…  What do you focus on when you watch porn?  I think, partly because I’m making blowjob videos, this is of particular interest to me…  Is it about the penis/mouth action or the face?  Of course, it doesn’t have to be about one or the other, but it is interesting to think about what draws your attention first or the longest…

Apparently, for men, faces draw their attention first, then they spend some time looking at genitals and back to faces, according to this one study.  Women seem to be more open with what they focus on, which differs depending on whether or not they’re on birth control…  I guess hormones play a role in that, supposedly.  But they mean to say that women have a larger variety of things that can potentially turn them on, whereas men look specifically to faces/genitals as sources of arousal.

Do you think this says anything about why we watch what we watch?  Maybe there is some truth to the idea that women would want overall higher quality porn, as their focus could be drawn to any number of things…  Maybe that’s why there’s a backlash against porn that looks too fake, as it might draw attention away from a naturally beautiful face that would capture a man’s attention in the first place.

What do you think?  You can check out a post about this study and let me know if you find this to be true, and then what this might actually say about what people could want from porn.

Clara and Camille: A Blowjob in Black

Clara Lawson and Camille Crimson give a sensual blowjob

I know, I know.  We said we’d be featuring Clara monthly…  But who cares?  We’re having so much fun together, we decided to share another video sooner. Lucky us, and lucky you!  This time, we coordinated ensembles and showed off our beautiful black lace lingerie.  It’s a simple, sexy look that never fails to get Mike very, very hard.  Something about dressing up together only increased the anticipation for this week’s update: Clara and Camille: A Blowjob in Black.

When we’re with Clara, the feeling is always very playful, kind of flirty.  I love watching how her skills grow and how she plays around with the way blowjobs work.  She has such a beautiful mouth and such gorgeous eyes, sometimes I get very transfixed watching her.  When I show her, it’s the same thing…  I’m very deeply concentrated on the blowjob, but I also feel her eyes on me and it’s a really erotic feeling.

There are so many moments in this video where we break away from the blowjob to kiss…  It’s really sensual.  Sometimes you just feel that undeniable attraction to someone and you can’t keep your lips and hands off them.  It’s so nice to feel that while giving a blowjob to the man I love.  It’s almost too much, but never actually.  It’s amazing.  We’re really lucky.  I hope you’ll feel this too, which you can sense in the trailer, but get a full understanding of it in the full video.  Let me know…  Can you imagine how we feel?  Do you feel it too?

1000 Blog Posts and My Top 5 Updates


Hot facial cumshot on beautiful redhead Camille CrimsonI can’t believe the day has finally come, but I’ve reached 1000 blog posts here on  It’s crazy to think that we’ve gotten to this place so quickly.  It seems like only yesterday I was just posting little occasional updates.  In the past few years, I’ve focused on posting at least 5 times a week, making sure that there’d be lots of discussion here for everyone.  The community has grown, we’ve become friends and we’ve discussed so many elements of porn, sexuality, our bodies, relationships and fun geeky/food/cat-related things along the way too, of course.

I promised I’d post my top 5 updates in celebration of the big day, so here they are in chronological order:

Those Eyes – A Tempting Erotic Blowjob: This is maybe one of the first times that I looked at what we made and thought that it was exactly what we wanted.  It fits our mood, our aesthetic and our relationship so perfectly.  Looking back on it years later, it still just clicks.

Sexy Blowjob with a Turquoise Flower: This one is so vibrant and playful, yet really sensual.  It feels very emblematic of The Art of Blowjob.  It was one of the first videos we shared really widely and it got a huge feedback.  Also, it has a cameo from a cat, and that feels like a perfect way to show a little “imperfection” in a perfect blowjob video.

Slow Morning Wood Blowjob: A lot of people look at this one as one of their favourites, and I have to agree.  Even though it ended up being more of a project than directly showing the action, the result felt very true to life.  Even though it’s constructed, it’s constructed based on reality and I think people really respond to it for that reason.  It was fun to shoot and it feels like a little mini-movie of our mornings together.

Nature: Nature was a wonderful departure for us because we got to shoot outside and really expand on our love of natural light.  It’s so gorgeous to see all the greenery contrasting against my red hair in the sun.  We both felt so instantly proud of it, and it looks exactly as it felt to shoot it…  Really free.

Menage à Trois: I couldn’t leave this one off.  Clara has been such an exciting new part of our life and we feel so lucky to have her.  This is a new chapter for us, and one we’re really excited for.  Every time she comes over, we feel closer.  It’s a beautiful way to make porn…  With a genuine, flirty new feeling.  Every time feels like butterflies in the best way possible.

I hope you’ll all stick around for the next 1000 blog posts and then some, and I hope to keep making favourite updates…  I am so lucky that this is my life, and I’m so happy to have you all here to share it with me.  Nothing is more enriching than coming here to show something new and feeling that sense of community. I appreciate it more than I can say.

Porn Valley Transplanted

Sexy redhead Camille Crimson from The Art of Blowjob in the snow

Thank goodness it’s no longer a winter wonderland here…  It’s almost May, after all.  Some people have called Montreal “Porn Valley North” because of all the business we do up here, but there definitely isn’t nearly as much production as there is in the golden sun of California.  We just have some pretty big companies and then a few entrepreneurs who have a very good thing going.  😉

But what would happen if, in light of the ongoing battles the porn industry is having with the state about condoms, they decided to pack it in and move somewhere totally different?  Gram Ponante created an excellent satirical article about the Porn Valley exodus…  To Maine!  In it, he has fake quotations from all sorts of stars and producers, which make it feel all the more real:

“We use the natural environment,” says Braun, picking a lobster from Anikka Albrite, nearly blue from cold, “and we are just up the river from the excellent outlet stores of Kittery.”

“Some we left with didn’t make it across,” admits Evil Angel owner John Stagliano, who regrets taking the southern route. “We lost 20 percent of us at the Arizona Mills Mall alone. They’re just wandering in and out of the Rainforest Cafe giving blowjobs under the tiki lamps. They can’t stand the cold.”

I can only imagine how many of them would scatter across the country if they were headed to Montreal.  Not only would they be cold, they might not even understand what people were saying.  That said, we have poutine, which might just make up for all the harsh Canadian weather and the Francophonie!

Hopefully you’ll read the rest of the post.  It’s a serious issue, but Gram put an excellent spin on things, as he always does.

Cum Cocktails

Sexy cocktail hour blowjob from a redhead

I’m a woman who enjoys the finer things in life, including a beautiful Scotch or a nice glass of red wine.  A cocktail every now and again is a lovely thing, too.  Most of my cocktails just contain alcohol and standard mixers…  Not cum.  That said, there seems to be room for it in the mixology world!

Vice decided to make a few cum cocktails (or just cock-tails) and reported the results.  They debunked a few myths all together: that lifestyle necessarily has much to do with the way your cum will taste, that can’t actually be pretty good and that average women aren’t willing to swallow.  It has a very hipster vibe, which isn’t so much my style, but I’m sure you could find a way to make a very classy cum cocktail.

I’ve swallowed cum from a glass before, but I’d be interested…  Would any of you use cum in a cum-cock-tion?  (Sorry, I had to!)  What kind of drink do you think would benefit from a sweet, salty, creamy addition?  Post your recipes here…  Who knows, maybe I’ll have a cocktail party with Mike and Clara some day!  😛